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Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller


Vatsal Parekh

Crime Thriller

The Killer (Chapter 11-17)

The Killer (Chapter 11-17)

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Zeel was in Deja vu her whole body was buzzing due to needles pricking pain on her side. She groaned and tried to turn her body, but she couldn't. Her eyes were closed forcefully, she can't even open them.

A painful gasp escaped her lips when someone injected something in her arm and slowly she lost her consciousness again.

Zeel felt her head heavy as if boulder of weight was placed on her head. She let out a groan and tried to touch her head, massaging her temples would ease some pain but as soon as she felt her hands to be in restrains, her eyes shot opened wide as she stared at the golden crafted ceiling.

First instinct was it's not her room. Her eyes looked around the room afraid. She was somewhere unknown on someone else's bed. The room was so lavish and posh, screaming money. The walls were dark gray and black, giving an intimidating dark aura. There's a large glass wall to the left and the sunset clearly says she didn't even sleep for the night but also for the whole damn day.

Last night memories rushed back with full force. "Why Vatsal? Why?" She let her tears fall. Why this has to happen to her?

She felt a cool air hitting her skin and that is when he eyes went wide and her breathing hitch. With quivering lips she looked down on her body to find herself only in her black undergarments. But this didn't make her whole body shaking in fear but rather a large bandage starting from her abdomen to the side of her left hip and ending at her thigh.

She tried to sit abruptly but her restrains of rope didn't let her. She moved her body and let out a whimper because of the pricking pain in the bandaged area.

Zeel can vividly recall someone offer to help her at the bar when she was completely wasted. How can she be so careless? She trusts him like a blind girl, but she was barely in her senses at that time.

Why she's in restrains? What that man wants from her. Her head and half of her body was aching badly. She was crying and barely able to think of anything at all.

She felt so scared, alone and vulnerable. The three things she hated the most.

The door creaked opened and Zeel's eyes snapped towards the person only to be widened in fear.

Her chin quivered as large tears formed in her eyes. "N-no!" She stuttered in disbelief. The sheer fear she felt at that moment was indescribable.

There stood the killer with this mask on it the door frame. His face titled slightly and it sent sheer fear down her body.

She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head in negative. "T- this is not r-real...." She repeated these words like a mantra.

When she didn't hear any voice or movement she slowly opened her eyes to find him gone but a fearful scream left her lips, and she jolted away as he was sitting on the chair just beside her.

A loud sob escaped her lips, and she was unable to stop her fearful tears anymore. She pulled at her restrains harshly only to hurt herself in the process.

His deep voice made terrifying chills to turn down her body as she trembled in her place.

"Finally, you're up Baby girl." 

Her throat felt dry when she recalled this all to familiar voice. Her head whipped towards his direction, and she stared at him horrified out of her wits as he removed his mask.

"T-this can't b-be." She stuttered as she laid there not moving, petrified with this bone chilling reality.

A smirk appeared on his handsome face and her stomach knotted in pure anxiety and dread.

"Don't be so surprised Zeel." He mused, his deep voice resonating in the silent room making her breathing even harsher.

"You were the k-killer all this time." She said this more to herself as panic hit her with full force. She was this close to the killer all this time, and she didn't even realize it.

"Knowing that you're a psychology student, I thought you would've got it by now." He said with disapproval in his tone as if he didn't like the fact that she didn't catch him by herself.

All this, is a game for him!

"Y-you killed that man." She cried out closing her eyes shut in utmost fear. Her mind refused to comprehend anything at all.

Is she being delusional again! She forced herself to wake up from this nightmare but every time she opens her eyes he's just there staring at her with his piercing blue eyes.

 "This is reality Zeel. Open your eyes." He cooed in his deep voice making her tremble to in her place.

"W- What d-did you do to me?" she asked with trembling lips. The sheer fear of his presence was to such extent that she completely forgot that she was barely clothed in the presence of the killer.

Her question brought a smirk on his face that was dangerously terrifying to her. His facial expressions say a lot about his twisted mind.

"I just claimed my territory." He said simply with a weird shine in his eyes. Her throat became dry as her lips quivered out of fright.

"W-what?" She breathed while taking loud puffs of breath.

He didn't answer her but just stared at her with his piercing gaze. "it w- was you that night in my room." She said with heavy heart and blurry vision.

"Yep." His deep voice heavy this time, and she turned her face to the side.

"W-why?" She was lowly sobbing now, her heart constricting painfully in her chest.

"Because I want you." His words were plain and clear, there was no emotion in his voice and these mere words sent chills down her spine.

"Let me go Umang please. I-I will not t-tell anyone." She pleaded desperately with her heart in her throat.

"It's too late Zeel. My demons don't want let you go!" He rasped.

 It's been four days since she was laying on the same bed, in restraints as she stared out of the window, sun was setting as it's rays appeared a soft hew of orange.

She was wearing a satin gown which he provided her with. She was only let out of the restraints and from the bed when she had to use the restroom.

The bandage just got removed in the morning and to say she was horrified would be an understatement. She was aghast as she peered at the dark ink that marked her white skin. Her face was priceless as she stared at that beautiful tattoo with dark blue diamond like craft in the middle of the design. But what got her throat to clog up was his name exquisitely crafted with the outline.

She felt violated and humiliated. How could he do such thing. The way his name stand out on her white skin clearly indicated his forced claim on her. He reduced her into a property, his territory!

She was crying since morning as she lay on the bed in restraints. And eventually as the hours passed her tears dried up. In morning- when she woke up the bandages were gone which simply meant he removed them while she was asleep.

Her mind was too much occupied with what's happening to her. She was being kept here against her will and her captor is none other than a killer. It was all real, she wasn't in any sort of delusion when she was blamed to be delusional and crazy. Everything was real, She's sane and ther's no denying that.

Zeel didn't even know if she should be happy knowing that she wasn't delusional months back, or she should cry as she was kidnapped by the killer himself.

Come to think of it, she never realized or even thought for a second that her psychiatrist could be a killer. The mere thought of him sends chill down her spine.

In all these days, he never talked to her once, and she was way too petrified to even say a word. Oftentimes he would come in this room and sit on the wooden rocking chair in the corner and would stare at her like a creep.

With what she has seen slightly through the window, she can say that there's no population around, and they're in the middle of nowhere.

From last four days only one thought was running inside her head, she needs to escape from him. She wasn't the least bit curious to know what does he want from her. Because what he did to her that night in her room was clear indication what he wants from her.

By now she was sure that all the times, she felt someone watching her, it was undoubtedly him. He's a stalker and deep down the psychological part of her brain is confirming that he has developed an unkindly infatuation towards her.

This tattoo of his name on her body is screaming this thing only. She has calculated that he didn't touch her yet and neither talked to her. He will come in her room with the food and make her eat. Once she'll be done eating, he'll restrain her gain. Her whole body was stiff with being in one position for so long.

