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The Heart
The Heart

© Priyanka Rane


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Looking at the heart

Hanging out the shop on Valentine's

I was on the opposite side of that roadside shop

I move towards it.

To look for its darkness in red.

That attracted me for what we two were made.

But, I haven't found that. I was crossing the road.

Because I was lost in your memory filled with love.

The heart was inspiring me. To buy it immediately. To fill your heart with love completely.

The world stopped and was watching me as a stranger

Because now I was in front of the vehicle called crane.

I was very excited to give you that heart

Because you never knew that I loved you a lot.

That was the last time I was eager to hug you; was eager to be in your arms,

Was eager to listen to the magical words, still, I was waiting for

I was not knowing my time would come so soon

He(God) picked me so early that I found you

I know I went early because there was an almighty 

He was missing me badly

He called me because he was alone. 

Looking for someone who was totally broken

Though still they haven't burnt my soul

The love for what I want was eager

I promise that

I will be back.

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