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Pratima Pai



Pratima Pai




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The wait at Dr.Kamat's nursing home seemed to be never ending. Prakruti was sitting there in the waiting room with her sister. She was so restless. She stood and went to the backside of the room. Though she was not thirsty, she took a glass of water from the purifier and gulped it down. As if drinking water would solve her problems. Prakruti was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in her uterus. The doctor had suggested a hysterectomy. She had agreed to get the surgery done as her monthly problem was becoming worst. Finally their turn came and they were asked to go in to meet the Doctor. Dr.Kamat a very famous gynaecologist was seeing some papers and talking to an apprentice. He smiled when he saw them, waved towards the chairs indicating that they should sit. They both sat. Prakruti gingerly sat on the edge of the chair waiting to hear what would the doctor say. After he was done talking with the apprentice, Dr.Kamat looked at them and smiled.

"So, you ready for the surgery," he asked. 

Prakruti nodded in the affirmative.

"Okay. Let's schedule it this Friday at 10 AM, but before the surgery you have to get a blood test done," he said. 

He took one paper, scribbled something and gave it to them. He told Prakruti to come next day to the clinic on an empty stomach, give her blood sample and go. The surgery was scheduled for Friday.

Next day Prakruti went to the clinic and gave her blood samples. They got a call in the evening from the clinic to come and see the doctor. When they went to see him the doctor told them that there was something wrong with the blood test and she had to come to the clinic again the next day to give her blood sample.

So as suggested by the doctor, next day morning again Prakruti went to the clinic and gave her blood sample for the blood test. On the way back home she saw the mad rush of people in Kaveri sweet mart. This was a shop that sold south Indian breakfast in the morning other than sweets. People on their way to the office were doing breakfast or getting it packed. The smell of her favourite vada paav wafted through the air. But she had no interest in anything. She was worried about the blood report which was expected to come in the evening. She dragged herself home slowly. After reaching home she had breakfast which her mom had made for her.

After that, she stretched herself on the sofa and saw a few episodes of a Marathi serial which her mother used to watch regularly. She had no interest in it but watched it either ways. After lunch she slept for a good two hours. Then in the evening after having tea, she again went to the clinic. When Dr.Kamat saw her he sent a nurse and she was summoned inside his chamber. The other ladies who were already waiting were obviously not liking this. She ignored them all and followed the nurse. When she was inside the doctor's chamber, he saw her and smiled."Hello Prakruti, please sit," he said. She sat in the chair thinking what is he going to say next. He smiled vaguely and said, "your blood reports have come. First I thought the pathologist had done a mistake, so I got the same blood test done again but the reports are the same. It was not a mistake."

Oh my God! What now she thought. What had happened? What was wrong?

"It's the norm for us to do the APTT test before surgery," When she looked at the doctor quizzically, he said explaining it to her further. "It's a test which tells us about the blood clotting time and I'm afraid to tell you that in your case it's not normal," he said.

"Not normal means?" she asked.

"It is normally 30 seconds or less than that. But in your case, it's 196 seconds. I got the blood test done a second time as I thought it was a mistake the first time around, but it's the same result the second time also. I hope you understand the implications of this. It just means that as your blood takes a longer than usual time to clot, I cannot do the surgery scheduled for Friday as if I do the surgery you can bleed to death on the operation table. You need to go to a multi specialty hospital where all sorts of facilities are available and your surgery can be done there." Prakruti didn't know how to react. She was aghast. She kept on staring at the doctor.

The doctor got up, came to her side patted her shoulder, and said, "there's nothing to worry about. I'm just telling you that I cannot do the surgery as I don't have ICU and other facilities in my hospital as a multi speciality hospital has. Don't lose hope. You will be alright, but you need to go to a multi-specialty hospital to get this surgery done."

"Okay," she said. Gave a weak smile to the doctor, got up, and slowly walked out of his cabin. 

Somehow Prakruti didn't want to go to a multi specialty hospital. They would first ask you about the insurance cover that you have and then proceed with the treatment. She spoke to her sister about it and then again they went to meet Dr.Kamat. They told him that it was the trust factor that had brought them there for treatment and they wanted him to do the surgery. Finally, the doctor agreed but said that he cannot do it in his hospital as certain facilities were not available there, so he suggested that she should get admitted in Dr.Bhasin's hospital and he would come there and do the surgery.

But before that he wanted them to go to the blood research institute at the KEM hospital in Mumbai so that they can find out the cause of the delay in the blood clotting time.

When they reached home her sister in law and niece had come to see her. On seeing her niece, she was so happy. Small children could dispel any sort of tension and spread happiness everywhere. Next day they went to the KEM hospital in Mumbai. All sorts of people from different corners of the country come here for treatment. The hospital was known for providing quality treatment at affordable prices. There were many buildings inside the complex, so they asked a security guard about the blood research institute and he guided them properly. Upon reaching that building they found out that it was on the 11th floor.

Taking the stairs was ruled out. They reached the place where the lifts were there but unfortunately on that day out of the four lifts only one was working and there was a mad rush of people waiting to get in. Anybody who has the experience of traveling in Mumbai local trains can relate to this experience. Finally when the lift came down the seventh time, they were able to make their way in to it. They reached the research institute. They were asked to wait in the reception area and 10 minutes later they were called inside to meet Dr.Shetty. She was a good looking woman, with a wheatish complexion. She spoke to Prakruti and her sister and said that only a detailed investigation of the blood will tell them the cause of the problem. After giving the blood sample there they came out of the building and went to a hotel. They both were ravenous. They ordered dosa and coffee. After having it they went for some shopping. Her sisters funda was when you are tense do some shopping.

The reports came a good four days later. Dr.Shetty told them that Prakruti had factor 11 deficiency in the blood due to which she was haemophilic. It was a rare genetic disorder which was found only in males but one in a million females had the chance of getting this disorder. Prakruti couldn't help but smile as here also she was one in a million. She also said that with experienced doctors and guidance of a hematologist Prakruti's surgery could be done. So finally one month after constant visits to the doctor and consulting various specialists the surgery was scheduled. The doctors had done plasma transfer before the surgery as it would help in reducing the clotting time. When it came to around 32 seconds the doctor decided to operate her. A laproscopic surgery was thought to be the best solution as it would mean fewer cuts and the chances of heavy bleeding could be minimised. 

On the day of the surgery Prakruti saw a doctor speaking to her. He gave her an injection and she started feeling sleepy. She reached the operation theatre and that's all. She couldn't remember anything after that. She woke up when somebody was pulling her away. Forcing her to go with them. She couldn't make out who it was. She was resisting it as she didn't know who was pulling her. And then suddenly her eyes opened. Her nephew was there seeing her and smiling. It was like he had pulled her away from this force. What had she experienced just now? Was she dead? Had she had the after death experience and come back?

Well these questions will remain unanswered. Today, Prakruti is fine and healthy, but whenever she recalls this incident it gives her goosebumps. It was her Verve to survive, the love and care of her people and friends and a team of excellent doctors which had helped her to overcome this terrible situation.

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