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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Drama Classics Others


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Drama Classics Others

The Rebellion

The Rebellion

22 mins 235 22 mins 235

An Untold history

When, consciously or unconsciously, we use something to escape from ourselves, we become addicted to it. To depend on a person, a poem, or what you will, as a means of release from our worries and anxieties, though momentarily enriching, only creates further conflict and contradiction in our lives.



6 MARCH 2006:

6:30 PM:

Around 6:30 PM in the early morning, amidst of the early rising clouds, a ritual has been held in the footsteps of the Ganges, which is flowing steeply with larger amount of waters. The river have been surrounded by three to four boats, in which a few fisherman is searching for fishes, that are swimming inside the river. The Gharial Crocodiles are resting in the banks of the Ganges river, to the left side of it's bank.

Sitting some few meters away from the fire, a 25-year old young man, in white dhoti, with some sort of god fears in his mind, is seen chanting the slogan of "Gayathri Mantra." He have closed his eyes and have held his hand, in the lap, praying to Lord Shiva. Five minutes later, he wears his dresses and starts to move from the temple.

While going, the man gets a call from someone, whom he knows well. As he attended the call, that man asked him: "Hey Arjun. Where are you my son?"

"I have just now, completed my rituals and chanting dad. What happened? Is there any problem?" asked Arjun.

"Your grandfather suffered sudden breathing problems da. He himself have realized that, he is about to die. Before dying, he wanted to talk with you it seems." Arjun's father said, to which he agreed.

Arjun walks towards his house, through a Street road, thinking about his dreams of joining Indian Army. He is waiting for the postings, as he have finished his training.

"My father Ram is a retired RTO officer. Like my grandpa, he too lead a honest and ethical lifestyle. Following their footsteps and ideologies, I wished to join Indian Army against my dad's wish, though my grandpa praised and agreed to my decisions. My elder brother Gautham is a renowned and prolific novelist, mostly known for his off-beat works." Arjun have been reminding these things, which he have written in a diary.

He enters inside his house, surrounded by a big banyan tree on the left side and rejoiced with beautiful flowers and roses on the right sides. While a security have been sitting in the corner of their gate in the house. As Arjun enters into the gate, the security opens the door and salutes him.

He goes inside the house and reaches to the right side of the house, where his father is sitting in a chair, reading The Hindu news lines. He is a 58-year old man, with his white hairs, weakened eyes and a steel-rimmed spectacles. As Arjun enters inside, he stands up and asked, "Was the morning prayer over Arjun?"

"Yes dad. It's over. Where is Gautham?"

"He is inside the house only, reading Bhagavad Gita" said Ram, to which Arjun's eyes goes down. He goes inside the house to meet Gautham in his room. However, as he went inside, he sees the board, "Not to disturb for one and a half hours." Arjun henceforth, moves towards his grandfather's room.

Gautham is one of the prolific novelist. He have written multiples of works, that focused on multiples of issues and problems, happening in and around the world. Further, as he is unable to prepare for the historical fiction, which he is wishing to write so many days, he decides to know about his grandfather's life history and is waiting for his recovery.

As Arjun goes inside the dark room of his grandpa, supported by the family doctor Anil Deshmukh, they switched on the lights, after which Lakshmanan opened his eyes.

"Are you feeling okay now, grandpa?" asked Arjun.

"When you are there with me, I am always feeling okay Arjun." Lakshmanan said and struggled to breath.

"Sir. He shouldn't strain much. Since, sedations have been given" said the Doctor, to which Arjun agreed to and asked his grandfather to take rest, without straining.


Two hours later, Lakshmanan's family doctor said to Arjun, "I doesn't know much about your family, except the fact that: 'Your grandfather served in the Army, that was found by Sir. N. Subash Chandra Bose.' Is there any other life history of your grandfather? I am eager to hear about it."

"It's there sir" said Gautham, who was just hearing about the questions, that was raised by the doctor. He starts to tell about the life of his grandfather Lakshmanan. While Gautham tells his life story, Lakshmanan in his death bed, relives it.




Now, we have several districts like Erode, Karur, Trichy, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Dindugal and Tirunelveli. But, during those days these districts were comprised as: Madras Presidency classified as: Chera dynasty, Chola dynasty and Pandiya dynasty.

