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Inseparable Islands Apart
Inseparable Islands Apart

© Neetu Vaid Sharma


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You and I are inseparable

Two souls solely attached

To each other

Living in different bodies


You and I are

Like tea and cup

Former being poured point blank

Latter cupping the other with care


You and I are

Life giving drugs

Both insert love injections to

Give longevity to each other


You and I are

Date and Time

One keeps on changing

At another’s conquering commands


You and I are

Passing seasons

At times chilled and cheering

At times damp and deadening


You and I are

Sensitive speaking symbols

No artfulness is there

Amorousness spread everywhere


You and I are

Elite erotic birds

Flying high fluttering

Their self confident wings of love


You and I are

Water and its flow

Challenging and chasing each other

But remain in a unison go


You and I are

Pins of pain

Pricking flesh simultaneously

Pleasing bones for not touching


You and I are

Tongue and its taste

One rolls to relish

And the other relishes the roll


You and I are

Pleasure plums

Swallowing each other’s dense pulp

Yet spitting softly the seed of space


You and I are

Invisible halos intimate

Compassing each other

With crafted corridors making compassion circle


You and I are

Islands incredible to each other

Gazing through our silent shores

Identifying intimate waves of completeness





Two souls cup and tea life giving drugs

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