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It was the first time that she was on a cruise and that too on her own, and she read more

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I wish I could tell my pa how hard it was for me to overcome my read more

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They are twins, but nothing remains equal with them with growing read more

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Nothing is permanent, neither the people, nor their read more

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Today his simple and sweet daughter was all set to welcome read more

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One day I will reach there where I want read more

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Barbie was disappointed with her read more

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This story is a fiction but it is based on the real incidences that are happening read more

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I had a house, a beautiful house. I lived with my wife and two daughters. Gems, I read more

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© Surat Mallik

Drama Inspirational

He had not taken even a single bite and a poor small boy was read more

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He received a courier in the morning. There was no hurry to open it up but it was read more

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A piece that brings together some celebrities and popular fictional characters to read more

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FIFA Championship
© Anika Goyal

Children Stories Drama +1

This story tells us that no matter what happens in life you should still go ahead read more

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The story is about a fictional character in one day of the Mahabharata war. The read more

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My species went extinct eons ago. I think it was the time when the world was on a read more

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The Scrap Library
© Bushra Khan

Children Stories Drama +1

A scrap dealer's love for books and how he satisfies his hunger for read more

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Some stories cannot be shared. They electrocute your read more

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When you hear the word “Rejection”, it makes you feel that you are not good enough read more

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The Freedom
© Prity Jha

Children Stories Drama

Her soul that had been crushed for ages finally got freedom and was ready to read more

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The Precious Ruby
© Chitra Roy

Children Stories Drama

He began investing the riches acquired this time sagaciously and gained name and read more

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Sharing Of Love
© Rohit Sharma

Children Stories Drama

There was happiness all around in the house at the birth of her younger sister, but read more

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It took years for me to get out of her thoughts... I managed to move on read more

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"Bye Mom" my words before going down of the stairs to catch the bus of my new school read more

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I have to instill courage in her, not she. This girl is an enigma to read more

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Every morning I rise first and pull the curtains lest sunrays break her read more

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Rahul was excited. He was going to the selection of his read more

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When life throws lemons, make read more

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In a delightful way, she revealed the secret that her parents agreed to accept Surya read more

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Mohini’s yellow saree impresses one and all. After the initial introduction, the read more

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Don't you hear, The breaking sound of read more

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