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Stolen Past
Stolen Past

© Fathima Rezwan


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As I laid thee, all safe and still
After a crazy ride on the wind so shrill,
My mind drifted on to those fine days
When I relished at the height of life, in my little ways.

Times were greener and perfectly gleeful
‘Cause then I was up above on the ‘big green tree’.
And the breeze would gently caress me to sleep
Out of which, I wake up to the shining sun, nice and fresh.

But as I look back to join the dots, all I feel 
Is merely cheated by time’s deadly steal.

Free of mortal creases and crumbles, all shiny and pretty
I used to raise my head, flaunting glory above the rest, so petty!
There I stood the shiniest green monster of all.
But time did steal,  and all it took was one storm to make me fall.

So, now as I lie among all the dusty mud away from precipice
Forced into the battle of past and now
None stays to befriend an old dry brown leaf’s grief
Waiting to be a forgotten; the monster that once reigned the ‘big green tree’

As I look back to join the dots all I possibly see
Is a regretting fool whose past got stolen by time’s brutal flee

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