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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

The Water War Episode 1

The Water War Episode 1

6 mins 193 6 mins 193

The year is 2071. People have continued to wastewater for fifty long years. Now, humanity is left with only a few water resources. The underground water of the earth has almost diminished. Now, the wealth is counted no more on the basis of gold but on the basis of water a nation has. People are dying of thirst. Everyone is now working harder and harder just to buy some water to drink. Such has become the pathetic condition of humanity and earth.

I (Deep) loaded my gun and said to Akshit (my friend), “I heard that Mr Gujral has stored sufficient water in the underground tank of his house.” 

Akshit replied, “Yes, it is true.”

I asked him, “How much water is left for us in our house?”

“Just for two days.”

“Hmm… I asked Mr Gujral to give about 20 litres of water to me in exchange of gold worth Rs. one lakh but he turned down my offer saying he himself had no water. He bluntly refused me of having any water.”

“Deep, he is lying. Yesterday, one of my men saw him taking out a bucket of water from his underground water tank.”

“If he is not even ready to give some water for the exchange of gold, then we have to take his water by force.”

“Yes, we want to live. We want our families to live. We have no other way out.” He loaded his gun too. 

At night at about ten p.m. I knocked at the door of Mr Gujral. Akshit was standing by my side with his gun loaded. Our vehicle specially made for collecting water with a water tank made on it was placed just right at the door of his house.

He asked, “Who’s it? So late at night?”

Akshit said, “I am just a passerby. My bike fell flat and I forgot my mobile phone at home. I just need to make a call. Can you help me?”

No sooner did he open the door than I kicked on his chest and he was down on the white gleaming floor. Akshit chuckled.

I said, “I was ready to give you gold worth Rs. one lakh just for twenty litres of water and still, you lied to me you didn’t have any water. Now, I will check out myself if you have water or not? And I will take all of it without giving you a penny.”

Mr Gujral began to cry, “Hey, for God’s sake, don’t do it. If you take all the water I have then my wife and my only son will die of thirst!”

I blurted out, “I too have my family. I also have a wife. I also have kids in my home waiting for me to bring some water for them. I was also giving you gold for the water.”

“Please try to understand. How could I take your gold in exchange for the water I had. Because it’s the only water that can save my family’s life. They can’t drink gold and quench their thirst.”

“Now, please, you try to understand. To save my family’s life, I have to rob you of your water.”

Mr Gujral’s wife and his only kid heard the cries of him and they also came out before. They began to cry aloud too, “Please don’t take our water. It’s the only water we have. We have saved it very hard. Please show some mercy.”

I pointed my gun at the forehead of Mr Gujral. His wife was freaking out, “Please don’t do it. Have some mercy on this little kid.” I ignored them completely and said to Akshit to pull out the pipe from the vehicle outside and put it in the underground water tank of this house. Soon, Akshit implemented my instructions and ignited the engine of our vehicle. The pipe began to suck the water as fast as possible. As the water level of the underground tank was going down, our smiles were growing bigger and the screams of Gujral family turned louder.

Within five minutes all the water was sucked up in the vehicle. Due to the overwhelming tension, Mr Gujral became silent as a dead rock and his wife and child fainted. I and Akshit were back in our vehicle and disappeared in a wink of an eye.

The next morning, Mr Gujral and his family came back to their senses. They composed themselves. The first thing they did was to go to the police station and file their complaint against me.

Mr Gujral said to the station house officer of their area, “Sir, my water has been stolen yesterday night. I knew the name of the criminals. I can explain each and every detail of this unfateful incident. Sir, please bust those criminals as soon as possible.”

S.H.O. (Station House Officer) said, “You know what Mr Gujral, yesterday one hundred such robberies had already been committed and your case number is now one hundred and one. I think we should try to solve the first case as per the principles. I hope your number will come soon.”

Mr Gujral freaked out, “But sir, we want our water back. We will die of thirst. It’s not gold that was stolen that we could wait for months to get the gold back. It’s water. And the water has become much more expensive. We can’t afford to buy water.”

S.H.O. said in a calm voice, “See, it has become the problem of one and all. What do you think? The hundred persons who came before you and registered their complaints with us, can they afford water? They also can’t afford a single litre of water. People are dying daily either of thirst or by consuming impure water. What we can do for you is to register your complaint and try to sort it out as soon as possible. And Mr Gujral, for your life and for your family’s life, only you are responsible, not me. I hope you understand.”

“But sir...”

S.H.O. intervened, “Okay, now please go to Shambhu and register your complaint.”

“Okay, sir.”

After three days

I and Akshit were sitting on the sofa in my house. Right before our eyes, a news anchor was showing us sizzling news as usual.

Akshit said to me, “Deep, we did the right thing to join our hands and form a separate gang of ours.”

I replied, “Yes, true. Because now everyone needs water and one can’t get it alone. One needs some power to snatch water from others. Obviously, the majority of people can’t buy it.”

Akshit said anxiously, “Now, like us many gangs have been formed to loot the people of water. Now, I think the era of gangs is going to begin soon.”

“Yes, you are right. We have to make ourselves stronger if we can. We have to save our families somehow.”


News flashed on LED tv, “One more tragedy has occurred in our area. Mr Gujral and his family found died of thirst today’s morning. The number of deaths due to the scarcity of water has been on the increase. The crime rate of water theft is infinite in our country. The government should take immediate steps to sort out this problem else the whole country will die of starvation.”

I said to Akshit, “See, now Mr Gujral has died because we were a gang and he was alone. Means we were strong and he was weak. Soon the time is going to come when the strong gang will live and the weak will die. So Akshit, get ready we need to be stronger.”

To be continued...

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