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What If My Life Was A Book?
What If My Life Was A Book?

© Rajeshwari Soni

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I would be flipping the pages from time to time.

Skipping the bad ones

Re-reading the good ones.

Capturing those best paragraphs in the limbic system of mind

Leaving the not so good ones far far behind.

I would have stayed on the chapter forever,

Where only you and me are the most focused characters.

From Deepest secrets to rumoured gossips;

From Success to failures,

From Smiles to tears;

All are scribbled in the most magical way

Illustrating the beauty of friendship

that is forever meant to stay.

The strong desire to read it again and again

Compels me to flip and land up on this page

Every time I am about to reach the end

Because it's one of the best memories so far for which my heart deeply craves

Because it's one of the best memories so far which my soul has ever lived.

And Every-time I end up here

I am left spellbound

Because the emotions that I feel are always the same

Because the friendship we share has not at all changed

Irrespective of all the life's policies and games.

The secret behind this foreverness is that in real life

We don't feel the need to communicate every hour, every day

But when there is a need to connect

We both know we are just a text or a call away.

Now you know

Turning back to the page is that easy

It brings back all the memories and emotions at just one flip

Only if there is a desire to read and to be read

Only if the friendship is this strong like the one we share.

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