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His shop was a source of exuberance before the birth of the new read more

3     16.2K    117    211

Everything under a three hundred metre radius burst into flames and a strong tremor read more

7     6.5K    101    212

Blue Eyes
© Micah Nath

Crime Thriller +1

Sarah was a young Sergeant specialised in homicide investigations. She was athletic read more

20     19.2K    227    204

© Akhila Vangara

Thriller Tragedy

A dark story of a girl who finds herself in a place she doesn't know anything read more

4     16.2K    196    282

The little life that is breathing in your hands is a fragment of me as well, so it read more

7     1.7K    93    213

© Janhavi Khatri

Fantasy Tragedy

this is my first try at a story this long,like if you enjoy reading it and criticism read more

20     2.0K    71    190

Stranger Son
© Iron Man

Inspirational Tragedy

A heart warming story of a stranger who provides a shoulder to lean on for an read more

2     11.0K    136    150

© Sebin John

Tragedy Abstract

The poem shows a person with a lot of pain that others don't read more

2     335    27    232

And so every night when the clock struck 12, hundreds of thousands would fall into read more

7     296    18    236

I saw a woman crying in one corner of the ward. I could see myself in read more

11     246    10    241

A heartwrenching tale of how a simple birthday celebration turned into a tragic read more

6     332    2    247

It was almost difficult to say what damaged him more; his step-father’s beatings or read more

9     963    58    291

We wish for darkness to prevail, We wish for zemblanity To greet us like an read more

3     319    55    264

With Or Without You
© Richa Saxena

Abstract Tragedy +1

This story is a tribute to all the women who have suffered from an acid attack or read more

9     232    31    158

Her spell made me break out of my cocoon and I took a firm decision to open my heart read more

4     20.6K    251    279

After the Nirbhaya case, we all expected to see women feeling safe. But the read more

2     18.8K    198    371

In Your Heart
© Jisha Rajesh

Abstract Tragedy

The story shows that a friend meets with an accident on the way to meet another read more

3     162    6    169

He just kept staring at the ceiling. At that moment, I sensed that something was read more

8     20.1K    243    461

The story is about two homosexual guys who fall in love with each other and are read more

29     327    39    295

“I’ve finally avenged your death, dear one…!” he said as he looked at the photo with read more

12     14.7K    129    471

The writer delves into the issue of farmers' distress which is causing them to read more

4     255    0    319

She was expecting to hear the breathing of her son, but she couldn’t grasp it. Her read more

15     1.4K    26    615

© Kumud Dhankhar

Crime Tragedy

One dream, one impulse, can change your read more

9     13.4K    96    478

The poem shows a widow falling in love with her husbands best friend, but afraid to read more

2     360    51    341

© Arvind Harish

Tragedy Drama

The Story depicts and states the fact that how short and unpredictable life can read more

3     340    52    342

She had never imagined that simple fingers could give one so much read more

5     18.4K    196    372

The clock struck 12, it was midnight. She realized she had lost track of time. read more

10     651    65    260

Accepted… -a very innocent voice had not only reminded him about the days of his read more

5     1.2K    58    382

She would shatter completely, my absence would affect her but at least she would not read more

11     378    46    430

She had gulped down her fourth coffee in the last two hours, waiting for him. Yet read more

11     586    20    439