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The Magic Of More, Is In Knowing Thyself
The Magic Of More, Is In Knowing Thyself

© Seeta Narayanan


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The more I went ahead in life,

The more I was confronted with questions about life.

The more I tried to get the answers,

The more questions burdened by shoulders.

woman in prayer, feeling dejected

The more I thought of belittling myself with the burdens of life,

The more you gave me instances to be merrier in life.

The more I thought of fighting my situations,

The more you made it easier for me, their resolutions.

dejection 2

The more I went on the quest to get answers to my endless thoughts,

The more far away I unknowingly went from my heart.

The more the sorrows and the miseries I endured,

The more stronger my resolve to surrender, it appeared.

grief tear

Today I stand with hands folded before Thee,

Never in my life, had I known you so clearly.

There you go I said it, before Thee,

You are the ultimate creator, and you are as you should be.

gods grace

It’s my naivety for not knowing you completely,

Judging you and your love constantly.

When I should be looking within me,

For there you reside and shower me your grace constantly.

grace hopeful

So here’s a resolution I promise to follow,

Wherever you lead me, I shall quietly follow.

lead me I'll follow

I know you will test me for my mettle,

Triumphant I’ll emerge, that’s when I’ll settle.

test of mettle


I promise Thee, I would not rest,

Until, I wholeheartedly fulfill this quest.

The quest of life, that you lay before me,

The true acid test that would prove to me,

The Child of God, I truly ought to be!

child and god

The Child of God, I truly ought to be!

beautiful and apt quote for Loss


By - Seeta Narayanan

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