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Yes! I'M A Writer
Yes! I'M A Writer

© Kavita Sharma


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Did they all face the same situations?

Or am I different?

They said pain turns you into a writer.

But I say life turns us into a story.

Are they saying wrong and doing right?

Or am I saying right and doing wrong?

Did they all go through the same path?

Or am I on the different path?

World applauded their work.

I applauded their truthfulness.

They wrote, people appreciated.

Why didn't they appreciate before?

Does this world belong to writers?

Or is the world for emotions?

Am I weak in thinking?

Or do I think through my heart?

They said honesty is the best policy.

I said modesty is the best policy.

They said I am mysterious.

But I said you didn't try to solve me.

They said I am a writer that's why I am hard to solve.

I said I am a neverending story that's why all are unable to end.

Does this world belong to me?

Or do I belong to this world?

Am I into the writing?

Or the writing pours into me?

Yes, this world is for writers.

The writers are not for this world.

I found the truth behind my writing

And they found a new writer.

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