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ojingiri hannah

Comedy Drama Romance


ojingiri hannah

Comedy Drama Romance

The Maids (Part 7)

The Maids (Part 7)

3 mins 177 3 mins 177


Intro: The king and his Chevaliers were discussing about the possible outbreak of war in Sanfrost.

CHEVALIER CELPHUS: My Lord, the war in Sanfrost is growing bigger, and at this rate it might get to Cupper, which is closer to Northsay. An informant gave me this letter, (he pass the letter to the King) it explain how Prince Fredrick murdered Queen Fiella, because he found out that the Queen killed his mother, lady Julian. Prince Gath is set to take revenge on Prince Fredrick for his mother's death.

CHEVALIER ETHAN: That is an absurd notion that can lead to many lives been wasted. I heard lady Julian died of smallpox. 

CHEVALIER CLAYTON: Our focus should be on Cupper. The king of Cupper is currently bedridden and prince Celplas is not competent enough to lead the kingdom.

CHEVALIER EPHOD: I will advice we send a message to warn them of imminent war.

KING MARTIN: That is true, we should send a message to Cupper. The Queen of Sanfrost is the first child of Lord Leannoth the twin brother of Zarus. I'm afraid this is not just an internal war but a war between two kingdoms. Chevalier Leo, prepare to ride at dawn, inform prince Celplas of the war and send my greetings to his father.

CHEVALIER LEO: yes my Lord

(The chevaliers disperse).

(Lord Everly made his appearance before the king with a young girl named River).

KING MARTIN: (He greeted him with a smile) Lord Everly.

LORD EVERLY: My Lord (He bow as a sign of respect). 

KING MARTIN: c'mon now uncle, there is no need to bow and please address me normally.

LORD EVERLY: I am afraid to do so Martin. What if I'm charged of treason? To disrespect the king is to disrespect the kingdom.

KING MARTIN: Nonsense, you are my uncle, no one would dare charge you of such atrocity. And who's this beside you?

LORD EVERLY: oh! I brought you a gift from Leaven, a slave, she's clean and beautiful, she will make a good maid.

KING MARTIN: what is your name young lady?

RIVER: (she keep her head bow)River your majesty.

KING MARTIN: That is a spectacular name, I'm hearing that for the very first time.

LORD EVERLY: yes, she is from Gamaliel a small village in Leaven. She claimed to be born beside Wiss river, so her mother named her River.

KING MARTIN: interesting. (Raised his voice) Guards! (Two men matched in) Take her to Haier, tell her she's the new maid.

GUARDS: Yes your Majesty.

(One of the guards speak to River).

GUARD 1: follow me.

(River follows the guard).

KING MARTIN: There is going to be a feast for you tonight, to welcome you back home.

LORD EVERLY: you are too kind my Lord. 

(They both gave a soft smile).

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