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A Beautiful Soul
A Beautiful Soul

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Life gives you reasons to cry and reasons to smile but why do we always look over the reasons to cry and not over the reasons to smile. Life has been hard lately, I had let go people because I wasn't happy with them , it some where down changed me and it makes me happy that I choose to be with me more then I wanted to be with people who I wasn't happy with. But at a time when it comes to some specific people I don't feel to let go them even if they are hard on me for a while it's because they have reserve something in my heart and made me realise how I can be happy. Even if they don't speak to me I still hear them talking in my head. It's only because those some people have changed my life completely. I at times choose the reasons to cry because it makes better at removing my pain in my heart. At times I choose the reasons to be happy just to try my best to make people around me happy. I now days wonder this wasn't me at all but it is me now. One sudden incident can always change your way of looking at things and you may look at everything differently. There is no one without problems in this world its that you have to understand and be with the person not making that person feel low.

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