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Nature'S Most Beautiful Blend
Nature'S Most Beautiful Blend

© Bheenee Sharda

Children Fantasy Comedy

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How is it that you’re able to attract me even when you’re a thousand miles away?

May I know the schedule of your diet?

How are you so often able to change your shape?

How do you signify beauty even when your face is replete with black marks?

Even though I loathe geometry,

I must say that you’re a ravishing arch!

How is it that inspite of numerous shiny bodies together being present, to your beauty they cannot compete?

Because whenever I look up, my eyes overlook them and only with you they seem to meet.

How is it that even your presence seems to control the waves of the ocean?

As when you’re almost gone, the waves fade away.

And when you’re in your full shape, the waves rise up with joy and the scene makes my day.

Why is it that you stay awake at night but sleep during the day?

I guess it’s because you show the lost ones the right path by your rays?

I think my questions would never come to an end,

Because you’re mysterious yet nature’s most beautiful blend.


#Nature #Beauty #Humor #Fantasy

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