Maybe he was waiting for her to get better and now he'll surely try something on her and before that, she must escape at all costs.

Her thoughts were broken as her whole body tensed when she heard the door opening and then closing once again. She flinched when he placed a shopping bag on the bed beside her. Her eyes hesitatingly met his cold blue ones, and she gulped immediately looking away.

A normal person would've thrown a tantrum of hysteria after being kidnapped, but she ain't stupid. This man who is her captor is far more from a normal person and for that she has to keep her mind clear and think in different way.

According to her studies she knew that those people who are psychologically unstable likes dominance, their authority and control over everything. Let it be their things or the people they want.

So she's being docile from past four days. Clearly giving him the aura that she's scared of him and will submit easily. She didn't know if he bought it or not, but she can only try.

"Wear this after shower and come out in 20 minutes." His voice so deep as he said those words. He undid the ropes around her wrists and left the room.

Zeel let out a shuddering breath that she was holding in for so long. Standing up her legs felt wobbly for not being used for so long. Walking to the window she stared out to find herself on the second floor. She unlocked the window and it easily opened.

She was breathing heavily as she softly closed the windows back locking it. Zeel can't take the risk of running right after getting out of those restraints. She needs a solid plan. Is she runs now, he'll easily catch up to her and then her chances at escape will become minimum to none.

She hurriedly showered because she was needing a shower so much. It felt so good to shower after so many days. She brushed her teeth with the new set of brushes and then wore that dress. It was turtleneck twist knitted long dress that reached below her knees. Her feet were bare, so she wore the socks that was also in the shopping bag, she was glad for the warm clothes in this winter season. Her hairs were wet and cheeks looked pale.

Zeel should be afraid, but she did well counseling to herself to think otherwise. For a time being she made herself to think that he's only her psychiatrist who kidnapped her and not the killer, it somehow helped with the fear, but she's still scared out of her wits but then again, she needs to be strong internally and docile externally to trick him and then escape.

If he's letting her out now, maybe he'll start believing her, and she'll escape using his trust because he'll consider that she's submitting, and he will be less alert than, which she'll use to her advantage.

Only if she knew what she's dealing with! 

The dress was clinging to her body like a second skin as she slowly walked out of her room. There was a long corridor which stairs are going down. Zeel gulped as she started at the expensive looking paintings that litter the wall.

Her steps were steady and cautious as her eyes hungrily took in each and every information that she can collect.

Zeel walked down the stairs and with her each and every step she felt a heavy boulder weighing her down. She was scared to face him, there's no denying in that.

Stairs lead her to a huge lounge and it was far from anything normal. It was freaking lavish with a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. The whole place screamed money.

Her hands became sweaty when her eyes landed on the large main gate which can be her escape.

Zeel jumped in her place as she placed her hand on her heart to calm herself down. "You are late!" Came his deep voice, and she pursed her lips tightly together.

His brown robs stared at her from head to toe sending terrific chills to rundown her spine.

Umang was sitting on the large comfy settee as his eyes were fixed on her. "Come here." He ordered, but she stayed rooted to her spot not moving an inch. He arched his brow at her, as if daring her to defy him. Her heart was thudding wildly in her rib cage as she forced herself to move towards him and stopped two feet away from him.

"Sit down." He ordered, and she gulped her anger down at his ridiculous orders. She quietly sat down and stared at her fidgeting fingers on her lap.

"How are you feeling? He asked calmly, his voice giving nothing away, and she didn't have the courage to look him in the eyes neither her tongue was cooperating with her. She simply nodded her head.

"Words!" came his roaring voice, and she jumped in her place as a whimper escaped her lips. Her eyes immediately became teary as she stared at his calm face.

"F-fi-fine." She stuttered badly and her answer made him mod his head in affirmation.

"Come here." He said as he patted his lap and all the blood drained out of her system as she stared at his hand that was patting his lap and then back at his face.

"I...I..." she stuttered with no words getting out of her lips. All the act of her bravery went flying out of the window when her eyes met his dark evil ones.

Ever so slowly a razor sharp smirk adorned his face which creeped her out as she involuntarily moved back in the sofa. 

"Come here, Zeel. Don't make me get you". Umang warned, his voice was deadly low: just like a whisper of the devil.

"P-please...." She stuttered not knowing what she' asking for, because this man isn't aware of what mercy is.

"Tch!" he twisted his head in a circular motion and then his cold eyes met her moistened ones, her heart drops down in the pit of her stomach as she stared at the killer.

Next thing she was yanked from her seat by her wrist and landed on his lap. He grabbled her rear and made her sit properly. She let out a loud cry as she pushed at his shoulder, but he abruptly twisted both of her wrists behind her back with his one hand making her chest to arch out.

"Zeel...Zeel...Zeel..." he sings with disappointment laced in his deep voice which made her whole body to tremble. His hot breath hit her chest through the fabric.

She squirmed in his hold only to let out a loud horrified gasp when she felt this hardness on the side of her thigh. Her vision blurred more with tears.

"P-please.... let me g-go..." she stuttered, her eyes were closed shut because she was too afraid to look in her eyes.

A painful scream escaped her lips when his fingers threaded in her wet locks, and he pulled her hairs back roughly. Her widened eyes stared at the ceiling as the mere act of breathing became difficult for her.

Zeel felt his lips on her jaw as he gave her a peck there but then her whole body jolted badly and a hiss escaped her lips when he bit her just below her jaw and the starting of her neck.

"when I order you to do something, you'll do it!" He snickered near her ear making her to shiver and her whole body shook. Her body was twisted to an odd level which caused pain to shoot up in her back.

Zeel didn't answered him, she was too occupied with the pain to even hear what he was saying. "Ahhh!" She screamed again when he pulled at her hairs with more force this time.

"Am i clear?" He cooed as if he's loving her," y-yes..." She breathed with difficulty, and he slowly let go of her hairs only to caresses her cheek making her flinch as her whole face was red as tears leaked out of her eyes profusely.

Her eyes were closed which he didn't like so he took out something from his back. "Open your eyes Zeel."He cooed as something cold touched her skin making her eyes to shot open wide in utter fear.

Her fear filled crystal blue eyes met his dark ones making her throat all dry. The bone chilling expressions on his face was enough to make her run for the hills.

His thick brows were knitted together in anger and his eyes held anger as well but his lips were opened into a wide grin, at that exact moment she felt dread creep in her veins.

The gun barrel that was poking at her cheek was less scary as compared to the deranged expression on his face.

Her breath hitch, and she stopped breathing when the barrel of his gun caressed her lips making her whimper as she sealed her lips in a thin line.

He poked the barrel of his gun on her lips and mused.

" Open your mouth Zeel."


