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The Bittersweet Winter
The Bittersweet Winter

© Himani Yadav

Others Romance Tragedy

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The fall came to an end,

 And so did their misery.

They met when the leaves shed,

the flowers were gone and the air had its own silence. 

It was before the bittersweet winter,  

It was love at first sight and it was just like the fall- cold, dry and fresh. 

Staring at each other with their souls dancing all around them,

She was intoxicated by his presence and he was drowning in her blush. 

With 'dear Alice' the letter started,

With sorry it ended, without any explanation.  

And now the snow covers the ground,

 with white shading all the colours;

It was the bittersweet winter. 

Taking away all the moments of bliss and torment,

she's gone now from the forbidden kingdom. 

He missed her with every poisoning breathe he inhaled,

But relieved to know she's inhaling one of her first breath,

in her new kingdom of light, the kingdom of hope.

He loved her enough to let her go,

For she deserved an Enchanting fairytale

And she could have never got one here,

From the king of darkness in the kingdom of doom.

Fighting all his demons he survived,

With love being the fuel for the flame now burning his kingdom, burning his prison.

And then they met again,  

the pain of betrayal in her soul died as did the twilight in the dusk.

In the moonlight, again she was bewitched by his smile 

And he was overwhelmed by her soul;

And the surrounding field of white roses marked the end of the bittersweet winter.                           

#fall #letter #darkness #fairytale #doom #twilight #dusk #winter #bittersweet

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