Though Mughal empires and Delhi sultanate ruled our country, their life span was left short, after British Raj entered into India, through the image of East India Company, during Jahangir's rule.

Lakshmanan's father Krishnaiya Sastry was a strict man, who supported British Raj, getting educated in their schools and speaking English. Lakshmanan was the third son among the family. He have an elder sister, Roshini and elder brother: Vatsan. He was born on 19 September 1914. His mother died, due to the pregnancy complications.

As a child, Lakshmanan was influenced by the ideologies of Bharathiyar, Subash Chandra Bose, epic books like Ramayana and Mahabharata respectively. He took up prayers, learnt mantras and learned Bhagavad Gita through his elder brother Vatsan. Additionally, Lakshmanan witnessed the atrocities of British officials and developed a deep hatred against them, especially for their works in converting the people by hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus.




Few years later during 1942's, Lakshmanan and his family have shifted to Aurangabad street of Maharashtra. He have been working as a Tamil Professor in Maharashtra Government College. As per his family's tradition and wish, Lakshmanan got married to his girlfriend Keerthi.

Keerthi was working as a Geography teacher in the same college. She is pretty cute, gorgeous belle and beautiful woman, who loves to be in a joint family. Unlike Lakshmanan, she hails from an orthodox Brahmin community of Maharashtra. Her father have been a strict man, known for following good philosophies and right principles.

Keerthi have been living happily with Lakshmanan, sharing closed bond with him. Along with a Muslim friend Muhammad Irfan Khan, Lakshmanan have been serving in the Indian Army as Major, due to their Kalaripayattu skills.

Irfan is a secularist, seeing all Indians as his brothers and sisters. Additionally, Irfan believes that: "Equality is important for a country's well-being and prosperity." Both are influenced from the patriotic ideologies of Nethaji. Initially, Lakshmanan have thought that, some British officials are good and loving. But, are left devastated to find them as traitors.

Still, they have to work because, they are to earn money for their family's well-being.



On 1 September 1942, Nethaji returned to India, having met Adolf Hitler in Germany, to discuss about India's independence from British. He formed Indian National Army.

Lakshmanan and Muhammad Irfan Khan met Subash Chandra Bose during the period. Subash asked the two, "Who are you two man?"

"Sir. I am Lakshmanan. A Tamilian, hailing from B.P.Agraharam of Erode. He is my friend Irfan Khan, from Maharashtra. We wish to join forces with you against the British." Seeing their body gestures and weight, Nethaji refuses to include them in the Army.

But, impressed with the martial arts skills of the two, Nethaji eventually includes them in the revolt against the Britishers. Feeling happier, the two seeks the blessings of Nethaji, who tells them: "During these periods, you cannot see your family members nor could talk with them. What about this? I mean your decision."

Thinking about the question, the guys replied: "Sir. One last time, we are wishing to see our family and give a guarantee." Irfan Khan's wife Zareena Khan refuses to allow her husband to go for the Rebellion. While, Keerthi agrees to let her husband for the freedom fight mission.


4 FEBRUARY-13 MAY 1945:

Nethaji, Lakshmanan and Irfan fought for the Battle of Pakokku(Second World War) and Irrawaddy river operations, that was held between British officials and Imperial Japanese Army, aiding the Japanese. However, during the years of 1944 and 1942's, as Nethaji's Army did several operations and plans against the British, situations worsened. Since, British officials were keen to catch Nethaji, Lakshmanan and Irfan Khan.

They escapes multiple times, aiding the support of Nazi Germany and Japanese. However, as Adolf Hitler changed his plans and moved his army to Russia, the Britain Prime Minister Wintson Churcil, who was residing in a ship far away of 250 km, fearing Hitler, joined hands with USA.

He defeated Germany and an atomic bomb was thrown in Hiroshima-Nagasakhi in the year 1945, joining with Dictator Joseph Stalin. This caused fear and huge threat for Nethaji and his army.

Concerned about the welfare of his Army, Nethaji addressed to his Army men: "I still more believe this quote: "Glory to India. Unity, Agreement and Sacrifice is our three-tier policy. But, we have to protect ourselves in order to get freedom for our country. Let's feel elated for the freedom of India. Jai Hind!"

