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She Stands Alone
She Stands Alone

© Devi Sankhla


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She stands alone

Over the corpses of her fallen comrades

The shattered dreams, hopes and wishes of her life

Over the darkness and strife

Which is all she has ever known

She stands alone.

Her dark eyes convey a silent plea,

She is a caged bird who longs to be set free!

Free from the ropes of society

Of expectations, discrimination, oppression!!

Considered a curse from the minute she was born

Her hopes and wishes from her were torn

Forever a load, a burden, a mistake

For a boy brings you honour

And a girl disgrace..

Her life was set in stone, rigid and planned,

Grow up and finally give up in marriage her hand

But her knight in shining armour was the villain in disguise

Her husband became her jailer as he locked her desperate cries.

Cries to be free, yearning for an age of equality

A paradise of acceptance and not a trace of disparity

Seeking a haven to reclaim the life which was hers

Where she was the only one with a right to her years

Centuries have passed but unchanged lies this tale,

The misery of this injustice is yet to be paled.

Still stands this lone warrior against this blatant differentiation

Bearing the weight of centuries of oppression.

The end draws nearer, as another life is snuffed out

Leaving us to wonder,

Could things have been better

If we had raised our voices,cared to shout?

Don't let this warrior fight her battle alone

Step up to make a difference, let it be known

That it is time to slay this archaic monstrosity

The night of suffering has given way to a dawn of unlimited opportunities

As together we can rid the world of Gender Inequality!!!

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