Her lips trembled and her chin quivers in pure trepidation. She kept her mouth sealed. The mere fact that ha has a gun was deadly. A shrill cry of pain escaped her lips as he yanked her hairs so harshly that burning pain erupted in her scalp. "Ahhhh-" Her scream died down when he thrusted the barrel of hi gun in her mouth.

Zeel stilled, petrified out of her wits. "Suck!" He demands and all the senses left her system. Her heart was thumping so wildly that she was afraid that it might burst out of her rib cage.

When she didn't make a move to fulfil his demand. A vicious smirk marred his face as he turned the safety off that gun. "Suck Zeel. I don't want to hurt you." He mused with that psychotic gline in his eyes.

The girl was paralyzed out of her wits as her quivering lips closed around the barrel of that gun. Fat tears escaped out of her eyes as she stared at his chest, afraid to even look in his eyes.

Her eyes widened when he started moving the barrel in her mouth, Back and forth. " Fuck, that's hot!" He groaned in his deep voice and Zeel closed her eyes in utter humiliation and disgust when she realized what he's doing.

"You're not sucking!" He growled making her whole body shudder as she immediately started to do such and he smirked in appreciation.

" Good girl!" He mused. Zeel felt the bland taste of that gun in her mouth. Her stomach churned as her morning eaten food wanted to come out but she controlled the urge to vomit all over him.

"I'm not liking it. Start bobbing your head!" He ordered making her close her eyes in humility.

"Do it Zeel because if I didn't like it, then unfortunately I would kill you." He warned in his deep deadly cold voice and the girl visibly flinched and started bobbing her head up and down on the barrel like a robot.

She was so damn petrified as she knew any moment he can blow her brain out with just a slight pull on the trigger.

"Enough!" He said ever so slowly and her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach looking at his anger filled eyes. Did she not do it right? Is He going to kill her now?

She didn't want to die! 

And then she saw it coming and she closed her eyes in pure dread. He's going to kill her. A strangled cry escaped her throat as she heard the trigger being pulled and she jolted badly on his lap.

But nothing happened! 

A loud rumble of deep laughter was heard in the silent longue as his chest vibrates. He eyes were close shut tightly as tears continued to stain her flushed cheeks.

He took his gun out of her mouth and threw it on the couch beside him. Zeel panted as she turned her face to the side in absolute embarrassment.

He finally let go of her hairs only to wrap his calloused fingers around her dainty neck as he applied firm pressure on her neck and made her face him. Her wide fear filled eyes stared at him with dread in her heart.

"There are certain rules that you must follow at all costs..." The rough pad of his thumb rubbed on her neck harshly as he continued.

"You are mine now. You'll do as I say and you'll never defy me. You will fulfill each and every need of mine. And most importantly..." He gave a rough squeeze to her neck, almost choking her as the girl gasped out loudly for breath.

 "Don't even think of escaping me because Ill punish you so ruthlessly that you'll forget the meaning of escape." He warned her in a deadly cold voice. "I won't be merciful!" He hissed near her ear and bit on her earlobe.

"Am i clear?" He asked in a low growl and she sobbed before stuttering. "Y-yes..." Her voice was broken and small. A wide grin appeared on his face as he let go of her neck and wrists.

His large calloused hands cupped her face making her flinch but he didn't pay much heed to her action as he kissed the crown of her head and next thing he was carrying her bridal style as the girl let out a shrill scream.

Her arms abruptly wrapped around his neck afraid that he might throw her on the floor any moment. He laughed at her tactics and her breath hitched as she started at the totally opposite man.

He softly placed her on the chair of the dinning table and again kissed the crown of her head before he sat opposite to her on the table and served her first before serving himself.

Zeel was stunned would be an understatement, she was completely aghast as she stared at him. His aura completely changed from a killer to all sweet. There was this constant sweet smile on his face that it almost made her delusional again.

But now she knows what is hidden behind this sweet innocent mask. "Eat Zeel." He said calmly and she flinched before she hurriedly nodded her head but then she gasped and placed her hand on her mouth in shock, he want words so she mumbled slowly. "o-okay..."

A proud smile marred his face and he smiled fondly at her. On the other hand Zeel felt a knot forming in her throat and swallowing a single morsel became the most difficult task at hand.

Zeel stared at the table filled with a variety of food. Even the cutlery in which they are eating food looks expensive.

 A hope bloomed in her heart thinking that someone else could also be in this place, perhaps a maid who made all this food. Maybe that maid will help her.

"Oh just for your information, this food is all delivered here on special means. There's no one except you and me at this place Zeel." He spoke calmly.

Zeel felt creepy chills swarm in her blood as he read her like an open book. The trepidation towards this man was so extreme that she was feeling panic surging in her veins.

The way he said, Special means didn't go unnoticed by her.

She was barely eating anything, only taking small bites of that food which he was eating as wll because she didn't want to get drugged because of her stupidity. If he's eating that then that's not drugged. That's what she told herself.

Zeel peered at him below her lashes. His form exudes perfection and control as he ate so elegantly that her mind screamed, ' so lady like.'

She was in constant fear. The cloud of death was grumbling on top of her like a vicious predator. Zeel looked at the main gate once in a while and then looked around to find something of her use but nothing was helping when a ticking bomb was sitting in front of her.

Her cheeks were still red because of the humiliation he made her go through just a few minutes ago, that metallic taste was still on her taste buds. She knew exactly what he made her do and it made her eyes to moisten again.

She needs to escape this psycho no matter what. Her legs were still trembling because of the nearly faced death onslaught.

Making her face death is just a play of power and fun for him. Lord knows what he would do next. She was sweating out of fear in this cold winter season. Her hands were trembling which made the spoon to latter with the gate getting his attention.

"Zeel." His deep voice was calm and full of humor as her teary eyes met his cold ones with hesitance. She bit on her lower lip to stop her sobs.

"Relax." He mused as his eyes shined with mirth. This man is not right in the head, the way he was looking at her is like a child would look at his new toy before tearing it apart.

Zeel drank a few gulps of water to calm herself down but nothing worked.

When he was done eating, he stood up and the girl did the same. Umang started to walk towards her room and in anxiety lacing her form, she followed him quietly.

He opened the door for her and motioned her to get in. Her feet were rooted to the ground, she felt as if he's asking her to walk towards her own grave. But a slight narrowing of his eyes had her body moving as she hastily walked past him in the room.

A loud gasp escaped her lips when he held her wrist and pulled her to him. Her hands landed on his chest and she abruptly moved back as if burned.

Umang yet again, ignored her acttion!

He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and then let her go. The girl was frozen in her place as he closed the door and then she heard the click sound. He locked the door from outside.

Finally, she let out a loud breath she was holding and a wave of adrenaline rushed through her body with full foce.

Without wasting a single second she walked up to the window with slow and steady steps. Opening it, she stared at the massive height, if she fell from here, she'd surely break her bones.

Everything is acceptable if it'll help her to get away from the killer.

