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Venkatesh R

Abstract Romance Classics

True Lies

True Lies

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Why are you playing hide and seek with me?

Why do you cover, with the white purdah,

Are you hiding your emotions,

While you scan a dainty like me?

An ordinary becomes an artist hypnotized with your beauty.

I restrain staring at you while you take no sign.

What’s in your soul as you distant yourself?

I adore you in your best, and your gravest with no restrictions applied.

Era secludes us,

Pretense separates us,

Sky separates us,

Morphology separates us but

My passion doesn't admit reality.

You are bothering me day and night.

You endorsed the same with a vibe, on a personal occasion on the beach.

Love doesn’t have a limit,

I never viewed it until I earned a fondness toward literature.

Though your presence in my life itself a special occasion.

You may not belong to me;

We may not unite;

Letters written for you, may not be discovered by you.

But my affection and creations always remain for you.

Be blessed with your grace, for all the artists around.

While others see to conquer you as a heavenly object,

I love you forever.

We get deceived by emotions with our perceptions.

The mind makes sense than the heart at times,

Purity always can't sustain substance, but knowledge does.

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