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Deal With The Devil
Deal With The Devil

© Aditi Kharb

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I was a loser, trapped inside my own mind.

Devil knocked, only one who seemed kind.
His smile a powerful spell,

Lit up every dark corner of my personal hell.
Followed a proposal from his side,

Trade your soul and pride,

In return of a future where I don’t have to hide.
His promise didn’t sound hollow,

Nor the conditions were too hard to follow.

I had nothing left to lose,

That pride was useless like that dead golden egg laying goose.
There was no separate clause for a safety net,

I was supposed to seal it with my blood and sweat.
I was then told to go home and enjoy the luxuries I have earned,
but as I returned home I felt my soul burn,

Bearing a new mark, the mark of the devil,
a symbol marked on everything evil.
I started living the normal life, forgetting past’s everyday strife,
but in the back of head lingered a fear,

Fear of still having a burden to bear.
Waiting patiently for my turn to serve my purpose,

It all sometimes seemed like a one man circus.
And finally it came,

A call without a name,

I was assigned with a task,

To spread darkness and chaos, I was handed a flask.
It carried hatred and vengeance,

Sorrows and misery of those who lost,

Lost their loved ones in the wars sometime in past,
‘A tiny little flask’-is that all I asked for,
Devil smiled, mischief written on his face which he did not try to hide,
That’s all you’ll need answered he,
I was still standing confused how much helpful that little flask could be?
I still accepted his command with a bow,

And set sail for my journey still not sure about whys and how.
I reached my destination and did as he said,

Setting free all that darkness, shattered on ground now the flask laid.
The darkness swept away by the air reached two brothers,
out laughing and enjoying the weather,

But as they inhaled the darkness something changed,
their love filled hearts now burned with hate,
each one thought he was right, none could stand each other’s sight.
I followed the darkness which now had reached a child,
but to my surprise the affect wasn’t even mild.
The child laughed and played,
marveling in the beauty unaware of the darkness he has slayed.
Trying to comprehend it all I stood there for a while,
I saw a man staring with a smile.
He came closer, I saw it all whispered he,

But you see a child’s soul is so pure.
I stood there still unaware,

He laughed and I felt I was caught bare.
He said, “Why do something you feel guilty about,

That’s the thing about growing up you always doubt,

Not just others but yourself too,

The secret is staying true.
The child you see holds a heart so pure,

Still untouched with the darkness rest of us bore.
Our heart is not a fool,

We breed darkness first

And then it just follows our self-laid rules.”
That knowledge sparked a new light inside my own soul,

No more afraid to play my role.
I gathered my courage and went back to the devil,

Broke my promise refusing to spread any more evil.
The light inside me set me free,

Illuminated a new path where I can be me,

Being true to myself is all that I needed to be,

My love and courage was the key.
But the parting words of devil still ring in my head,

”You may leave as you no longer are fit for my plans.

But don’t worry i have plenty of fans.
Waiting for a chance to serve my will,
For their own selfish purposes ready to even kill.”
I know I can’t save everyone

And keep everything under check,

But I hope they too find their light

Before all hell breaks loose,

And there is no turning back.


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