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It started with the five girls giggling while taking out the board from the closet. read more

6     25.5K    647    4348

A story of sel-realization, of understanding the plight of others, of wanting to act read more

7     12.8K    644    8243

Nothing is ever more special than the first love and the first kiss. Here is a story read more

2     14.3K    642    7985

The green was blooming all over again, but this time in its true very read more

6     39.4K    639    3739

Story of Oedipus, a famous king of read more

1     26.9K    638    6735

And at that moment I fell in love with read more

6     14.4K    635    7468

The story of a woman experiencing a relationship gone bad and the battles within. read more

19     25.3K    635    81

Story about a young man's inner read more

4     14.0K    633    8294

A Long Journey
© Vandan Revanur

Horror Thriller

A soothing journey with silence engulfing his car. With his favorite song on the read more

1     26.0K    631    6736

Have you ever considered what a rape victim goes through? This is an attempt at read more

1     13.9K    630    7944

The king said, “But I want some special animal today.” Just then the king saw two read more

2     13.2K    628    8623

In a system where justice takes forever to be carried out, what option does a person read more

9     27.6K    628    4938

She walked in, looking stunning. He stared at her with an open mouth. She gave him read more

2     14.0K    623    8624

She was feeling restless. She didn't know why, but she was feeling uncomfortable, read more

7     26.1K    621    5970

 It is my hope that I will be able to contribute in my little way to the upliftment read more

2     13.2K    621    8938

I was imagining the worst and that really made me angry. After finishing my 4kms, I read more

4     13.0K    620    8244

True Love
© Aakanksha Sharma

Romance Action

When youtruely love someone, you share a special relationship even after read more

5     25.2K    619    5571

© Pranab Ghosh


 It was almost painful to watch, that kite of mine. Tethered to the string in my read more

1     13.7K    619    8625

The charterers were making noise and so was the Captain. Everybody was hard pressed read more

5     6.4K    618    57

© Kanika Modi


She slips in the shadows too dark for her light aura In the wings waiting for you to read more

2     26.5K    617    7354

Ready to learn read more

2     27.0K    617    6737

When time is at its worst, and the trails are sharp and steep, how do you read more

3     26.6K    617    7355

Falling in love does not see any status, money or power. It just happens and even if read more

4     13.7K    615    8939

5 Course Meal
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Romance +1

Abdul worked in an electrician’s shop from morning to evening and then as a waiter read more

4     13.2K    615    8245

For Four paragraph of hers I wrote may be one. Thousand questions she asked I read more

1     27.5K    615    6738

4 A.M.
© Jayanta Dutta

Abstract Drama +1

4 A.M....Is it really a good time to wake read more

4     13.1K    615    7945

Marriage is not always the read more

3     13.3K    615    8626

The poet yearns for her loved one to come back to her and says that her love is read more

1     13.4K    614    8246

Hanky Panky
© Farah Khan

Abstract Drama +1

Thud ! A bang and everything read more

6     13.2K    612    8627

Why is our side of story always right, while the other's is wrong? Is it because read more

21     26.7K    612    5572