She did the only thing that came in her mind and the next thing she was climbing down the window with the help of the bedsheets which she tied to the bed foot. The bed creaked and she thought she'd fall but she got saved once but when that bed creaked again. The sheets slipped from her hands and the girl fell down on the grass with a loud thud.

A groan of pain escaped her lips and her eyes stinged with painful tears. Raising her hand she placed in her mouth to stop her screams of pain. The pain was so much that it shot from her ankle and hurt all over her body.

Zeel tried to stand but she again dug her teeth in her fist to keep her screams at bay. With utmost difficulty and bearing an excruciating pain, she stood and took her first step.

Her ankle got dislocated but she didn't gave up. she started to limp away from his territory. All she prayed and wished was to come across a highway.

With each and every step, she gasped hauntingly behind, cautious and alert. Afraid to find him coming hot on her tail.

Zeel simply ran in a broken way but she continued to run limply, with every step a painful scream came to her throat but she swallowed all the pain away. The moon was shining brightly as if it wanted to help the girl escape. Crisp fallen leaves crushing under her feet were the only sound.

The coldness increased ten times more then her ears perked up as she heard certain sounds.

Sounds of waves hitting the shore to be exact.

With a few more steps she came in an opening. There in front of her was a vast ocean. She ran towards the sea like a crazed woman, and when she turned to stare at the place she was running from, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach when sudden petrifying realization dawned on her.

She's not in her city, nor in her country.

This is an Island! Loud clapping was heard and she abruptly fell back twisting her injured ankle even more. A shrill cry of sheer pain escaped her lips as she heard his deadly calm voice.

"Impressive!" The girl looked down only to whimper in horror. Her foot was twisted in an unimaginable angle and a horrified cry escaped her lips just by looking at the angle in which her foot was twisted in.

And when her teary eyes hastily looked up, a harsh smack on her face knocked her brutally out of her senses and she engulfed darkness whole heartedly.

Her eyes felt extremely heavy as if a boulder of weight was placed on her lids and they refused to open up. Her mind was swirling in the depth of darkness. Her conscience was barely awake but her body refused to act. Her ears got their hearing back as she heard a presence near but then just like that her senses vanished away and she again slumped into the depth of darkness.

A groan of pain escaped her lips as slowly her eyes fluttered open and she blinked several times to adjust her sight. A searing pain shot through her foot as she cried out in pain with just a slight movement of her legs, her foot was bandaged. Zeel was utterly glad to find her foot in a normal position and still intact with her leg and not separated from her body. Her eyes sitting with tears when her jaw and face felt swollen and painful to move.

Zeel blinked several times as she started at the ceiling and slowly everything that happened last night raked her mind with full force as her breathing became frantic. Her eyes stung with tears of helplessness as she cried in pain and fear of his wrath.

How stupid of her to escape him right after when he warned her of the consequences. The mere thought that she's on a freaking Island all alone with a killer was petrifying. "Lord... p-please help me..." She went a silent plea of her prayer to the lord as she was feeling the severe pain in her foot and whole leg.

A snickering chuckle from just within the room had her heart dropping to the pit of her stomach as sheer fear clung to her heart like a leech.

She immediately raised on her elbows and spotted him sitting on the couch on the far corner, at that exact moment she realized that she wasn't in the room where he had kept her before. This room is a different one and is far bigger.

Zeel immediately scooted back on the bed, wincing badly in pain when her foot got moved as her back plastered against the headboard. A sob of vulnerability raked her body when she realized, she couldn't even walk or run to hide from his wrath. He can do anything and she won't be able to even protect himself.

"why did you try to escape daisy?" He asked calmly in a slower whisper; with each word her heart drummed wildly against her rib cage ready to burst out of it any second.

"I..I..I'm...s...sorry..." she stuttered badly as a sob escaped at the end of her words. Her whole body was trembling and her being a pessimist wasn't calming her at all.

When he let out a thick puff of smoke from his mouth; she realized that he's smoking a cigar. She can see through the moonlight that invades the room. First few buttons of his shirt were opened. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows as he drew a puff of his cigar. His cold eyes looked deadly as his lips were formed in a thin line.

"Let's try again. Why did you try to escape me Zeel?" he gritted each and every word out venomously.

Her lips trembled and chin quivered badly as her vision got blurred again and again with her tears and she had to wipe her tears hastily to keep her eyes fixed on him, afraid that eh might pound on her like a beast.

Her throat was so clogged up with fear that no words were coming out of her mouth, even though she opened her mouth to speak but no word came out.

"Zeel, for fuck sake start speaking!" He growled so viciously that a loud sob escaped her lips and she jumped back hurting her foot in the process due to that movement.

"I...I..." she was crying loudly scared out of her wits. She didn't want to say the truth cause she knew it''ll make him go berserk on her.

"Fuck!" he roared and stood to his feet as he threw his cigar on the floor and crushed it as his eyes stayed in contact with her petrified ones which immediately got her tongue moving on its own.

"I...I...w..wanted to go home...p-please let me go..." She cried soothing more back,if possible she wanted to evaporate in the thin air, that much scared she was. "I... want to go home...: her voice trembled.

Zeel answer didn't please hi at all, a scowl formed on his face and his lips turned into a thin line, jaw clenched tightly that even the vein on his forehead was popping out.

"You want to go home?" He asked ever so sweetly that sheer fear gripped her heart making panic to surge in her form.

"I...I...I'm sorry..." She stuttered, shaking her head in the negative like a child. A sickening smile adored his features as his eyes shined with mirth.

With calm and powerful stride he walked towards the small bar in this lavish room. Picking up a bottle of expensive looking alcohol he threw it harshly on the floor as it crashed down into millions of pieces earning a ear piercing scream from her as she jumped in her place, staring at him wide fearful eyes.

"She wants to go home!" He roared, more like to his own self and again slammed another bottle of alcohol on the floor and then again and again.

Zeel was muffling her cries as she placed her hand on her mouth to suppress her screams. He was looking like a possessed demon ready to kill.

Her whole body shook in terror when his cold piercing gaze meet hers and she forgot to breath with the amount of trepidation that raked her form.

He marched towards her like a predator and before she could come out of her revive of fear. Her hairs were yanked so harshly that her neck jerked violently, ripping a painful scream from her throat. " Stand up!" He yanked her hairs more pulling her up and off the bed as her hands shot up to his that was ripping her hair from her scalp so viciously.

As soon as she was on her feet, he made her walk to the foot of the bed, a lightweight got on her injured foot and a shrill scream escaped her lips, she was about to fall but this brutal pulling of her didn't let her.

Zeel could feel her hair coming out her scalp at his vicious grip. And then abruptly he let go of her hairs and moved away from her.

Zeel sobbed as she balanced herself on one foot and started at him with wide fear filled eyes. He walked all the way to that bar, broken glass pieces crushing under his foot. Pouring himself a glass of wine, he sat down on the couch with his legs spread wide.

