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Sheetal Raghav



Sheetal Raghav


Woman Agony: Posthumously.

Woman Agony: Posthumously.

7 mins 246 7 mins 246

Riddhima was feeling somewhat uncomfortable since this morning.

Repeatedly, her mind was getting very upset due to the possibility of something untoward, but without telling anyone anything and trying to keep her mind working in some way.

Finally Anant asked,

What happened? before today,

you did look so distraught. What's the matter?

Even before Anant says something,

Riddhima said, there is nothing. You always worry about me just like this.

Now go too late for office .

Anant kissed her forehead as usual and left to go to the office. 

But today,

do not know why everything seemed to be missing.

Today, there is Anant kissing of the forehead, which was running for the last 25 years. 

Why did everything seem like breaking today, why should Anant kiss my forehead today like this?

Why did I feel the last .

Why did I feel the last kiss of my forehead like Anant.

and she thought Anant kissed her forehead as usual and said goodbye 

but not knowing today why everything seemed to be missing?


why did she feel the touch, nothing could be understood. 

Why my heart is so uncomfortable, this heart could not be understand this much.


Could not understand why the mind is so distraught and uncomfortable, she could not understand. 

Didi kitchen came out from behind some stuff is over. 

You will bring grocery or bring me in.

Riddhima had the voice of a maid.

Riddhima said,

you do another work, work was there. I would later go and fetch it from the market and saying this,

Riddhima went to her room. Some stuff was finished. After making her list, Riddhima was ready to go to the market and was walking and getting out of the house. 

Then Bruno held her sari tightly.

Bruno is Riddhima's pet dog. Even Bruno did not want Riddhima to go outside the house today.

Just then, Bruno caught the sari of her sari tightly, Bruno!

Bruno loves Riddhima very much and today even Bruno does not want that Riddhima to go out of the house.

Riddhima gets out of the way by seducing of them in some way. 

As she progressed towards her car, her sari was stuck with a sapling plant. 

She was walking ahead with her pallu from the plant, that her foot slipped but she also ignored it and went to the market to pick up the goods. 

When she was returning with grocery and other materials, she caught sight of a small child who was crossing the road and was moving towards her car............

The child was not carefully on the side of the car. 

Riddhima rang the horn of her car when she saw it,

but the child did not listen. She probably did not care.....................

To save him, Riddhima forcefully turned the car to the other side and a loud sound came. 

Riddhima's car collided with a truck.

Riddhima is rushed to the hospital. Even before that, she says goodbye to the world. 

Aadhar card was found on his car which had his address and number written on it. 

Some people reach Riddhima at that address and his body is kept in the hall of the house and they leave from there.

Kanta hurriedly called Anant to come home. 

Upon hearing Kanta's terrified voice, Anant got scared and Anand reached home early to come home,

seeing Riddhima in this condition, he got very upset and started crying.

Was you upset since morning because of this. 

I could not understand why. 

This time was with both of us and you were more uncomfortable. 

I could not feel why. 

Forgive me. 

Forgive me, Riddhima! 

I am responsible for that, not that I am responsible for everything.

infect Riddhima !

I am the only one responsible for your condition.

I was cursing myself, but Riddhima was dead. 

Like she wanted to say a lot to him.

Do not yourself responsible for this condition of mine,


Do not blame yourself.

I couldn't understand anything myself.

Look Anant don't cry, now, the Niti will come from hostel and seeing me in such condition she will cry a lot.

Look Anant,

you don't cry now, don't think the Niti will come from hostel and seeing me in such condition she will cry a lot. 

She will be sad , she is getting more and more upset to seeing me in that condition. 

Hold her tightly in your arms and handle. 

Today, after a full 6 months, she is returning home from the hostel. 

I have written some letters in the name of my daughter, which accounts for 6 months. 

She is in those accounts a lot of memories of 6 months. She would give it carefully and she would be sad to leave me. 

But do not let her feel any lack of anything.........and yes, when you marry her, then give her the necklace that my mother gave me.

And yes, today Mamta is also going to come home. 



Your loving and younger sister Mamta is going to come............

You also have to handle her for her delivery. 

Tell her that her Bhabhi wanted to do a lot for you, but maybe she was not in luck. 

I have made some accessories and sets for her and her baby which is in my wardrobe. 

She must take it out and give it to her.

When Mamata bids farewell to her child, then her manner.

And when you say farewell to Mamta and her child, then give away a lots of blessing and things which I was arrange for them,.... Do not leave any shortcoming in letting his in-laws take anything.......

leave no unturned, for the in-laws, for her and for all of you, to take care of everything that I wanted to do. 

Now you have to do it after me.

Listen, take care of yourself too, do not get upset in my memory and yes Shubham will also be coming from the academy. 

He will not be able to handle himself after seeing me like this. 

It is small, trying to stick it with her chest and let the mother know that she wanted to be with him. Wanted to play, wanted to laugh. 

But! when he wakes up in the morning, I make his favorite milk shake every morning. 

Say it to Kanta and get it give in the every morning.

Listen, Maji's medicines ,

Maji's medicines are kept in the left

side of my blue wardrobe.

and yes you do not sit in the balcony till late in the evening you get a cold.

I put your shawl on the left side of the cupboard. 

It is definitely winter season. It will get cold .....

and yes listen do not miss me much.

Put your life to work I am not with you, but will always be with you. 

In your pain, in the laughter of your lips, in your pain, in your trouble, everywhere.


I look,

do not be cry and will I' ll not be able to stop. 

I will not be able to stop you to crying

Please don't cry

Anant please

Listen me Anant!

I want to tell you something.

I am beside you, Anant.......!,

look in your chest in your memories.

Let me go, I am very upset. 



he has come to pick me up.

He has come to pick me up. 

Let me go

 I'm having trouble .

If you are like this,

I will not be able to go.

Anant !

you are listening,

look at me, leave me,

let me go.

Now it is time for me to leave. 

Let me see your face with all your heart once,

You want to fully take care of your responsibility towards this house as well as family members too.

and take care of the Maaji, children and yes take care of Mamta also after I go,

and yes I should wear the same sari from which I left my house and came to your house. 

Hear now,

don't cry,

let me go,

do not stop me

I have so much pain 


let me go,

let me go.


My last greetings to you, take care of yourself and my home!

I am leaving this world. 

I will always be with you at infinity. By becoming your shadow, by becoming your laughter.

Let me go Anant!!

Please leave me!

Bye endless bye. Anant!

Even after the end of his life,

A wife is helpless on the floor of the house with her lifeless body. 

But there are many questions in mind. 

Riddhima is also helpless. 

But there is a lot of questions left to be built and bliss that who will take care of her house after she leaves.

Who will take responsibility for his children. Who will take care of Maji, Mamta and how will Anant himself be able to take care of himself ........but?

When someone goes suddenly like this, then many questions are left behind for their family members, then all the drivers are requested that whenever they drive, please see around them that one family is in the grip of their car. Not coming, because in the grip of their car, not a life but a whole family comes.

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