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The Highway

Children Stories Classics +1

A king had a highway built for the people who lived in his read more

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The Dare
© shwetha ak

Children Stories Horror

I, Varun, Adithya and Shreenithi are thick friends. We are the most amusing read more

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2:21 > The Time To Disperse
© Dhruv Jan

Children Stories Drama +1

Yes, Vaibhav, my only friend, my brother had read more

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Kratos's Vengeance
© Durgesh Karande

Children Stories Classics

Once upon a time, there was a God named Primordial. He created Earth but his enemies read more

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Chucky, the Horror Doll
© saad shaikh

Children Stories Horror +1

One afternoon of a sunny day, I was playing with my friend in our read more

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My Name Is John
© abhinav rajesh kurup

Children Stories Drama

John started to go school. Within 2 days he made many read more

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I felt guilty for a while, for not helping her anyway but I think I was too read more

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Turning Night Into Day
© Melanie Correa

Children Stories Fantasy

I HAD DONE IT! I had turned the night into read more

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All that is left, is for you to declare whether you chose life or whether you chose read more

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Trend is always the king and I took the RIGHT read more

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“Hate crimes are the scariest thing because these people really believe what they read more

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Even then she should at least give a little bit of respect to her husband and should read more

4     246    43    5384

Sometimes, I feel my grandpa was absolutely correct at his place as he had no other read more

6     112    12    10874

But he didn’t have the time to chuckle at the thought, as the toilet flew off its read more

2     170    14    5471

If you help someone, then only someone will help you because Charity Begins from read more

13     132    32    1417

Then she heard there has been an act with which she could become homeless because read more

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Why Red Ants Bite?
© Meenakshi Nair

Children Stories Others

In the anthill antsy there were more than 200 read more

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Two Best Friends
© Lavanya Sonawane

Children Stories Classics

Once a time there were two best read more

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A Small Girl Caught The Thief
© Mohnish Patil

Children Stories Drama +1

When she came out of the house, she forgot to lock the read more

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A Contrived Journey
© Pranav Rajesh

Children Stories Drama +1

All I remembered was the strange man I visited at the Buddhist read more

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Maria's Hope
© suchismita sarkar

Children Stories Drama +1

Even before she entered their house, she heard the daughter being abused and read more

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The Magical box
© Fanny Oliver

Children Stories Fantasy

Once upon a time in England there lived a beautiful girl named Miley. She lived a read more

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Home Alone!
© Dattatray Mahadik

Children Stories

They rushed to neighbors and told the incident and the neighbour called the read more

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Junior Detective Dodo
© Ashish Dhawane

Children Stories Crime +1

Once upon a time, there lived a boy whose name was read more

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Helping Attitude
© Naveen Virmani

Abstract Children Stories +1

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Gopal. He had three read more

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Brave Angelica
© Rupesh Shantamurty

Children Stories Drama

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Angelica. She lived in the Alps read more

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There was a day when my best daydreaming topic turned into a read more

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Adhu's Ghost Stories
© Suganthi B

Children Stories Horror

Once upon a time, there lived 6 read more

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Once upon a time, there was a small girl named Alice. She grew up listening to read more

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My Mom Called Me
© Nikhil AN

Children Stories Drama

I used to like to write a lot, and I still read more

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