Umang drank a sip of wine and took out his gun from his gun holster.

"You dared to escape me. ME! He growled and shot the lamp that was on the bed just beside her, earning a horrified scream from her as she clutched her hands together on her chest and trembled like a leaf.

"I told you that I will punish you, if you tried to escape me." He spoke ever so calmly as he pointed his gun towards her and moved it up and down in the direction of her body contemplating where to shoot her.

Her blurry visions wasn't letting her see him properly as her whole body trembled violently. The fear was so much that she prayed to pass out.

"Walk to me and I'll forgive you." He says ever so calmly and she stays confused for a second but as soon as his words register in mind. Her eyes gazed down at the floor that was now filled with millions of glass splinters staring at her like a haunting death.

Zeel terrified crystal teary eyes met his cold ones and the corner of his lips twitched up in a smirk.

 "Earn your forgiveness Zeel..." He cooed as he toyed with the gun in his hand and stared at her like a hawk.

"I...I...please... I'm..s-Sorry." She stuttered as her soul yearned to shut down, not being able to do what he wanted.

Why should she apologize in the first place. Was escaping a psycho is a crime for which he's going to punish her.

"Sad you don't want to earn my forgiveness...there's another method to make you walk." He spoke so joyously that she wished to die at that moment.

Umang picked up a remote and all of a sudden the large LED lit up but what she saw on the screen almost stopped her heart from beating.

Naira was tied to the chair and a man was standing behind her holding a knife at Naira's neck, she was crying as she stared at the camera, her lips were shut with a duck tape and she was tied to the chair.

"No..p..please!" Zeel cried out as she shook her hand in negative towards the LED as if they would see her. A deep throaty chuckle was heard from Umang. "Your sweet friend will die all because of you if you don't start walking in the next minute." Her whole body become numb at his words as she stared at her helpless friend. She saw from her peripheral vision as umang called someone and the next thing that guy on the screen got ready to kill Naira.

"No!!!" Zeel screamed on top of her lungs as she placed her normal foot on the shards of glasses that pierced the soft skin of her sole. The poor girl's whole weight was on that foot in which shards pierced deeply. And then she felt it, deep burning of alcohol on the cuts where the glass was in the foot.

She saw through her teary eyes that man moved away from Naira on the screen as Umang put his phone down and then that person hit the back of his gun on Naira's head as she went unconscious and that man lefty. The screen shut down.

"Walk Zeel..." He cooed and she put her injured foot forward only to let out a painful scream, her injured foot was unable to take her weight which caused her other foot to come forward and a scream escaped her lips as new shards of glass pierced her skin tearing her deeply because her whole body weight was on that foot. Alcohol that's also on the floor burned her torn flesh so badly that she couldn't stop her screams.

"You need forgiveness Zeel... Keep walking..." He mused drinking his wine ever so slowly as he saw her bloodied foot that left a trail behind her.

At the fourth step she wasn't even able to feel her feet anymore and her body gave up and she fell on her knees. Another scream left through her body when those shards of glass pierced her knees followed by the burning sensation of alcohol.

And just like that black dots danced in front of her eyes as she fell on that floor filled with glass shards; the side of her face first and consciousness left her body not before hearing his deadly words.

"How will you escape now Zeel?"

Days passed like a blur but pain never went away. A whole month passed after that brutal punishment of hers. Yet Zeel wasn't able to walk on her feet properly.

She was back in the room where she was kept in the starting and the same room from where she tried to escape. The only thing changed was there were bars on the windows this time. She was caged! 

That day still haunts her when she woke up the very next morning of that punishment. Her body was in so much pain and she was unable to feel her bandaged feet at all. There were small bandages all over her front and the side of her face. Her knees were also bandaged as tears rolled-out of her eyes.

After a few days when the bandages were removed; she was aghast to see herself on the mirror. There were so many scars all over her that she lost it and fell unconscious on the bathroom floor.

After that day she stopped looking at herself in the mirror. He didn't come to see her during this whole month, it was as if he disappeared after punishing her. There was this nurse who looked after her. She looks so crude and angry all the time. The thought of even asking for help was asking for death alone.

Zeel was still bedridden because her feet didn't cooperate with her. He made her disabled; snatched away the small of her freedom as to walk on her own feet.

She was numb!

Life is being so cruel on her.

Why her?

Even though she hadn't any family there looking for her, waiting for her. Yet she wants to go bacl to her cozy apartment, away from this psycho.

She was utterly glad that he wasn't here anymore but for how long? He'll surely come one day and this peace will be snatched from her again, even though she can breath now knowing he's not going to hurt her any moment but he'll be back and that thought alone was heart wrenching for her.

What did she ever do?

Why does fate have to be so cruel towards her? What was her fault?

The only people she missed truly were Dev and Naira. They were her only family. Oftentimes Zeel wondered if they might be looking for her? and this mere thought made her more emotional and broken.

She hated Vatsal from deep within her heart. If not for him cheating her, she would've never gotten drunk and ended up being kidnapped by this killer.

Frequently she wondered what got Umang to come after a simple and plain girl like her. She wasn't anything extraordinary. Come to think of it, he's extremely handsome and by judging this island she can say he's wealthy rich; aside from being a well known psychiatrist. He could've easily manipulated any girl into his charms then why her?


How could her life come to this? Everything was going perfectly fine. A large part of her heart break blames Vatsal for her misery.

After Umang's so- called punishment she was terrified out of her wits. Escaping was out of her thoughts for a while but she can't live in constant fear knowing that any day he will come back and do something horrible to her.

For now she was desperately waiting for her feet to start working again so she could walk again and most probably run again but there was a haunting voice in her head that kept on saying; umang is only waiting for her to get better so he could pound on her like a beast.

And this thought made her ironically wish that she would never get better at all.

It was late at night; Zeel was sleeping soundly like a curled ball on the large king sized bed. Moonlight was falling on her face making her look ethereal.

Umang walked in with slow steps as he stood just in front of her on the side of the bed. His calloused fingers ever so slowly caressed her cheek as he felt electrifying sparks at such a mere touch.

His hands softly caressed her thick black locks away from her face and neck as he crouched down to the floor so he could be face to face with her.

"I missed you." His deep voice was like a whisper.

His fingers suddenly wrapped around her throat and he applied pressure on her delicate neck.

He saw with pure joy and fascination how her face morphed into pain; when he applied more pressure her eyes shot opened wide. "Damn! I missed these eyes." He rasped still squeezing her neck.

Zeel jolted back as such sheer fear clutched her form making her lungs to stop functioning as her heart thudded so wildly that she was sure she's going to have a myocardial infarction.

His eyes were dark and demonic. "No lord please! this is a nightmare" She closed her eyes shut praying profusely in her heart for it to be a nightmare but as soon as his grip on her neck tightened, her hands shot up to stop the pressure and Alas! She realized it wasn't a nightmare but a terrific reality.

