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The Systematic Suicide
The Systematic Suicide

© Piyush Pal


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Wearing a glazing blazer 
With a half cooked brain
A polished face smearing of arrogance
The guy asks me, Is this the way to the school?
I said, Yes if a building full of brainwashed children made to believe that uniformity is desirable is your idea of school,
Then I say yes,
It's the way to the school.
Bamboozled at my cynical sin
Of accusing school of making children worried & mildly dim
In their pursuit of worldly will
He didn't go ahead.
Instead, he argued.
Argued that it's your take
Something you have to give, something to take
And what is wrong in having clear, planned paths?
Better than letting the young souls deviate.
System is not at all faults
What better than that I have succeeded after all?
It's not as straight as it seems I replied.
You could have it much more, you never got to know
For you had been muddling up chapters & theories every day you have known
Not having the time to comprehend
Just because you had to be at par with all the rest 
Do you ever remember turning a new right 
Without asking anyone in sight?
For you are  too acclimatised with being shown the way by now.
Oh Boy you foolishly believe it all went well
Since you can't think of what all else could have gone well..
He argued again. 
Saying he is adventurous enough and not boring at all, if that's what he means.
"I even go to Water park," he adds on.
Saying there needs to be a process in place.
To cleanse out the weak & reward the brightest  
How else can we live in the world he asks
Without consistently rewarding the conformers?
An ugly word with uglier implications I said
Can't we allow everyone to be happy with themselves
Not  concerned with running the rat race
Why is there to tie everyone down
Are we another cattle herd in the ground?
You fail to understand my friend
Success is just a word to keep you motivated
Until its too late to change the road
Don't waste your years in  formulae & theories
Instead, take a turn once without asking.

Regardless of what all I had just murmured
In a sign of despair at the state of things 
He took out the earphones and didn't turn back.

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