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All About My Life… That Is All About Him
All About My Life… That Is All About Him

© Pooja Garg

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I still remember that day
When I saw him for the first time
For me, he was an ordinary guy
But, never knew he will be mine

From 5 minutes to an hour
Then started talking night and day
I kept thinking about him
At times when he was far away

He knocked at the door of my heart
To that, I was denying
As it wasn’t very easy for me
But he kept on trying, trying and trying

I wanted to look really pretty
Maybe for the first time
My heart was racing very fast as if
Loving him was a crime

Because Love is in the air
Don’t know from when and where
And now we are together
That too forever

When he smiles for me
Everything in the world seems right
When he cries for me
I just want my own tears to hide

I feel shy when he looks into my eyes,
I am beautiful he makes me realize
I feel alive when he holds my hand,
I want to be with him till the end

He is the creation of my daydream
In the cake of my life, he is the cream
I miss him when the lights get dim
All about my life… that is all about him

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