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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Avani Varma

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Avani Varma

Horror Tragedy Thriller

The Midnight Stroke

The Midnight Stroke

9 mins 557 9 mins 557

It was dawn in the school, seven high-school boys merely at 11th were hanging out at their secret hide-out. It was normal for them to usually skip the evening chores and just do timepass. But today was different, they had planned of something that was of the audacity of a courageous person. Yeah they were, but only together, even if one of them separated they felt empty. 

Jay: Hey, so who's gonna go there first? 

Han: Not me. 

Takeshi: Guess I'll go, Jimin you come along with me. 

Jimin: O-ok *sweats* 

Noah: Takeshi, don't you think he's a bit too scaredy squirrel. 

Jimin: Hey! I'm not. It's just that there's nothing like that vampire. 

Jin: Nah, I've heard quite nostalgic rumors about that rooftop. They say -

Jay: That when you enter it at 3, you can hear quite weird sounds coming from the moon and it seems as if it's pulling you towards itself.


Yoon: Jay your gone. Better run for your life. 

Noah: Ok.ok. Let's stop this and get into real adventure. 

Takeshi: So why don't you come with me. Others can be the witness if something happened to us.

Jimin: Takeshi, you're seriously so weird. Aren't you scared if it's true and something actually happens to you? 

Takeshi: Well, nope. 

They come to the decision that Takeshi and Noah will be going upstairs to the roof and will wait and see if something happens. While Jimin and Jay were given the job to predict and capture about whatever is happening to prove the school that the rumor is true or not. 

Noah: now what we just have to do is wait here?

Takeshi: Nope. I will go first, you come right by. *Noah nods* 

Takeshi tries to open the rooftop door but it remains still. Noah helps him too, and they open the door. 

Noah p.o.v

As it was quite dark here, all we could see was the fence and the brightly shining moon. Once I entered it I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Ignoring it I reached out to Takeshi.

Noah: I don't think we should do this. Look even the weather looks sick. 

Takeshi: Are you scared that the vampire thing will catch you? *chuckles* 

Takeshi was a boy who would take all these weird and horrific things playfully and as a challenge he would complete it. But little did he know...this habit of Takeshi could take his friends away from him. 

Noah: Hey look, there's nothing lol. 

Takeshi: Oh..yeah *discouraged* 

And when he turned around, the next thing he saw was --woooosh.

Takeshi: Noah!! Where are you? 

And the last thing he saw was he moon shining so bright that it almost blurred away his vision, he could only hear Noah's weak shriek.

Noah: Woah! Woah! Woah! I ---

And he landed on the floor which looked like it belonged to a hospital lobby. But the worst thing about it was that there was blood covered everywhere and flesh of what looked like a human's. 

Meanwhile, Takeshi went out to tell Jay and Jimin that Noah was screwed and the moon thing is real. 

Jay: What?! Well, didn't guess it was real...

Jimin: But what will we do now..? We can't leave our friend suffering like that! 

Takeshi: yeah we need to save him...but how will we do that ? 

Jay: Do you know how did he vanished was there any significance when he left?

Takeshi: Ummm, I could just hear his screams, but yeah I saw the moon shining extremely bright.

Jimin: Oh no! We can still save him...guys....let's do it. Let's do this for our friend. 

Jay: O-ok, but it's a bit-

Takeshi: We're here with you.*he calms Jay down* 

And accordingly they call out for the moon and they get sucked inside speedily not letting them breathe for some seconds. They felt that it was the death of them, but unknowingly they landed on the same lobby that Noah had but the only difference was that .... there was a giant, gibberish-looking creature fleeing out from the other side to eat them up.

Jimin: RUN!! 

The three of them start running away from that beast, and they successfully. Then they found a safe place to stay. 

The atmosphere seemed more dark and gloomy there. Although they didn't meet the worst consequences, they knew it's gonna be their last...

Jay: *panting hard* what now?!.. 

Jimin: I guess we'll have to wait for the right time and escape. 

Takeshi: But how, have you informed the others that what happened?

Jay: Yeah I had immediately told them, they are calling the police. 

Takeshi: Ok, I'll call and check. 

Jimin: It won't work... I had also tried calling them, but there's no network here. 

Takeshi: *sighs* this is not how it should go!

Jay: Listen, how about we take some tools and escape here. *points at some guns and baseball bat*

They agree to his words and soon reach the exit. When they were about to open the door, a female, crooky voice was heard from the reception area. 

Takeshi: W-who was t-tha...t?

They slowly crept in and went to see the voice came from. It was a dark room, just beside the lobby area, it was utterly damaged and smelled a lot. Then Takeshi decided to go and check inside. 

Jimin: Keep singing until you find it. 

Jay: We'll come up there if we don't hear your voice. 

Takeshi nods and proceeds towards the dark room. As he goes inside he suddenly spots a figure. It looked quite similar to Noah's. 

Takeshi: Noah...? Is it you?! 

No response. But the figure keeps moving toward him. He gets nervous. 

Takeshi: N-noah stop it's not funny!