He's here!

He's finally here!"

He will punish her again!

"Open your eyes Zeel." And her eyes shot opened. Blue fear filled eyes against cold dark ones.

"You missed me?" He asked ever so softly making fear to crawl in every pore of the skin. Her mind was screaming at her to run for her life but her body was numb in absolute fear.

"P-please..." She shuttered trying to loosen his deadly hold on her neck but her words only infuriated him as he made a tsk sound and with a rough squeeze to her throat almost crushing her bone, he let her go abruptly.

A loud gasp escaped her lips as she breathed heavily. Her widened eyes gazed at him in full alert. Her throat felt dry and burning because of this ruthless assault on it.

Umang walked to the couch ever so slowly as he sat down to it, with legs spread wide. His head titled to the side as he mused. " come here Zeel." He said ever so slowly and the room almost became deadly frozen for her as the aura surrounding them became dark and gloomy.

Utter trepidation crawled on her skin as she recalled the whole scenario immensely similar to the last time when he punished her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she started at her feet helplessly.

She can't walk!

And he knows this!

Yes he wants to hurt her!

"P-please...I-I Can't ..." She stuttered and scared out her mind. A scowl etched his face which made her all more scared.

"Does it look I care?" He snapped angrily making her flinch in her place. " Come here Zeel, I don't want to hurt you." The calmness that this voice held was bone chilling for her as she immediately put her legs down the bed and tried to stand.

A hiss escaped her lips and she fell down in the bed in a sitting position. Tears stung in her eyes. Even though the stitches were removed from her feel it still hurts and her right foot is still healing and it'll take more time for her feet to bear her body weight.

"I..I...I..." she stuttered feeling utterly helpless. but this next words shocked her to the core.

"Crawl to me." His deep voice rang in the room and her brain seized to move. So this is what he wants? He wants her to crawl to him! He wants to humiliate her. He wants to show what her place is in front of him. He wants to degrade her!

A blazing fury arose in her heart and she bit her lower lip hard as she stood to her feet. She stumbled a little but held the wall while limping.

Her blazing eyes met his and for the first time she saw it.


He was shocked, he wasn't expecting her to walk instead of being in so much pain. He wants her to be submissive and stay in her place but she astonished him.

He didn't like it!

After looking at that expressions on his face, a certain type of satisfaction washed over her form. He wants to see her broken and submissive. That is what she concluded just now and she was determined that she'll be anything but submissive and broken in front of this killer.

A hiss escaped her lips when more pressure came on her broken foot but she bears it with utmost difficulty. The satisfaction of shocking him and doing something that he wasn't expecting gave her more energy and determination to walk all the way to him.

But her inner happiness didn't last much as he grasped her wrist in a steel like grip and yanked her to him.

A loud gasp escaped her lips and she was on him but umang was fast as he immediately held her legs and spread them making her straddle him. 

A scared cry escaped from her lips as she tried to push at his shoulder and get off him but he twisted both of her wrists behind her back with his one hand making her chest to arch up into him. His fingers threaded into her thick locks as pulled her hair harshly making her face up as a scream escaped her lips.

"I didn't like that!" He snickered and next thing he slammed his rough lips on her taking off guard.

Zeel stayed still as a statue. Her heart thudded wildly but her body was numb. She came out of her numbness when a bit on her lower lip hard earning a painful scream from her which died down in her mouth as he shoved his tongue inside her mouth.

Her eyes protruded out of her sockets when the reality dawned on her. He's kissing her! NO! he's punishing her!

Zeel started squirming wildly in his hold. He grunted and tightened his hold on her hairs pulling more harshly and angled her head in a way to have better access.

He eyes were wide open and his were closed. Zeel jolted on top of him when she felt his tongue caressing hers roughly.

He abruptly broke the kiss and Zeel took in a large gulp of breath. "Fucking kiss me back!" Umang roared and kissed her again not letting her breath properly but this time she sealed her mouth shut and hid her lips in her mouth.

Umang yanked at her hair so viciously that a scream erupted from her mouth and he thrusted his tongue in her mouth devouring her mercilessly.

Bitter tears formed in her eyes but along with that severe wave of humiliation and disgust waved her emotions and she did the first thing that came in her mind. She bit on his tongue hard.

A thunderous growl erupted from his throat and next thing Zeel was on the floor with a loud thud as a numbing sensation was felt on her left cheek and the voice of his brutal slap resonated in the room.

"Fuck!" He cussed loudly as he wiped the blood from the lips and stared at his bloodied hands agitated.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He growled so viciously and yanked her up through her hair, earning a loud scream from her and next thing he roughly threw her on the wall so brutally that she heard the crack of her bone but there was so much pain in every pore of her body that she didn't realize which bone of her got broken.

She was on the floor unmoving when he walked to her with predatory steps. Yanking he hair he made her face him. The side of her face was swelling because of the hit on the wall.

"You dared to hurt me again and you would see the worst side of me!" He snickered at her face which was dangling in the air with his harsh hold on her hairs.

"You haven't even seen my demonic side yet! Pray that you won't get to see it either because then you won't be able to breath anymore, Zeel!" He sneered at her face.

"Is Dhir shah related to Dev sheth?" asked Umang in a cold claculated voice.

"No, Dhir is Vatsal's boss and dev worked with Zeel in her bakery. They both never knew each other." Came the answer and he closed his eyes in ager.

"Then why are they looking for my Zeel?" He muttered under his breath.

"B-because Dev was a really good friend of Zeel but I've no clue why Dhir was looking for her." Came the reply.

"Get me information regarding this Dhir Shah." He said coldly.

"B-but-h-how will I do that? You said you'll not bother me after having Zeel!" Came the angry voice.

"You want to die?" Umang asked in a chilling voice which was enough for that person to shut their mouth.

"What about Vatsal?" Umang asked with venom in his voice.

"He never showed up." Was the plain reply as Umang cut the call and stared at the wall in front.

His tongue still hurts after the stunt his vixen pulled on him. He didn't want to hurt her but she made him.

He thought he had taught her a lesson a month ago and she won't escape again and this girl didn't even get her feet working properly and she denied him a pure kiss.

His insides roared in anger thinking of the scenarios that she can make happen if he would make love to her.

She could consider herself lucky that he wants her but she's being ungrateful!

shaking his head he drew a puff from his cigarette as he walked to the room where she's kept. At this time he knows she'll be fast asleep, he's well aware of her schedule after all he had stalked her for long enough.

Twisting the doorknob he opened the door but didn't walk in as he placed his arm on the doorframe and stared at her in a leaning position.

There in the bed was the beauty in deep slumber, unaware of the evils surrounding her.

Her face slightly swollen because of his slap, there were fingerprints on her face. There was a bandage around her left shoulder. He sighed, last night in rage when he threw her on the wall she got clavicle broken, though it was a slight crack in the bone, she'll be fine.

