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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Abstract Tragedy Classics

Widow marriage Barun' s Birth

Widow marriage Barun' s Birth

7 mins 104 7 mins 104

Barun's birth was remarkable in every respect. His father was reinstated in his job, his mother was recuperated from artery worry. Above all his elder brother confirmed bank P.O.

During the gloomy time in the past, his father Debasish was in a great pile of loans and açcountable to the money lenders. The grocers made their presence time and again and warned him to reimburse the grocery bill. Last but not the least, the house owner threatened him to vacate the part of his rental space unless he paid the previous rents.

It is no wonder that anybody will be deprived of his mental balance under such conditions. All the pieces of gold ornaments, Bilashini, his mother obtained were sold off at a cheap rate to hold up the family.

On the occasion of Barun's twenty-first-day observation, a letter of appointment in the S.B. I. Was received by his elder brother Tarun. What a good piece of news!

Afterward, slowly and steadily the headache of the family began to reduce. Excepting his monthly expenses, Tarun transferred the rest amount to his father's account. It was a plush amount. From thence, his father spent the money recklessly. He did not learn from the acute poverty. He did not pay attention to what his mother advised. He considered the cash as the fruits of a tree. It was deep-rooted in his blood. As long as, his purse was overweight he spent like an emperor. Due to this vice, he was indulged in misusing government cash and suspended twice from his job. But he did not change. Or else, the loan could be paid up very soon. He had a lot many drunkard friends who pursued him to spend lavishly. Without consulting Tarun, he preferred to live in a more comfortable rental house.

It was for the first time disagreement arose between father and son. Tarun wanted to construct a duplex on the land which his father obtained as part of the dowry. It was in the heart of the town. He divulged it to his Father.

Instead of supporting him, he said," It is a witless scheme. It is not wise to start the plan and leave in the half way when we have not yet cleared up the debts at the same time your sister's marriage has been delayed , Barun will start schooling . I think we should postpone the plan for the moment".

Tarun was dispirited for the moment but determined to exhibit it. He argued with himself. It was useless to discuss his plan with a prodigal and hesitant man who knows to pay out the money but is against saving. Henceforward , he stopped transferring a penny

To his account.

When his father squealed, he plain spoke," Your salary is more than enough to carry on the family. It is your duty to bring them up as you have brought them forth to the earth. He picked down the phone.

The difference between father and son grew on and on. Tarun's mother supported Tarun.

She squarely said to her husband, "It is my first and last warning to you. Henceforth, render your salary to me. Give the list of the money lenders from whom you have borrowed the cash. Unless you do it I will move to your office and complain to your officer against your spend-all nature and bring the hard cash from him after you have signed the acquaintance."

It was strange that, After Bilashini applied this method, she received the payment and paid up some portion of the borrowed amount and with the rest, she ran the family. She described to Tarun, how cleverly she made his father bind to go with her.

Tarun praised her, "It's like a good mother. Has Papa not discussed with you my plan to build a duplex in the town? "

"Yes, but he disapproved it and there had been a disagreement between us. Of course, it's a good project. Carry on. Indeed we have put emphasis on your younger sister's marriage. But let's

Move ahead."

No sooner did he pick down the phone, it rang constantly. This time, Mina's proposal of marriage.

She asked," Who are you speaking to me?"

"Madam, I am a dude's father. He is a software engineer working in Bangalore. Will you give your daughter's hand in marriage with my son? If you say yes, we will proceed. I sent here his photograph along with the details. Contact me on this number."

Bilashini thought for a while and rang her son's number.

Tarun replied,", What urgent did you feel to call me again?"

"It is really urgent. Mina's would-be father-in-law called me and me with me having sent his son's snapshot and other details. We should not let the opportunity roll by. What do you think ?"

"Okay, Go ahead" Tarun replied.

Later on, she spoke to Debasish with regard to Mina's marriage proposal and detailed the prevailing call.

He replied carelessly," It is better if you can. Everything is yours. I am just a titular head"

"How fantastic! Are you not my daughter's father? It's a preferable proposal. At any rate, I will make it done. It is time, you ask for a loan from G. P.F. and try your best to get it sanctioned prior to marriage."

He gave a nod to it.

Mina's wedding had been concluded in collaboration with. The near relatives.

Just after, the credit was partially cleared. Bilashini raised the. Plan of the union of Tarun with a beautiful spinster as he was above the average age of tying the knot. He will be thirty-three the next July. He was twenty-two years senior to Barun. He was running fifteen then.

Tarun United his wedlock with Mira after the inaugural ceremony of the duplex. She was much prettier than he expected. He preferred to be a poppet in her hand. She took the advantage of his weakness and he became an instrument in her hand and impelled him to keep off from his family.

When Tarun dithered transferring money to his mother's account she could barely manage themselves with her husband's half of the salary. The dark days returned back.

Much darker it flattered with Tarun's sudden demise of Covid-19

The backbone of the family is ramshackle. Mira could not believe that Tarun would disappear so soon. Nonetheless, she dithered to return to her in-laws. Would she backtrack to her father's and propose another man to ball-and-chain?

All her predicament came to an end with the arrival of Bilashini. She was surprised to see her there. Her mother-in-law made her return with her. She couldn't but follow her.

In the meanwhile, she telephoned Barun, who was in the boarding and kept on with his plus two science in a college far away from his rental home.

He asked, "What for do you call me when the exam is knocking at the door? "

Bilashini grimed, "It is another kind of examination you are going to appear. Everything will be disclosed after your arrival."

It was esoteric for him to visit his mother. But what might be the reason his mother sent for him?

At his appearance, his mother questioned, "Don't you want to keep abreast of the custom of our family? "

Barun asked eagerly," What is custom ?"

" In the current time, it is unacceptable. People go against the age-old tradition. But how long Mira will spend an unhappy life? Hence, if we carry out the usage, the life of your sister-in-law will not be wrecked ."

" What do you mean ?" Barun asked nervously.

" We will tie your knot with your sister-in-law and hope for an heir ."She expressed it with a laugh.

"Impossible, I can not do it. Do you want to ruin us both? "He said ruthlessly,

" How dare you disobey your mother ?"I can not allow you to attend your classes unless you ball-and-chain her ". She left him penitence

Everybody in the family supported it and the tying ceremony had completed modesty.

On the fourth day of the marriage, Barun was nowhere to be seen. In the evening the servant discovered him hanging in the branch of a mango tree me.

The resolution of Bilashini in up keeping a meaningless tradition devastated everything She was taken into police custody for she was held responsible for a teenager boy's death.

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