Earth's Ecosystem In Our Hands

Earth's Ecosystem In Our Hands

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This universe is so vast and unending,

Our life giving Mother Earth is fabulous and charming!

Precious is every living being in Earth,

Most worthwhile is the life of man in this Earth.

Nature created a balanced ecosystem with great efforts,

Human beings are day by day becoming the unsustainable spoilsports.

The life cycle in earth is a great miracle,

The togetherness and co-ordination of the food chain is a super spectacle.

The greenery of the ever-friendly trees is highly important,

Their lifesaving oxygen and shade are highly highly significant.

There are no fruits and flowers without the trees and plants,

Mankind is treating them as low paying servants.

Presence of the forests leads to the presence of soil,

Absence of the roots of trees will lead to loss of topsoil subsoil.

Trees help us to sustain the water cycle,

The potable water is itself a great chronicle.

Water helps regenerate life for flora and fauna,

Mother Earth has given space for all like a scintillating sauna.

Rapid industrialization is leading to environmental pollution,

This is paving the way for Earth's colossal damage and degradation.

The exquisite Earth needs to be protected for the future generation,

Hands of Mankind can only save ecosystem of Earth with effective administration!

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