Life's Challenges

Life's Challenges

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Have you ever looked at the world around you?

The edges, the curves and the beauty too?

Have you seen the sky at three?

The starts, the moon, and you who’s free

Have you felt things speak up at times?

Narrate a story, that’s unique and fine…

Have you ever felt all eyes upon you?

And did you feel the admiration in them too?

Did you ever feel that you were strange?

Different or perhaps unique in a way?

Did you feel that interacting was strange?

Or maybe you saw the world in shades of grey?

Maybe you forget at times to, be you?

You- who’s different, you who’s you.

Did you feel defeated or plaintively weary?

Or did you, at times, sleep with your eyes bleary?

Have you ever tried to find answers?

Answers to all your problems?

Did you at times blame the world around you?

Or perhaps scream and shout in agony too?

Maybe, all this was a part of a test?

A test- that brought you to your fate

Perhaps it tried to bring out your best

To show that, your destiny awaits….

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