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The Staircase
The Staircase

© Kishan Pratap Singh


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I stepped on the staircase

and it looked like a maze

it was dark and deep

but I had courage to keep.

I stepped on stair one

then two, three, four till seven

with my body shivering

and my voice quivering.

On the 13th step when I jumped

I got accidentally stumbled

but still I stood

though I felt no good.

It was 18th when I met it

a slimy dangerous monster bit

now beware you should be

the harm it creates you will see.

And gently it came near

and gently did it disappear

oh God, it was just my fear

that made it to appear.

Then some confidence did I gain

but it was in vain

It was 25th I guess

and I already made a mess.

There was tension in my mind

but you know He is kind

I dealt with things my own way

and passed those dark days.

I met a lot of people on my way

and heard them say

"Get up and move on"

and when I moved they were gone.

They just appeared and disappeared

and sometimes never reappeared

on the way being nostalgic

I got seriously sick.

It was last step my eyes could see

and light ahead of me

but I wished I could go back

I thought something did I lack.

But there was nothing to choose

so I had to loose

Loose the journey I lived

and all what I learned.

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