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Clang, smash, boom! “Why does it have to be so congested?” Omi got up read more

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The Lunch
© Nisha Ghosh

Abstract Others +1

Like little boys of his age, Amma was his super woman. There was nothing Amma could read more

3     40.3K    755    2056

Funny Tedious Love
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Classics +1

'It's too much responsibility and work! How would you manage it single read more

1     14.2K    738    5662

© R Roopesh Kumar

Crime Thriller

The officer, who had fulfilled the task on the ground, confirmed that three menaces read more

5     14.1K    720    3720

© Ashutosh Goyal

Abstract Children +1

The trees suddenly turned green with flowers raining instead of water, and plants read more

2     14.1K    699    5663

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.6K    694    34

That incredible spark in his read more

1     13.3K    692    5107

The Promise
© Nikita Sharma

Drama Classics +1

For the promise of love transcends read more

2     13.5K    690    5108

indian read more

2     13.6K    687    5109

© Nisha Ghosh

Fantasy Classics +1

Lost in his thoughts, he mixed the rice and dal to make a well, a tiny hand caressed read more

4     27.2K    678    2790

Although they had been living here for 3 weeks now, the house still looked new to read more

1     13.0K    676    5110

The Wrong Guy
© Sania Shaikh

Inspirational Romance +1

About a girl who gives her heart away to the wrong read more

2     13.5K    676    5601

The Brothers
© Aswin Madhu

Drama Fantasy +1

Ontoya was scared now. What Njubwe had said was right. They were not real brothers. read more

6     41.1K    672    1426

A simple story about how a a girl's break up with her boyfriend turns out to be the read more

9     26.8K    669    3288

A road accident changes the life of a man read more

3     27.8K    668    3289

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

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Facing My Abuser
© Nisha Ghosh

Crime Inspirational

As soon as I walked into the lane, I remembered. I thought of going back to my read more

5     26.0K    666    3290

The Dark Room
© Achal Mayukh

Drama Tragedy

A striking story about the shock that children go through on getting news about the read more

3     22.7K    665    2

Ajit Sen awoke, He became suspicious. He thought that Sheelwati wanted to go read more

6     13.3K    664    3

A young man's addiction leads to his read more

2     13.4K    663    6290

The turmoil and the feelings during that first touch, that first read more

2     13.8K    661    5664

It is a poem based on a girl who was destroyed by people and was held into selling read more

2     25.6K    660    4557

Ali Khan was watching T.v in his apartment ,when someone rang his apartment's read more

2     26.8K    658    2093

In her dream, Lilly walked through the shadow-filled forest by the light of the big, read more

2     25.7K    655    3291

Reason to read more

6     27.1K    654    4160

Mumma, I am wearing that favourite red saree of yours. But these golden bangles read more

1     13.0K    650    4591

© Tolu Eniafe

Abstract Others

Survival of the lonesome who is badly wounded and is followed by military read more

2     13.8K    648    6779

One Warm Day
© Jayshree Walia

Abstract Drama +1

A little kid visiting his Grandpa's place longs for company. Read his journey read more

5     26.5K    648    5069

It started with the five girls giggling while taking out the board from the closet. read more

6     25.4K    647    2791

A story of sel-realization, of understanding the plight of others, of wanting to act read more

7     12.7K    644    5956