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I Wanted To Die In Your Arms
I Wanted To Die In Your Arms

© Siddharth Nishar


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I wanted to die in your arms,

Catch myself tightening my grip,

Squeezing you, feeling your

Body respond.


I wanted to lean over you,

And smile as your eyes closed,

In anticipation of soft kisses,

That always come.


I wanted to wake up with my lips,

An inch from your nape,

And plant them without,

Any aim.


I wanted your eyes to wonder,

How much I loved you,

Every time I brushed away your hair,

A second too slowly.


I wanted to smell the perfume,

Your skin stole from your clothes,

To kidnap me to the nights it was

All that there was.


I wanted you to drink in,

The smiles that framed my silences,

Which remained agents of discord,

Over the phone.


I wanted to lock my hands,

Around your busy waist,

As you pretended to continue working,

With deep breaths.


I wanted to see you believe me,

Even as your head denied it,

That you are beautiful in,

So many ways.


I wanted you to chide my fingers,

For tracing the canvas of your skin,

With geometries that belonged,

To the night.


I wanted you to beg me to stay,

As I already started to leave,

For a meeting I would,

Never reach.


I wanted to feel the pangs of leaving,

That good company often brings,

The bitter-sweet taste that rode,

Our phone calls.


I wanted you to keep me at bay,

My body belying the lies,

We told the world while we,

Flirted with destiny.


I wanted you to remember,

Each caress, each innocent embrace,

Every chance I gave you to question



I wanted to die in your arms,

Having known your love,

And the one you loved,

So much.

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