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The Truth Of Life
The Truth Of Life

© Surabhi Bartarya


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Life is a sea,

Unveiling several mysteries,

With each day being new,

Some to be cherished,

Though may be few,

Others leave blemishes,

Leaving happiness due.

People are many,

With friends being very few,

Relations may survive with you forever,

Or bid u adieu,

It depends on your luck, but very little,

As few knots are fragile & brittle,

They are to be held with delicacy,

As they break away,

Leaving you in d middle.

Your perception needs to be genuine,

To recognize real pearl in sand dune,

Things appear glossy in moon,

Reality flashes as per your doom.

Lucky are those who get real gems in life,


Some receive pain as being smashed with knife,

Trust sounds like a myth to mind,

As it clinches over you and makes you go blind,

Your heart receives a wound,

From someone who is so dear;

You curse your destiny,

Remorse over your misery,

Your feelings are tarnished,

Your dreams are shattered,

Your heart is broken,


By the people, for whom you have always cared,

With whom you have always shared,

Be joy be sorrow,

Sum happiness that you have lend & pain that you have borrowed.

Now days, humanity is a deception,

But this truth is difficult to swallow.

Life teaches you a lesson,

It asks you to listen,

To your mind; however, not to your heart,

As heart leaves you in situation full of scars.

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