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The Master Artist
The Master Artist

© Bhagirathi Sahu

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The Master Artist

By Bhagirathi Sahu

How beautiful and colourful is your creation, Master Artist!

How little I am to portray things and make them a list.

With the five Great Elements started the Evolution,

The Great Umbrella, the Ozone protected your creation.

Then you created everything- the beautiful flora and fauna.

Your divine intelligence has made everything without any lacuna.

How beautiful are the sunrise and sunset!

The vast blue ocean and the sylvan forest!

The cuckoo's "coo-coo", its enchanting tune,

The murmuring brook and the silver moon.

You have made beautiful flowers, birds and so many beautiful things.

Of all created things, O Vishwakarma! How superb are the human beings!

Thanks to your imagination, poet!

Your creation is a beautiful poetry.

How beautiful are your creatures

For their wonderful symmetry!

Everything wisely and intelligently put.

Rightly said that doth rightly suit.

You have created the mosquitoes and the fleas!

You have created the butterflies and the bees!

Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow

Big pumpkins from the tender creepers, lo!

He who has created these things so wise and so beautiful,

How beautiful and intelligent he is

How wonderful! How wonderful!

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