Dead Language

Dead Language

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I means ego in Greek.

Israel, Syria, Egypt

Russia, the US, France,

Not to miss their chance!

Being puppets to their stance,

yet, yearning for the same gifts

happiness, growth, power and peace.

Faithfully buying, selling weapons

like stones, pelting on others.

With their eyes, unable to see

green with anger, jealousy

graying the greenery,

their foolishness hitting back at them

all institutions of disarmament?

Inert volunteer soldiers

under their own firmament!

History will show the geeks

the language they’re inclined to speak

is killing and lying all over dead.

If only they could spread

instead of terrors, intelligence

they’d prevent themselves

from the dire consequence

of losing lives all around

creating poverty, tremor on the ground.


The world is going through a crisis,

now all the countries should

be overwhelmed with shame

for the failure of the few

instead of enjoying the show

whose reasons this ‘I’ doesn’t know

but help them high and low

think afresh, think anew

find a way together for good

to put an end to this

self-destructive egoistic game.

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