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The result was to come after four hours. I was waiting eagerly for my result. I had read more

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I held you to my heart. Embraced the moments of nothingness. Your chin on my read more

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King Of Author
© Ishan Shah

Children Stories Classics

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a roadway. He then hid and watched read more

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Amazon best reads for August !!

It wasn't in a mood to stop. It was cruel like a black hole in the dark space, there read more

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What could Nasiban say except that she would not like to live with another woman? read more

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My train was late when I was returning from Kanpur so I had to wait. That’s why I read more

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The story about them goes on like this... Daksh, a happy going guy, with no worries, read more

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A homeless girl who finally ends in good hands, showered with love and care from an read more

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It's your day when I saw you after years lying inside a coffin and resting in peace. read more

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Now you are just a photograph witnessing my grief and tears while I remember those read more

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If I were you, then I would have expressed myself so openly. If I were you then I read more

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Nasiban’s nap got disturbed. She snatched the packet of groundnuts from Muhuwa and read more

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Musuwa cried for groundnuts and was adamant. Nasiban bought 50 grams of groundnut read more

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Competition can come from the unlikeliest of places and motivation can induce read more

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An old man sits and waits every day for his son to bring the ambulance to take his read more

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I A A Shadow
© Vedant Sehgal

Drama Abstract

But that's the beauty of darkness, it can either consume you just by amplifying your read more

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Gender of the two people in the relationship shouldn’t matter to an extent of read more

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In the real world, you don’t know when you have fallen in love and with how many. read more

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He was isolated in the prison, a special cell was allocated for him. He was not read more

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She had managed to dry up the tears. She glanced outside the room; two policemen read more

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A rookie commits a crime in an impulse. Whereas, it takes practice and talent to read more

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Manila would have never called him on such mornings, but that day seeing her call he read more

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Tears were peeping out of her eye. Years of training had taken all of her fear and read more

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Suicide Plan
© Sonam Kewat

Inspirational Drama +1

A man on the verge of jumping off the train pauses a second to think whether it is read more

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Sharing Victory
© Scrio Cliss

Drama Inspirational +1

In a running competition, one of the competitors falls down. What do the others do? read more

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Jency sat down wondering "does she mean there is a ghost in my house? How silly even read more

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These days are the ones I actually feared...losing her was the worst thing I would read more

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Math Test Day
© Anusha Sridharan

Drama Children Stories

Olivia that day learned a lesson to think twice before she speaks so that she read more

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The Truth

Inspirational Drama

The story of a woman who becomes a successful lawyer although she was an acid attack read more

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A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

English Fear
© Kanusha Kumari

Children Stories Drama +1

A shy girl goes to law school and overcomes her fear of the English language with a read more

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