And then the figure, Noah, falls on his shoulders, his shirt ripped a bit, blood in his face and shoulders. Takeshi hugged him and started crying. 

Takeshi: I'm s-so s.. orry dude! I'm so sorry.... It was all my mistake to take you all here with me for this stupid challenge. A-are you okay now??

Just then Jimin and Jay came panting worriedly towards them, at first they were shocked but then, they too started crying. 

Jay: How?! Who did this to you? *sobs*

Jimin: *hugs Noah* Sorry B-bro.. 

Noah: *in a weak voice* guys.... T... h... is place is not safe, it resides the spirit of a mental women... 

Takeshi: how did you come to know all this..? 

Noah: Let me take you all to a place, follow me... 

All of them agree to his words and follow him just to end up in what looked like a very old hospital cabin. 

Noah: Here.. *hands them an old book*

Jay: What's this?

Noah: It's all about the history of this place. 

Jimin: Hey look at this newspaper... it talks about a mental asylum... 

Takeshi: Go ahead read it.. 

Jimin: It says " A mental women kills her whole family after her marriage with a devil".. 

Jay: What...?! Devil? 

Noah: Exactly... She had married a devil --

He gets a call. 

Takeshi: Who is it??? And how does the net works here? 

Noah: Shush guys, it's her... the women....... 

He picks up the call. 

In the call 📞 

Noah: W-what do.. you want from us?.! 

****: Your soul... 

Noah: What?! *sweats*

The call gets end up abruptly. 

Jay: I can't stay here anymore! She's behind our lives!! We need to escape, cmon. 

They run as fast as they can downstairs, as they were crossing the second floor, Jimin fell down and was screaming. 

Takeshi: Jimin! Cmon get up, we have to escape! 

Jimin: I-i can't.. Someone-- is PULLING ME! 

Then Jay realizes Noah's absence, his gaze then lands up on the side mirror and caughts the most horrible sight ever. He saw a lady, pulling Jimin harshly to a dark alleyway, she looked dead and the worst thing was that she looked horribly cut off from her body, she had no eyes and blood coming out of them. 

Jay: TAKESHI! Jimin! She's pulling you!!!!! LOOK AT THE SIDE! 

Takeshi too notices it and gets horrified at the sight and accidentally slips his hand away from Jimin. 

Takeshi: OH NO!! Shit. 

And they both start running to save their lives. They were at the lobby area and were about to escape when they noticed Noah was gone again... They turned back and saw him dead on the side. 

Jay: no no no!!! It's just us left, we need to escape safely! We can do it. 

Takeshi: Yeah! B-but... Our friends.... *sobs*

Jay: We can't do anything my bro... this is out of our h-hands... We can just look for the police and find help. 

Takeshi: Ok! Let's go, from the door we came in, I remember it being that way. *points at the right of the lobby* 

Jay: ok, fast. 

They run towards the right side but there's no door over there. 

Jay: The hell! I think it's in the left. 

Takeshi: No I remember we came from this way!! 

Jay: Let's atleast check on it!

Takeshi: Ok.. 

The same happens and now they both are under dilemma... 

Jay: OH NO...! This is the end of us! 

Takeshi: We're trapped!! *starts crying*

Jay looks at the book that Noah had given them before all this happened. He looks into it and finds out a ritual. 

Jay: hey, look at this. We can perform this to get rid of her. 

Takeshi: But we don't have the certain materials. 

Jay: Don't worry I'll go and search, you just be safe right here, I'll be back. 

And he leaves. It's still 4:55 am. Takeshi notices the time has not changed since they left for here.... He then goes to a clock room where he sees that even after 5 minutes it's still at 4:55 am. His inner intuitions guide him to a theory that if he destroys the clock they might get rid of her. He goes back and finds... Jay's neck slit into half. 

Takeshi:..... Jesus... J-jay.... 

Blood starts boiling in his veins seeing this condition of his small brother like friend. He gets up in all his might and passes through all the possessions of that spirit. He then finds the electrical wire in a circuit and cuts it causing fire to lit up. He grabs the fire in his hand though it hurts for him. He did this for his friends, he had to end the possession of this brutal spirit. As he was going to burn the clocks he was pushed to the ground and the spirit hovered over him. She started choking his neck. He felt as if his world was about to end but then all his good memories with his friends came up to his mind and with all his strength he pulled up and went across and at last. He burned the clocks and he saw a devil wreaking voice coming from the side. 

Takeshi: Now burn! Your devil possessions can't stand here you Satan!

And then she burns and her body forms ash. The sunlight pretends the new starting of his life. He spots the door and see Jin, and the rest with police coming towards him. 

Jin: Takeshi! Are you ok??? Where are the others?!

Takeshi: I-*he bursts into tears* couldn't save them... 

Han and Jin then hugs him tightly, trying to calm him down but the deep scar still remains in their lives. 

The police said that this roof place led to this mental asylum. They said it was asylum before it was burnt down. They even mentioned that many people had died like this because of the spirit. And then they locked the asylum forever and never to be opened. Their dead body was took to the funeral and they had to bid a goodbye. Some people say screaming voices can be heard every year the same day they died. 

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