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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Crime


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Horror Action Crime

The Smart Women

The Smart Women

7 mins 99 7 mins 99

 The Police closed the file for lack of evidence against the homicide. But there was a whisper through and through. People said," It is the result of graft for which the case was postponed. Nonetheless, at the time of liquidate, an authoritarian police officer was in charge of the police station. The parents of the dude were not satisfied with the verdict. They wanted to move to the higher court against the decision of the lower court. In the charge sheet they claimed their son was illegally killed by the woman who was a married person.

      It was an incredible incident. In reference to the dude Biswajit, He was the nephew of Saudamini who asserted honour from him as she was higher in age to him. In this respect, it was unbelievable that there would have been an illicit connection between the two.

   Biswajit was a pathologist in the sub-divisional hospital. His take home salary was satisfactory enough to get along with himself  secondly, his father got pension regularly. He demanded not a pie from him as a result, he became spend thrift.  

   His uncle Siddharth, belonged the same N. A. C. in another ward. He was a T. V. mechanic and had a TV parts shop. With the small earnings it was difficult for him to run the family singularly Saudamini.  She claimed to be most good looking in the vicinity. She spent large part of his earnings in face pack, because of this, he had to borrow towards the last part of the month.  

     The arrival of Biswajit in his residence was a golden opportunity for Saudamini, as the dude was familiar in the domain for his extravagance. She took advantage of his looseness as he became a hunt to her beauty. They were so close to eachother that one could not live without the other. Everyday Biswajit made his attendance there and took a list of articles and bought those for her. Fearlessly, they went merry go round without caring her mother-in-law. Siddharth found out their proximity but never opened his mouth in objection.  Preferably, he felt relax for not. borrowing at the end of the month.  

     People distrusted their intimacy and protested to it. His parents learnt about it and decided to choose a good looking bride for him. Biswajit had nothing to tell against this and married a spinster of his choice. Here and now,he stopped attending Saudamini. She was afraid of the big fish

 slipped away from her grip.

  She sent message of her illness and wanted him to come upon once to see her. But he didn't respond.  Concurrently, all her attempts proved fruitless, misunderstanding, between the couple as regards the previous beloved of his wife created the worst havoc which affected acutely their relationship and favourable wind blew to re establish the connection between Saudamini and This time they promised not any time break the relationship.  

       Not couple but living like couple was severely criticized by the people of the periphery, in front of her younger brother Nilu.  Instantly, he turned up and asked her the truth. She only laughed and made him believe what she said. But he didn't believe his sister when he heard from her mother-in-law, the physical intimacy she had witnessed , between. the agnate. He craved on Biswajit. One day they were front to front.

   Nilu interrogated him," what business do you get here ? There is my brother -in-law Siddharth to look after my sister. Being a married person spend time with your wife. It will be better for you. It is my final warning to you. If you appear here again you will be responsible for the consequences. "

       Biswajit didn't answer anything but didn't care him. In the acute stage Nilu smacked him afore Saudamini to which she did not protest and told him to forget it.  This created confusion in his mind towards Saudamini.  


  She said solemnly,"It is just a test not threat howmuch you love me. "

     With these soft words Biswajit let slip the smacks.

    Over and over, his family  affiliation hampered just as soon as Biswajit gave first priority to Saudamini and her family.  

   Pressure from surrounding mounted on Saudamini to cut off connection with Biswajit. But he paid no heed to it. There was a dispute between father and son as to his regular visit to Siddharth 's house. Nonetheless, she was impassioned to Saudamini.

     At this moment, she didn't want him to have an attachment to him as she took fancy to avoid him as she was in search of a new hunt and make the family bond strong. At his arrival she did not show interest. Intentionally, she dissimulated to be busy in the house hold exertions. Even she didn't offer him a cup of tea. She tried as hard as she could to keep away from her to catch up with him but he didn't take it gravely.  

   By and by, situation flattered grave for her. In every step, she had to face her fellow beings. She was opposed from all around. Quarrel broke with Siddharth who, not any time objected to her free mixing with Biswajit. In such a state of affairs, she conspired with Nilu to get rid of Biswajit out of her life.  


 In the first attempt, she tempted him to spend the nights in her residence with the knowledge of Siddharth so that, there would be controversy, between the doublets which would compel him to quit to attend frequently to. Siddharth's residence. But they failed to succeed in this venture. Succeedingly, they put pressure in upper level for his transfer, but again failed. After all their attempts failed they decided for the ultimate. One day, Nilu, physically tortured him and threatened to put an end to this drama if he repeatedly over took the process.  How ever, he accepted the challenge.  

     In the obscure ness when he was pounced by a gang of typos and gave in to them.

    Night passed and day broke but Biswajit was found out no where. The worried father foraged here and there but could not trace out his son. Atlast he lodged an F. I. R. in the police station. First of all,the police supposed it to be a suicide. They moved in that direction. They debated if it was a case of suicide why did he not prefer the well back to his home which was full of water but a parched one for the motive. The second thing, when he was brought off the well there was no injury found any where in his body except his throat which had swollen which they thought was pushed down for his last breath.

    Homicide of Biswajit got ninety nine percent marks.

 In order to get a clue they buffed and combed thoroughly but failed for want of a hint. At length they deployed the tyke dog. The dog made straight way to Siddharth' s house and barked at Saudamini and Nilu. They took them to the police station. to interrogate. When Saudamini was cross questioned she laughed and replied," Yes, I know Biswajit. He is my nephew. He comes to our residence occasionally. He is a good dude. But why do you ask me about him? I am really sorry for his un time death. It is irrepaairable loss to his family especially to his wife who was newly married. Her sympathy surprised the police. In spite of third degree the truth did not come out.

    Nilu also denied any relationship with him. They tried many means like narco test, matching the finger prints etc. All these led them to arrest the kin folks to the lock up could not probe landers for hanging or life term punishment. The case did away with in the initial stage.  The house owner nearest the spot of murder acknowledged that he had seen the killers. But he didn't help the police for fear of risk. . He says, "They are moving freely and fearlessly without anybody to ask them anything related to the liquidation" Saudamini handled the investigation tactfully.  People say the immediate authority was pressurized from the upper level to leave the case in the half way. It hid under the red tape. Nonetheless, the neighbours non cooparated the mischievous ones. It was more than a meticulous punishment. They led an isolated life for ever.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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