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In A Daze
In A Daze

© Fathima Rezwan


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As my eyes ran through his ridiculously handsome face,
Trying to comprehend the subtle sense that lace
His almost brittle shiny armor of pretense
That lay broken at his feet, now mine to make sense.

He sat next to me, his soul bared and shell blown
While my gaze met his pain that ached his heart and broke mine too.
Agony disguised itself as our lips met,
His whispering faith into mine.
Disarmed by his fear, I wept for him.

The sky betrayed us of its strength and broke apart to join us in tears.
There, as I saw him clearer this time than I had ever before.
He knelt on his knees to plead as I made peace with his fears.
My heart wept as I knelt too to embrace, wanting him and nothing more.

He lay in my arms, shattered yet complete;
Mine to seek and mine to walk away from.

The world didn't seem big enough for my forgiveness
Nor was it large enough for his mistakes,
I pity the love that craves for me to forgive.
Yet, I stand helpless, at this madness
That demands me to hurt him back, merciless and bleeding vengeance.

My love screams to kiss his pain away when my
Vengeance yearns to rip him apart, broken beyond repair.
"But isn't he already in bits and pieces?" reasons the heart
And I hold him gently to my chest as he hugs my waist, tight.

I see the sun in him, but also the shadows that lurk beyond
Those brown eyes that melt away my abode.
In a daze, I writhe as a vengeful darkness swallows my sun.
Can I forgive the pain he made me suffer? I doubt.

I bend down to hold his face in my hands, sharing
One breath, he says, "I am yours to seek and yours to walk away from."
There in that storming rain, I realized to forgive pain
Is easier than to let vengeance take this beautiful
handsome, flawed man away from me.

"You are mine to seek," I whisper onto his weak lips,
Wet, tired and in love, I and my man, holding the other through the storm.

- "To Err Is To Human, To Forgive Is Divine."

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