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Winter'S Tale
Winter'S Tale

© Iffat Maryam


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How could it possibly get worse?

With winter's wind howling in my head

Wherever I look is emptiness

Except my heart, that already is dead.

And as I close my eyes

Snow collects on my lashes

And I see your watery eyes

A golden ray through my hair dashes.

All I see is summer now

And your fingers laced with mine

As we slowly walk the April mornings 

And clear skies above us shine.

The sun is at its mightiest now

As you dissolve in the sweet July melody

And all I can do is gaze at you

As the birds sing and warm winds mosey.

Cool wind is brushing my hair

As to chase you along the sea I run

My heartbeat rises and ebbs with the tides besides

As we kiss in the setting September sun.

And now I'm leaning beside you

Your eyes closed, hands cold as ice

As I try to wake you up

Disbelief in me entities.

And as I achingly open my eyes

A sharp thrill bites my heart

As the emptiness of winter gives me

The truth that stings as a dart

I stand still like the frozen land

And feel lifeless like a winter's tree

As I realize that you're time that's gone

I have you but as a memory.

And as soon as I realize this

Every cell in me screams...

I need you, love, I want you back

And melancholy at me brightly beams.


#love #sun #winter #Emptiness

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