Her peaceful face looked ethereal in the moon light and he was taken aback to the day when he first saw her in her bakery.

She was there just like frightened angel when she confronted the devil. She looked so pure, small, fragile and most importantly scared. The thing that intrigues him most were the changing expressions on her face. It was phenomenal, the way horror will strike her and the way determination will enter her eyes. He would've killed her that night but he didn't.

The voice inside his head didn't let him kill her!

He can't let her free either so he kept her under his watch and that changed something drastically. She did tell a man about the incident but the poor girl was proven wrong.

He became so accustomed to stalking her that he started having this urge to have her in front of his eyes, so he can touch her, feel her.

He started becoming angry of that fucking bastard of a boyfriend she had. He wants to kill him but that fucker was cheating on her back which makes the things all more easier for him.

That day when she went to the bakery after a month of witnessing that killing scene. Umang got cameras installed in her apartment, her room and even her restroom.

He's crazy!

And he's proud of it!

After that he went crazy on her. He would watch her on the screen all the time. He would watch her dancing, cooking, changing, and even showering! He watched her as if she's his drug and the urge to have her became stronger.

With all that watching the need to have her on his bed underneath him writing in pleasure became stronger. The crazy passion to be deep inside her became his need.

He was getting frustrated with his own self. He didn't want stupid girl to ruin his peaceful life because he knew if he indulge more into her he won't get time to go on hunting's and killing, then how will he control the fucking demonic voice in his head?

But what shocked him is that voice wants her!

His demonic side had developed an infatuation towards Zeel.

His demonic side! This is what he calls to the evil that resided in him. He considers or believes that there's this other person in his head that make him do everything evil but he enjoys it to but he will never accept the fact that he's evil. no! he's a gentleman in his perspective! A well known Psychiatrist!

Whatever wrong he does, he blames it on his demonic side though he enjoyed it equally and feels happy while shedding blood but as a psychiatrist or a patient he is, his mind didn't let him think in a normal way; rather put all the blame on that voice.

or perhaps there's something major illicit to him! he himself is unaware of.

Walking up to the sleeping girl, he sat down on the bed beside her and hovered over her sleeping form as he puffed his smoke on her face. The things that his demonic side was telling him to do sounds pleasing to him but now is not the right time for that.

First Zeel need to accept her fate.

He'll anything to keep her! To make her his after all he's intrigued by her. She fascinates him in this boring world.

"Wake up Zeel..." he whispered slowly closer to her ear as he pecked her temple. The girl stirred in her sleep as slowly her eyes shot opened; she blinked once, twice and when her eyes adjusted to the sight.

A strangled breath escaped her lips as she flinched back on the bed. Her blood turned cold in fright.

"Zeel." He cooed in a hushed deep voice as he drew another puff of smoke and he drew another puff of smoke and blew it on her face making her cough and lower back, fear gripping her form.

And there he saw it, those exciting changes of expression on her face from shocked to frightened to alert to bravery. He loved it.

" Who is dev?" He asked ever so calmly still hovering over her. Her mind that was numb for a while started working again as she registered his question and her heart sank thinking of Dev. Is he going to hurt him?

"An e-employee i-in my b-bakery." She stuttered without breaking at all.

"And?" Umang said coldly and she realized he already knew. "H-he's a f-friend a-as well." She replied as tears formed in her eyes. If he's inquiring about Dev after so many days of her being his captive then that simple means Dev is looking for her and it made her heart constrict painfully in her chest.

"Oh, I'll take care of him just like we took care of Naira." He mused and he controlled his grin as he saw her eyes widening and utter trepidation hitting her form.

"N- naira... you s-said you w-won't h-hurt her!" Zeel cried out completely hysterically as she tried to push him. "Zeel!" One growl from his side was enough for her to still, in her place.

"I didn't hurt her...yet...but it all depends upon on your behavior!" He warned with amusement in his eyes. "Who's Dhir Shah?" He asked calmly and her brows furrowed as she sniffed and tried to clear her mind.

"I d-don't know." She answered truthfully. He clicked his tongue as narrowing on her. " Your ex's boss, did it ring a bell?" He muttered the word ex venomously and her heart literally shook in her chest realizing that he knows so much about her.

And just like that she recalled that she met Dhir Shah in the party where Vatsal cheated on her. "Y-yes he was h-his boss. I j-just met him at the party." She told him truthfully.

Umang titled his head as he stared at her knowing that she's telling the truth and he moved back and she breathed a little.

But as if he recalled something bitter, he punched the pillow beside her head viciously and faced her again. His eyes dark and murderous, her whole body started trembling, contemplating what she did wrong now.

" You like that boss?" He inquired in a low hiss. Her throat dried up all of a sudden as it became difficult for her to breath in his presence.

He knows everything!

 Everything !

And it was creeping her out.

"N-no!" She stuttered but told truthfully. A grin appeared on his face. "Good that fucker left the country otherwise he would've been six feet under. Dare of that bastard to like what's mine!" Umang growled as if talking to himself, making her more scared than ever.

He then ever so slowly lowered down to her neck and kissed on it. Her eyes broadened in utter fear as he gave soft feathery kisses all over her neck and his kisses lowered to her collarbone and on her bandage making her wince in pain.

He further proceeded to lower the sheets but she clutched on them tightly. "P-please d-don't." She stuttered holding her breath.

"What?" He gritted annoyed.

"P-please." She begged with teary eyes.

"it's not like I've not seen anything." He muttered.

But she kept on clutching the sheets tightly to her chest. "Fuck!" He cussed and got off her. Turning to the LED, he linked it with his phone and played the video on it whereas Zeel watched him in confusion, fear and anxiety; thinking that he's going to blackmail her gain with naira but as soon as the video stated playing on the screen, her lungs stopped the process of respiration and the blood in her veins became cold as ice.

There in the video was her placing a bottle of wine and glass near the bathtub as she discarded her clothes one by one and got in the tub. After a while she came under shower as water cascaded down her body.

She started at the screen in trance as her whole body felt needles prickling in her flesh, her mouth slightly open and wide eyes filled with tears whereas he was completely satisfied with the terrifying expressions on her face.

"This one is my favorite clip of them all." he mused.

Her throat clogged up as she looked away unable to see the craziness of this man. All that time when she felt being watched wasn't her delusion. It was all real.

How did she end up here?

"You are ethereal." He mused and when her eyes met his, she took a sharp breath by his piercing gaze, his eyes were filled with an emotion that was unfamiliar to her. It was dark and hungry.

She scooted back on the bed, her back touching the headboard as she clutched the sheets tightly to her front.

"W-what d-do you want f-from me?" She stuttered trembling but not because of the cold but because of the fear that he's instilling in her.

A sardonic smile appeared on his face. "I want to possess you." He mused as if it's absolutely normal.

