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Dreamy Eyes And Heavy Heart
Dreamy Eyes And Heavy Heart

© Siddharth Surana


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Exhausted they lay amidst the crumpled sheets,
breathing heavy in harmony, perspiration dribbling down throats;
Hair disheveled, clothes disarrayed, make-up disfigured.

The lady still lingering in the pleasure,
which she knows not how to treasure.

The man… cannot help being reminded of life’s larger questions;
He lights a cigarette, wishing his worries vanish into soaring rings of smoke.

Unlike the lady, man is not living the present;
He thinks of the future and he thinks of the past.

“Till yesterday the world seemed a decent place
but now I don’t know how long will it last,
the creepy disease is eating me up from within,
And it’s doing its job incredibly fast.

Few more months is all I’ve got, an year at best.
Must tell her now, help her prepare for the tough-tough test”

“Should I speak straight of the malady that’s taking me to demise?
Or should I spread hints and clues and let her surmise?”

“Oh, No. Look at them dreamy eyes and the smile so serene,
How can I rob her most precious moments, how can I be so mean?”

He vacillates, he ponders, he ruminates, and he contemplates.

After a while, he sums up all his courage and turns to his beloved,
And just as he’s about to break it unto her;
the lady moves and reaches for a box lying unnoticed as yet.
“Here’s your birthday gift, honey”

“My god it was my birthday today” man reminds himself as he opens the box.

It’s a cozy li’l cardboard house made by the lady herself.

“It’s the house of our dreams…our future life together”
She announces in a happy, chirpy voice.

No, he cannot break her heart!! Not this time, not this moment!!

“I know not telling her would be a crime, but this is certainly not the time;
he tells himself, as he hugs her tight, and kisses those dreamy eyes.

Soon, the lady is blissfully asleep in the arms of her man:
Sleep that’s deep and sound, bothered by nothing around;
Not even by a solitary tear drop just fallen on her face…

Dreamy eyes and heavy heart human emotion

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