"Nethaji. We won't leave you. As you are the soul for us. If we leave you, who is there for us to guide?" asked Irfan Khan.

"Life is full of battles. We have to stand the way and fight the ground. Because everyone is a masterpiece. If you believe my decision is for good, then leave from me. Because, atleast a few people should be left as a legacy to fight for our country's welfare." Nethaji said. Respecting the words of Nethaji and realizing his greatness, his army leaves along with Irfan Khan and Lakshmanan.

On 18 August 1945, Nethaji reportedly died in an air crash and suffered third-degree burns. However, many among his supporters, especially in Bengal, refused at the time, and have refused since, to believe either the fact or the circumstances of his death. And Lakshmanan suspected some mystery behind Nethaji's death. Since, he knew very well that, "Nethaji is a skilled martial arts fighter."


7 MARCH 2006:

6:20 PM:

At present, Lakshmanan's health condition worsens. Not only struggling to breath. But he further, vomits blood. Panick-strickened his son Ram and the grandsons, takes him in their car to the hospitals.

While going on the way to hospitals, they are stopped by the police.

"Where are you going at this time sir?" asked a CRPF officer.

"Sir. My grandfather is ill sir. Taking him to the hospitals" said Arjun.

"What's that issue man? Who are they?" asked a police man named Ankit Surana, who is wearing a helmet, clearing the issues.

The police man comes to the car and tells, "Sir. Muslim terrorists from unknown organization have blasted the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple and Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station. That's why we are being alerted. I will take you safely to the underground shelter for your safety. Until the situation becomes clear, you stay here sir." The officer said, after leaving them in the underground shelter.

"Oh Rama! Even now these events are prevailing in our country?" After hearing the shocking news from the CRPF Soldier, Lakshmanan said this statement to which Ram said, "Yes" with a heavy heart. As he is in the underground, Lakshmana reminsces about how his life took a turn after Nethaji's death many decades ago.


After his death and following his cremation, Lakshmanan realized that, "Violence cannot pacify the solution for the freedom of India." Henceforth, he eventually followed the idealistic ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and joined Indian National Congress, taking part in Quit India Movement, that was organized by Mahatma Gandhi.

His sudden change to ahimsa and non-violence surprised Keerthi and the family. Keerthi is pregnant with Lakshmanan's child. She still now, encourages him to fight for the welfare of India. Initially, Gandhiji didn't believe that Lakshmanan is taking up non-violence path. Even his friends Ravindran Sastry and Muhammad Irfan Khan didn't believe the same. When he resists the beatings of Britishers during the protests, all believed his faith for the country and starts to support him.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and the then renowned freedom fighter approached Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Iron Man of India, who resolved the Hazrad Nizamuddi Issue by sending the Army.

"Yes Nehru ji. Have came suddenly to meet me in this place" said Patel.

"Patel ji. I have came to meet you for speaking about the release of Irfan Khan, Lakshmanan and Ravindran Sastry from the clutches of British rulers." Nehru said to which, Sardar Vallabhai Patel said, "I will do as per Gandhi-Irvin pact agreement, ji. British rulers have agreed to release the three, as per the agreement."

Nehru feels happier and was appreciative of Vallabhai Patel's immediate action.

10 AUGUST 1946:

In the year 1946, Lakshmanan meets his wife Keerthi in Maharashtra, so that he could see their one-year old baby. In the house, Lakshmanan' family asked him, "Lakshmana. He is looking exactly like you, right?"

"Not like me ma. He is reminding me of my mentor Nethaji" said Lakshmanan.

"What name can we give to him?" asked Lakshmanan's father to which, Lakshmanan said, "Ram Nethaji."

They all feels glad to hear the name and during the baby shower function, freedom fighters- Gandhiji, Nehru, K.Kamaraj, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Rajagopalachari, C.Subramaniam and Sardar Vallabhai Patel too pays a visit. The people calls the name "Ram Nethaji" in the ears of the child.

However, problems take into different form. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the head of Muslim people and a prominent freedom fighter demanded for the partition of India, wishing to form Pakistan territory. But, Gandhiji doesn't wish for the partition and wishes to be united. Jinnah is stubborn.

