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Long Enough
           - Forgotten Moment Still Awaits
Long Enough - Forgotten Moment Still Awaits

© Abhishek Kumar


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There was a time when everything was right

Our future seemed vivid and equally bright


Can u remember all the fun we had

We were together and we were glad


Our relation was sacredly vivacious

Maybe thats why he was so villainous


Not knowing if it’s wrong or right

He just wanted to shatter our lives


Those innocent lives, completely unaware

Landed   in   a   fight,   utterly   Unfair


Solemnly strived through that fight

But winning it, beyond their might


One   lost   her   trust   and   faith

Other broke the promises he made


Decent  evening  walks  were  lost

Started ignoring as miserable Ghost


Efforts of redemption were made

But  I  believe  it  was  too  late


‘cause now her heart is utterly shattered

Her innocent hopes, ravishingly battered

Novels which once had her focused

Their content became her new status


Still his efforts were relentless as ever

Just wanted to see her jubilant forever


He didn’t need a pity exculpate

He just wanted his former mate


Resolving it was even more brutal

As   it   was   unfairly   ephemeral


All  that  redemption  was  in  utter  vain

She demanded that parting distance again


It’s been long since we had talk

Let alone a decent evening walk


It    is    a    little    hard    to    bear

As that expected end is finally here


This  might  have  been  an  ugly  End

But always remember this, my friend


My head bows as I willingly kneel

My    heart   sobs   as   it   appeals


I   may   be   solemnly   exhausted

But for you my dear, still Anxious

#romance #real life #solitude #long enough

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