Her breathing became frantic as his words raked in her mind. This man is crazy! She needs to escape otherwise he'll kill her with his mental and physical torture.

"I'm not a t-thing! I'm h-human!" She tried to sound confident and angry but it was clear that he wasn't affected one bit by her words. 

"My human!" He muttered in a low whisper.

He turned the LED off and threw the remote on the couch as he faced her completely.

"P-please let me go..." She whispered in pure anguish, making his jaw clench in anger.

"You're my entertainment in this fucking world! How the fuck you expect me to let you go?" He snickered with bitterness in his voice making her flinch back.

"Let me make love to you." He rasped, making her eyes broaden in fear.

She can't deal with this man in a normal way. He's not right in the head! He will hurt her, would do wrong to her and that mere thought scared her.

"I-I'm in p-pain." She tried the other way. Though she isn't lying. Her feet hurt, her clavicle and whole back along with shoulders hurt like hell. Just late night he broke her bone and today he wants to make love to her? Bastard!

His brows furrowed as he stared at her with his intense eyes. "But I need you" He rasped and took steps towards her. Her heart dropped down in the pit of her stomach as she stared at his approaching form.

"P-please! I'm hurt!" She cried out scooting to the other side but he was fast as he held her ankle and pulled her in the middle of the bed under him earning a scream from her.

"I'll make the pain go away." He murmured as Zeel punched at his chest, shoulder, face with her tiny fist not caring that she's hurting himself in the process.

"Zeel...Zeel...Zeel!" He rasped and with that he slammed her wrists on either side of her head earning a sharp cry from her as her shoulder got stretched and pain shot in her clavicle.

"Shhh...I'll take away the pain." He rasped and slammed his lips on hers harshly as he kissed her roughly eating her lips like a caveman. He licked her lips with his tongue for an entrance and when she kept her lips sealed. He abruptly took both of her wrists in his one hand above her head which made her clavicle stretch and another scream escaped her lips. He took advantage and devoured her mouth and abruptly broke the kiss.

His free calloused hand grabbed her left bosom from above the sheet as he gave a rough painful squeeze to it earning a cry from her as her body jolted.

"if you bite my tongue again, I'll pierce your pink beautiful nipples and the piercings that you'll wear on your breasts will be of my name!" He sneered at her face pinching her nipple making her whole body go numb at that terrifyingly vicious threat.

He won't do that! 

He thrusted his tongue in her mouth and devoured her mercilessly; stroking her tongue with his as he sucked her tongue and violated her mouth. He was aggressive and rough as he squeezed the nipple of her left bosom earning a muffled whimper from her as she cried silently.

Her head started feeling dizzy due to the lack of oxygen before he finally broke the kiss and his wet hungry mouthed latched on her neck kissing and nibbling on it.

Zeel's breathing ragged as she lay under him helpless. A cry escaped her lips when he bit on her neck harshly marking her pale skin. " Fuck your skin is so soft!" He rasped as his hand left her bosom and went down.

A sharp gasp escaped her lips when he abruptly pulled the sheets up. She was just in her pantie's and he didn't waste a single second to tore her panties away making her cream in horror.

"Please! Stop!" She screamed at him to stop but it has no effect on him and her whole body jolted badly when his cold calloused hand cupped her sex.

"Fuck!" He cussed feeling her slick softness. "You are so fucking soft!" He rasped, rubbing her harshly earning a whimper from her as she trembled badly under him.

"S-stop!" She cried out as tears poured out of her eyes continuously.

"Ahhhggg! A scream escaped her lips when he insisted one of his large finger in her core, stretching her and she closed her eyes in pain as he started fingering her.

"Fuck! you are so tight!" He cussed and started fingering her slowly making her whimper. His lips landed on her jaw as he gave feathery kisses all the way to her neck and bit her on the curve of her neck and shoulder earning a hiss from her as he nibbled that area.

His pace became faster as he thrusted her more roughly and with force making her sob. She was only feeling pain and nothing else but within a few seconds she felt something building inside her as she came on his finger trembling.

He chuckled at her shuddering body and a wave of humiliation passed her body but it was shortly lived as he abruptly let go of her and go out of the bed going towards the closet.

Zeel flinched when she moved but she immediately got off the bed on shaky feet as she wrapped sheets tightly around herself and limped towards the door as fast as she can but her feet weren't helping and probably she wasn't fast enough cause next thing she was in his arms as he carried her bridal style.

Zeel was hysterical by now as she screamed and cried on top of her lungs, hitting and clawing at him but he was like a stone as he harshly threw her on the bed. It was so sudden that the oxygen was knocked out of her lungs for a second. Before zeel could gather her bearings he was on top of her like a predator.

"No! S-stop!" She screamed and punched him but he won't stop. "Ahhhh!" A sharp cry left her lips when he herked her hands up and handcuffed both of her wrists on the headboard.

Her heart dropped down to the pit of her stomach knowing where this is going as she started at him with wide fearful eyes...

Now as she was completely helpless and vulnerable in front of him. He ripped the sheets away from her body. Zeel flinched and pulled her legs up to hide herself but it was no use.

She was completely naked with only a bandage around her shoulder and clavicle. The black inked tattoo stood out proudly on her pale skin. And looking at his name printed on her skin made him all more crazy for her.

"You're so beautiful Zeel and only mine!" He rasped as he got rid of his clothes one by one as his eyes kept lingering on her like a vicious wolf. Dark and hungry!

Zeel closed her eyes when she heard his zipper going down . She started pulling at the cuffs slicing her skin in the process but she didn't care. She wants to be away from this psycho. She wants to hide away from him.

She was scared! 

Utterly terrified! She felt the bed dip down and her heart thud wildly ready to burst out of her rib cage.

Daisy felt his hands wrapping around her ankles and he jerked her body down, roughly straightening her up as she screamed and kicked her legs in the air but she was abruptly turned around as her face and front was on the bed.

A horrified gasp escaped her lips when he spanked her buttock. He spanked her near again and then gave a rough squeeze to it. She cried out loudly but her body jolted badly when she felt him straddling her thighs.

His hands spread her buttocks as he poked her behind making sheer fear to grip her form.

"NO! No! Please don't!" She cried horrified when he slapped his rod on her ass cheek making disgust to swarm in her form.

"Ill fuck you so hard from behind that you won't be able to walk for days!" He growled and inserted his finger in her behind . She was dry and it caused a painful sharp scream to escape her lips as he stretched her.

"Please Stop!" She screamed on top of her lungs and fear grip her form with full force.

A loud knock on the door had him cursing loudly as she prayed with all her might that lord save her.

Knock got louder and he cussed before getting off from her. " Who the fuck it is?" He roared making her flinch as she cried silently.

"Naira!" Came Naira's voice which made Daisy freeze in her place and Naira had a hammer in his hand which he stuck on Umang's head in a rapid force.......


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