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Best In The World
Best In The World

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How would you ever compare who is the best in the world

Who can be considered most superior in this world

On whose prophecy there won't be any doubt

Yes, this is the best, everyone would yell it loud

Someone may be fantastic in any game

But you change the conditions and he will have to face the blame

Someone, maybe a prolific writer

But he may fail in an attempt to write tidier

Someone may have power like of an elephant

But he too has a weakness, and can be killed by an ant

Someone may have facts piled up altogether

But wisdom is not something which you would seek rather

Then comes in front of my eyes a picture of a sweet lady

Someone, who is perfect, someone who is ever ready

Her love is pure, like that heavenly water

She has that preciseness, you see in the art by a potter

She is an embodiment of tolerance

And personification of romance

She has the power to make the strongest of the strong

And those guts to make right who is wrong

She is the first teacher, who gives the world knowledge

She is the first school of humanity, she is god's college

She is the best sportsman as she plays all day with a child

She is a perfect writer, as she starts the script of a life

So if you want to know who is Best in the world??

"Mother " holds that preciseness, the only beauty in this world


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