Swimming Frogs

Swimming Frogs

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Swimming frogs

Teams are tired of their tasks, 

If you'd ever have the courage to ask

Them why they wear their masks

On and off their work, 

They'd perhaps break into tears

And sing sad songs in chorus. 

The inseparable fear

Follows them everywhere

In perpetual Halloween

Like jokers of a comic scene. 

They're earning money

Which, through the years

They slowly realize is

Worse than sunshine

Bitter than honey

For with it at ease

Enter loans and maladies.

The swimming frogs cannot hop

Out of the pond, neither stop

Floating to set themselves free. 

As bonus

They import jealousy

Unkindness, cruelty, 

Lack of mercy;

While on the face of it

Out of a hollow habit

They stage like a fake family. 

Poor managers, as united scavengers

Proudly show the door

To a whole lot of estranged workers;

The chunk of the profit

They house in their pocket, 

Innovative ways of conceit

Always in their store, 

Lives leave, business lives 

Turning leaves more and more. 

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