Even Irfan Khan and Lakshmanan tried to convince Jinnah. But, he is not ready to co-operate as well as hear their point of view. As a result of this, many Indian Muslims plan to move to Pakistan, except Irfan Khan.

During the time, Lakshmanan realized that "there are several political issues and conflicts within the country, due to small ego clashes and differences, that creates a great impact as a result." He further realized the game of British officials in the conflicts.

For Britishers, "they need Hindus-Muslims to fight forever and henceforth, have cheated Gandhi that, Jinnah have been asking Pakistan. Actually, Jinnah wanted to get the postings of Prime Minister."

Even when Gandhi told that, "He would give the Prime Minister posting for Jinnah, he refused and is stubborn in his decision." This greatly affected Gandhi and Nehru too had some conflicts with Gandhi during the course of time.



Six days later on 16 August 1946, a nationwide communal riots is held by Muslims in Calcutta. Lakshmanan and Ravindran Sastry went to Calcutta so that, Ravindran could meet his wife Aravindha and a 4-year old son Abhinav despite the unfavorable situation in the state, at that time.

Since muslims were indulging in killings and brutal murders, Ravindran and Lakshmanan have to go without making any noise. They reaches the house of Aravindha. Outside the road, there were brawls, stabbing, throwing of stones and brickbats.

In the outside place to get some foods and basic needs, Ravindran saves a Sikh girl from the hands of a Muslim gang, who tried to assault her sexually. When Lakshmanan returned to Ravindran's house, who have not yet returned, he finds a group of Muslims entering the house. The gang brutally murder Aravindha, after raping and assaulting her sexually.

Unable to control his anger and frustration to the cruelty and merciless attitude of Muslims, Lakshmanan unseathes a nearby sword, with which, he severely beheads the Muslim gangs and buried them in a nearby sands. Ravindran is heartbroken upon hearing the death of his wife. Thanks to Lakshmanan, he have saved the 4-year old son from the clutches of Muslims.


Years later on 15th August 1947, India and Pakistan was formed. Many leaders regretted and repented for the partition, including Lakshmanan, Gandhi and Irfan Khan.

Though Indian Muslims are leaving the country, Irfan stays back as he doesn't want to live under Sharia Law.

After the independence, Lakshmanan joins Indian Army and spends an year for the training. In between the period of time, he meets his wife Keerthi and the family, as he is granted a leave terms and goes to Maharashtra.

When spending some qualitative time with Keerthi, Lakshmanan asked her: "Keerthi. Why didn't you oppose or raise questions about what I am doing is right or wrong?"

"Faith. Since, I had immense trust and faith in your actions, Lakshmanan. Your actions would be having a justice. You know? My family actually supported Gandhism ideologies. But, I didn't reveal it, as you was part of Nethaji's Army, that time. Now, I unveil this as, I know you supports him." Hearing this, Lakshmanan reveals his frustration about non-violence by telling, "My friend Ravindran lost his wife during the communal riots in Calcutta, Keerthi. Even after these riots, how could we follow non-violence and forgive them? Gandhiji is telling that, 'they are like our brothers and sisters.' Then who are we?"

Keerthi is unable to answer his questions. She however feels pitier about Ravindran and tells, "Don't worry Lakshmanan. Life is having full of battles. We should face positive as well as negative parts of our life. Be strong and be bold. As, it is your biggest strength."

During a trip to Mahabaleshwar with Irfan Khan, Lakshmanan notices a disguised Madhanlal Parchure, who is the former member of RSS.

Surprised, Irfan goes to see Madhanlal and asked, "Are you the RSS member Madhanlal?"

"Yes." Madhanlal said and asked both Irfan and Lakshmanan to come along with him. He introduced the dethroned Maharaja of Maharashtra, Lakshmanan's old friend Ravindran(who lost his wife in the riots), Ramakrishnan Sastry, Digambar Badge, Dattatraya Parchure, Vishnu Karkare and Gopal Godse. Meeting Ravindran, Lakshmanan realized that, "He is still more not recovered from Aravindha's death."

Gopal Godse said to Lakshmanan, "Lakshmanan. Gandhiji is solely responsible for every misery and mishaps, that have happened in our country, including the partition of India."

