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Can't Leave My House
Can't Leave My House

© Abhay Prashar

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

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Eyes filled with salty tears,

A new house! CHEERS!

What about my old beloved house,

What of the old one

I will miss it a ton....


All the memories down the lane,

All, in happiness and in pain,

Filled with different boxes of emotions,

Could not be stacked up even with the help of a crane.


The birthdays and get-togethers we celebrated,

My little brother whom we awaited...

My mother on her eight month,

Till now everything was fun.


The new member would never imagine the memories we made,

In this little house, this shade,

I tried not to let streams of tears down my cheeks,

But at some point the smirk did fade...


I love my house and just want to stay here,

For the rest of the eternity,

But nothing was in my hands,

Being a migrant I had to change lands...


Bye my love I am leaving,

My bag filled with toys,

And a heavy heart,

That couldn't make a choice...


Bid adieu to the guardian,

Abandoning it now like a Martian,

Give me a break, some time to spend,

Or else I will regret no time I could lend...


To the house I was brought up in,

Truly my heart was made of tin...

As I threw all the memories in the bin,

I moved out as my chest was being touched by my chin.....

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