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Jagori Sarkar

Horror Tragedy


Jagori Sarkar

Horror Tragedy

The Marriage Ring

The Marriage Ring

7 mins 157 7 mins 157

"Experience is a hard teacher it gives the lesson first post which you can share it, learn from it or forget it", said Rajat. The pelting of rain drops against the frosted glass pane and the sound of wind gave an eerie feel. Lina knew her uncle very well and for that reason she was here . He was a fabulous story teller and the way in which he expressed himself gave a chill down the spine.

              " Often in a fit of anger we ditch our loved ones.. blame them for the things which they could not do for us", said uncle in a ready to start tone. They both were so excited especially when dad was not around. He loved his two niece more than his life and often told them stories may / may not true ( after all a little bit of spice is always needed in life).

                          " That was a stormy night like this one", started uncle as the two little girls sat upright with popped out eyes fixed on him. " I had just finished with my work and returned home when the door bell rang. "Hello Rajat", said the voice as I opened the door. I was a bit startled by him since it was heavily raining outside and nobody seemed to be on the road.

                             As he came closer I recognized his face. He was my friend , "Oh my God! Aarav! How did you happen to come now. You must be fully drenched", I told him to take off his raincoat and took him to the sofa room . He told me he was coming back from work and it was raining heavy so thought of taking shelter for the night with me.

                     " We started talking about our lives and the different current topics in our country and other things. As we kept talking I looked at his appearance. He was wearing a half sleeve shirt which seemed to be so faded and his thin framework beneath looked so frail. His face seemed pale.

                         When life takes wrong turn then people have to go through a lot. When I asked him what he was doing at that time he told me that a few weeks back he has lost his job. His wife and children were dependent on him for everything. They had fights everyday as to how to run the expenses of the house with less money. That day they crossed all limits and in a fit of anger he left the house in the rain."

                             " You said he came back from work?", asked Lina. " I too asked him the same question. He told me that after he lost his job his wife had started food delivery service from home. They had a fight regarding that .. so he left, was passing by and thought would drop in here.

                             " I want to tell something Rajat ", said Aarav taking a sip of hot tea. "I am leaving this town tonight ..cant take this anymore.. please give this letter to my wife", he looked at me with great hope. I did not say anything and took the letter. The rain had stopped, we had dinner and I let him sleep in the guest room. Next morning it was drizzling so woke up a bit late. I had gone into the kitchen when I saw my servant making tea for me. I left from there and went straight into the guest room to ask him what he will have for breakfast when I realised that he was not there.

                          " Where is that man who came last night", I asked my servant. He told me that he has not seen anyone else in the house except me since he came. It was true since yesterday I was alone in my house. I searched for him and tried calling him but no response or ring.. after sometime the phone was swithched off. I was feeling very hurt that he went without meeting me.

                         I took out the letter he gave me to give to his wife and started reading it since could not hold on to my curiosity as to what was written in that, " Dear Kamala,

I know that its a husband s responsibility to run the house but I was terribly a failure in that. Still you have tried to do a lot to benefit our family. You have kept on blaming me for not being able to maintain my job. Today I will tel you the reason why I left my job. Suhas was my colleague and he was in need of money for a very long time. He had told boss that his son was suffering from cancer fighting day in and out but they did nothing for him. So, one day when boss was not in his office he stole in and started looking everywhere for some money. I just entered when I found a bunch of notes in his hands which he had just taken out of the drawer. He started crying and begging that I should not tell anything to anyone about this.

                          We left quietly from there but unfortunately next day boss found out that his money was missing. He had kept it to buy jewellery for his daughter s wedding. Police came and subjected us to lot of questioning after which they got a witness who saw me entering the office day before. The agony of a grief stricken face flashed in front of my eyes. I could not help but take the blame on me. They did not put me into jail instead decided to sack me.

                            Believe me, I tried to tell the truth but ... could not.. I knew you would do something to help me. I went to every possible place to look for another job again but the stigma of a thief is too bad . If I had to work it would mean staying away from you and my little ones at home. I didn't want that. I loved you so much thats why I would do it this time. While I was working I had done a life insurance policy from which you will get huge sum of money if I happen to die. Dont wory.. I know I am going very far but this is the only way you could start up and increase the home delivary business. You and my children should live and that is the only thing I have always wanted".




                          " Oh.. how pathetic.. but uncle what happened to Aarav." asked the girls. "I had searched for him and even filed a missing report. For a very long time he went missing. Then, after about a month, police had found a dead body of a person who has died by lightening attack near swamp area. I and Aarav s wife had gone for identification. The body was burnt very badly so we identified it only from his marriage ring.

                            Few months later I received a letter which read, " Dear Rajat,

Thank you very much for giving the letter to my wife. I am very happy now. No reason to worry. I stay alone and am very happy. I have secured a job and am leading a good life. I know you must be thinking that I lied and faked my death. I must tell you what really happened. That night, before I came to your place I took a rope from the house planning to hang myself and went to a deserted area. I saw something lying close by. It was raining heavy and I went close to see what it was. There I found a charred dead body of a person probably struck by lightening. Immediately I knew what to do! The clothes were almost burnt so it was hard to identify. I only had to remove my marriage ring and slip it into his fingers. Then went to a nearby shop and bought paper and pen and wrote a letter to my wife. The rest followed. I know that you would not tell anyone about this letter even if you want since I have typed this and you dont know my address. My wife and children are also happy in their lives without me.


                                          You know who

                        The children were astounded by the slyness of a simple man. Uncle Rajat concluded, " I dont know what he did was right or wrong.. but.. it gave him a new and his wife and children a better life."       



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