Angry with this statement against Gandhiji, Irfan and Lakshmanan shouts at him and tells, "He is Mahatma of our country. How could you speak so da?"

"Mahatma. Do you know the meaning of Mahatma? It means greatness. Is he great? Tell! When our own people was raped and murdered by Muslims, he told that, 'Muslims shouldn't be harmed. Because, they are like our siblings, etc.' Then, who are we?" Shankar asked to Lakshmanan, sharing at Irfan Khan, who feels remorseful for the actions of Muslims.

However feeling pity of Irfan Khan and impressed with his goodness, Digambar stated: "We are not angry with all Muslims. But, for the particular group of Jinnah, who have done this atrocity. You all think, Nethaji died in Air crash. But, you don't know the exact happenings. We learned it by investigating, with the help of RSS."

Nethaji was indeed alive and escaped to Russia, from where he called Nehru and told his escapade. Nehru instead of informing to Gandhi or other people, reported this to British officials and handed him over to them.

Gandhiji remained quite, without reacting to this so that India would get freedom from the clutches of British. Learning this, Lakshmanan is furious and decides to join hands with the group, so that they could kill Gandhi.

But, he have joined the militant group unwittingly. Due to a horse-riding accident in a competition, Shankar is left quadriplegic and in his bed, he asked Lakshmanan: "Lakshmanan. Along with Irfan, you have to carry on the work of killing Gandhi. Will you do it by occupying my position?"

After thinking for a while, reminding the betrayal for Nethaji and Hindus by Gandhi, he promises to take care of the assassination of Gandhi. However, Irfan becomes furious with the decision of Lakshmanan to kill Gandhi and leaves him, having differences. Since, he have now turned as a non-violent and loving person, following the Gandhian principles and philosophy, though he knows Gandhi as a traitor. Because, his ideas were good and necessary thing for each and every human beings.

Despite meeting his wife Keerthi and the family, Lakshmanan is stubborn and have made up the mind to assassinate Gandhi.

He leaves home for Varanasi and goes to Bharat Mata Mandir, where he goes through a purification ritual. Then, he heads for Delhi, where he meets another fundamentalist Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist from Pune as well as a former member of RSS. He too is from a Brahmin family. When the police arrive to question Godse, a paranoid Lakshmanan hides his gun in a nearby truck. Later on, Lakshmanan goes to the soda factory in Faridabad, where the truck was heading to.

In Faridabad, Lakshmanan is united with Irfan who takes him to the soda factory. He meets Irfan's wife Zareena and their children, hiding in the factory along with several other Muslims. Surprised and shocked with this, Lakshmanan asked to Irfan: "Why are you all hiding in this place da? Actually, what happened?"

"We feared for the curfew of Hindu attacks da, Lakshmanan. That's why we are in this place." Irfan said, after which Lakshmanan said that, "He have actually came here to get a gun, which he have lost in the truck." Some of the Muslims discovers this and suspects that, "He might be out to attack them." As a result of this, a series of fight ensues in and around the place.

Irfan and Lakshmanan escapes along with Zareena and his children. They hides in an underground place of the factory. There, Irfan asked to Lakshmanan, "Are you to kill us da?"

"No Irfan. Not to kill you. But, to assassinate Gandhi with the gun. That's why I came to take this gun" said Lakshmanan.

Irfan becomes shocked. Concerned about Keerthi's life and his friend's welfare, he tries to convince his friend to not do it. Further, Irfan reveals that, "His father wasn't dead due to natural causes, but was killed by a Hindu mob."

Just then, the groups are cornered by a Hindu mob who try to kill Irfan, but he is saved by Lakshmanan. Irfan is struck on the back of the head and Ram takes him back to the soda factory. Together, they then help protect the Muslims hiding in the soda factory until the authorities arrive to control the situation. Irfan is shot in the leg.

Irfan is fatally injured and is questioned by a police officer: "Who started this violence? Tell me."

"Is he Devendran?" Another officer asked him. Devendran was the fake name, used by Lakshmanan during the stay in hotel.

To save his friend, Irfan lies stating: "I have never seen that man before. All that I know is my brother Lakshmanan, who have saved my life, despite everything." Irfan dies holding the hands of Lakshmanan.

