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She Received A Letter
© Elakkiya Sruthi

Abstract Inspirational

Everything happens for a reason. I have a better plan for you read more

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Today, I woke up with a thought of having hot puri in my breakfast as every Sunday read more

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After all its well said by someone, "Gold, when beaten, Shines" and Ganpat proved read more

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I did literally everything and you still messed up,” she said and broke down read more

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Love is not about money, but small gifts would make a little different because you read more

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As the bus left the terminal, the news channels displayed that Dr. Oliver had read more

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It was a day I got to know many myths related to our read more

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Forgiveness, kindness, and Humanity are on the verge of read more

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Career, personal space, passion, sibling, parents, and most importantly - your wild read more

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Another day has passed with the same daily routine, followed by yours read more

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An Untold Story
© Sanam Can

Drama Inspirational

After entering the restaurant she is shocked by seeing all the decorations and she read more

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I was then disheartened but I ignored it later as I always do. The class has also read more

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Hope sustains life. We need to remain in high spirits to tide over the read more

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A son took his old father to a restaurant for an evening read more

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I know I'm late! It's all because it was a super hectic day for read more

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© Ravi Ranjan Goswami

Romance Inspirational

His course will be completed by the end of Feb 2020 and we can marry in March The read more

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I just woke up late in the morning and had a very busy day read more

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And what makes them happy? The moments like read more

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Today I solved half of the fourth chapter of maths of ninth standard which I am read more

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I had an incredible insight into what fear can make us believe and do read more

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"Yes! He said it was called 'Metro Rail', and that it ran read more

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Can you study for 6 hours straight with an only 15-minute lunch read more

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After he left, I sighed with disappointment and I am back here finishing up today's read more

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I said there is a full moon on the sky. He said it is not the moon that is read more

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As the days were passing it was really sad because of the spread of coronavirus in read more

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You killed the lord cobra now we won't get even a single gold coin it's better you read more

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I am happy that no one was infected with Corona Virus through read more

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This isolation period has a lot more to discover. Hoping the rest of the world read more

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I am missing the routine of lighting lamps every day as I am unable to purchase clay read more

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Only a dream can be a perfect one. Otherwise, life is full of imperfect read more

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