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God-The Incredible Victor
God-The Incredible Victor

© Ravinder Kaur


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The Lord of all realms He is,

Utmost power is only His.

Known to be one,

but yet in all He resides at best.

From zenith to the deep core,

He rows smoothly with his magical oar.

The saviour of us all,

He - The father of every big and small.

Synonyms to Him are infinity,

All omni-potent is thee, oh Deity!

Fallen Lucifer, the light - bearer called thee 'A Tyrant',

so as to solace his damn regiment.

By turning to fallen Angel and then to a Serpent,

Satan's over - powered sense of revenge does not went under amendment.

So much great was your power and is still now and will remain forever,

For you are the only binding truth in this creation to ever dwell and to end, never.

The Creator of Universe and beyond,

Thy Arms so largely stretchened.

Thou Appearances extend from being worshipped as Nile to ample statues around,

The 'One in All' and 'All in One' you bound.

The reality of truth starts from you and ends on same,

Thy potency cannot be at all put in a sentence frame.

To You, The Omni - present, We pay the highest gratitude,

For the felicities of our life which thou has shade.

Divine your light and infinity your existence stands,

We, the mortal beings, always to you bend.

With the multitude striving to learn depth,

but oh! What a fatal thing we shapeth?

We are just a grain of sand in contrast to You, my Lord!

In vain, we practice to define you in a word.

Uncontrived is our life and rough is our art,

Unrefined are our ores of which we are part.

Oh Thou Almighty! The masterly pure form,

You are the cause from gentle breeze to havoc creating storm.

The Great Seer is thee who fills life in our worldly vehicles; after death,

out of which only soul remains and bodies becomes void of breath.

The fountain of your gracious look perennially flows on us,

We remain under your constant care and are protected thus.

The posterity of humans may all undergo sanctification, 

and be sparkling stars as celestials in your creation.

Oh Goodness! Thou Art so divine! The one who starts praising you feels so like a blind.

Writing of you and your everlasting potential is far and far beyond our reach,

Committing this act is no less than giving an incomplete speech.

With the last few words,

the conclusion thus becomes that your Might,

cannot from a mortal mouth come.

The Omni - benevolent Victor bless us with a moral sense,

which may make us wonder that Thou has time to listen but do we have time to pray?

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