Subsequently, Lakshmanan runs into his father-in-law and his friend, who are there to meet Gandhi during his prayer time. During the prayer time, one of Gandhi's students tells to him: "Ji. This is the guy Lakshmanan. He have saved the innocent Muslims from the clutches of our Hindu mobs."

Gandhi walks inside the prayer hall. At that time, he tells to his student: "My dear student. I wanted to see Lakshmanan at once. I wish to invite Lakshmanan for my long walk to Pakistan." Lakshmanan ultimately changes his mind about Gandhian Principles. Because it's all about non-violence and ahimsa. Though Gandhi have been quite bad, he have teached some good things, that is still useful for the human beings and the other world nations. He decides against assassinating the leader, and attempts to confess the truth to him in order to beg for forgiveness. However, it is too late as Gandhi is eventually killed by Godse.

Filled with remorse for the act, Lakshmanan leaves back to Maharashtra, heartbroken. However, it's too late. Since, Gandhi's death reaches everywhere of India. This lead to Anti-Brahmin riots in Maharashtra.

Hindu mobs attacked Brahmins. They looted the valuable resources, threwed stones against the Brahmin, raped and murdered the people in the city. Concerned with the retaliation, Lakshmanan reaches his house at a nick of time. But, he sees few Hindu people, entering into his house. They brutally raped and killed his wife Keerthi, leaving behind Lakshmanan's son alone, due to the mercy of being a kid.

His loved one's death shattered Lakshmanan and he blames himself for the attacks. As a henceforth, Lakshmanan eventually shifts to Varanasi along with his son, after cremating Keerthi and his own parents.

As they are burning, Lakshmanan leaves the place after deducing that, sunset is about to occur. While going from Maharashtra, he sees the quote in a wall from Bhagavad Gita stating: "Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with Love, compassion, humility, and devotion."

Godse is arrested along with his six other accomplishes, with whom Lakshmanan was a part of the militant group. Nathuram Godse is hanged. While, Home Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel is blamed by the media and other personalities for failing to protect Gandhi during the assassination period. Even Nehru blames him. Disgusted and heartbroken, Patel eventually sends his letter of resignation, despite being convinced by so many leaders. Nehru eventually convinces him and he retains the position as the Home Minister, getting back the letter of resignation.

After the death of Gandhi, Lakshmanan starts to live under Gandhian Principles.


At present, since the tense situation starts to cool down in Varanasi, Lakshmanan whispers his last words to his grandsons Arjun and Gautham stating: "Grandsons. We have to live a life, that has some meaning. Freedom means not just roaming free in and around everywhere. It means we have freedom of speech, freedom to ask, freedom to write and freedom to walk. Make your life wonderful, grandsons."

Lakshmanan dies. While, the CRPF officer Ankit Surana tells to Arjun, "Sir. The situation has become normal. You can take your grandpa to the hospitals now!"

"It's of no use sir. Because my grandpa died." Gautham said crying. The CRPF officer feels bad and prays to God asking to, "Rest the soul of grandpa in peace." He leaves from the place, chanting "Vande Madharam."

During Lakshmanan's funeral, a TV news reporter states in a news channel stating, "Today's news. There were heavy bombings in Varanasi. 101- Injured and 28- Died. Sankat Monchan Hanuman Temple and Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station were targeted. Investigations are going on."

In another news report, Arjun sees the words of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemning the blasts. He has further appealed for calm.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh Yadav, claimed that UP Police killed one of the suspected Pakistani involved who turned out to be a resident of Madhya Pradesh, but he was part of the Lashkar-e Toiba Islamic group and police were on the lookout for him in the context of Delhi blasts of 2005. Gautham is shocked upon seeing this in the news.

Ram then wonders saying, "I am shocked that, these things are still prevalent in our country, even after these 59 years of independence."


Six months later, as Arjun wished, he joined Indian Army after taking proper training, without using the legacy of his family. While, Gautham's book "The Rebellion: An Untold History" that explained his grandfather's treasury and Indian History received critical acclaim from the Indian government, despite facing some controversies for the negative depiction of Mahatma Gandhi in some places of the novel. His book is now under the bestseller category.

Both of them dedicate their success to Lakshmanan and Ram respectively.

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