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Krishna Chaitanya


The Fallen And The Forgotten

The Fallen And The Forgotten

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Buried in the depths of his soul is a lingering hope,

Now enveloped away by moistened eyes and a parched throat,

The baneful numerals continued to scar his brain,

He succumbed to defeat and left the hall,

Reminding himself; his efforts had gone in vain.

He dwindled down the utter mayhem throbbing in his mind,

As dad confronted him with a nervous smile,

He didn’t want to lie, didn’t want to be in this mess,

But had to refrain himself from taking away dad’s happiness..

“I aced the test!” he blurts out.

Deep down lies an ambition burning alive,

Now extinguished and onerous enough to revive,

Tormented by the draconian coaching classes despite his pleas,

A prospective career beyond engineering,

His dad, unfortunately, couldn’t see.

He silently endures the agony putting on a happy face,

Giving up on all the dreams he wanted to chase,

An actor, that’s what he aspired to be,

Now skeptical and wondering,

If life would give him another opportunity…

He didn’t want the tag of this profession, didn’t want to walk down this lane,

A monotonous job with a measly income; nothing but sheer pain,

All he craves for are wings of freedom:

To sing, to dance, to laugh, to cry,

A life-sustaining with equilibrium.

The dreaded day of the results finally did arrive,

Blinding his father of the truth and burning down the documents, at least while he was alive,

His head became dizzy and he began to choke, it seemed pointless now to survive,

Cursing his fate and devoid of hope,

He casts a final glance at the ceiling fan and the rope…

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