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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Romance Action Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Romance Action Drama



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The nature of your thoughts decides the caste to which you belong too. In the Gita, your thoughts are divided into three categories- sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. In the above verse, GUNA means the nature of your thoughts and KARMA means the work that you do.

Raghavan Groups is one of the most prominent industries in Coimbatore. The owner of this company is Rajasekhar. He hails from Bodipalayam of Pollachi taluk. Rajasekhar started his business empire by raising a small shop and rose to fame.

Rajasekhar lives in a bungalow. He have been married to Gangothri and have three daughters: Yamuna(elder sister), Yazhini(younger sister) and Hasini(second younger sister). Yamuna have completed her fashion designing course and got married as per the choice of her father's. Yazhini's marriage is fixed with her father's choice of groom.

Rajasekhar awaits for a guy in their family.

"For whom are you waiting, ji?" asked Gangothri.

"I am waiting for Aravinth, ma. He is coming back from Singapore." Rajasekhar said.

"Oh! Yes ji. He just now told me that, he is about to come for Coimbatore." Gangothri said.

He is happier to learn about this. Aravinth comes to his house and a grand celebration of band is held awaiting his arrival.

He wears tee-shirt, pant and have a narrow facial expressions, with his black eyes and cool expressions.

"How are you, my boy?" Rajasekhar asked him.

"I am fine, uncle. How are you? How is your health? Where's Grandma?"

"All are good. She is in the prayer hall da."

"Prayer hall ah? At this 70 years of age also, she is still more active to take part in the prayers ah? Great."

"You have started to talk so well da, Aravinth." Gangothri said him.

"Aunty. Not like such. I am always same." Aravinth said.

"Ji. I forgot to ask you. Have your daughter Hasini finished her studies in Visual Communications? She is your favorite daughter right?"

"Yes da. She have completed. She is coming back to our house the coming second week."

He is happier to hear this and refreshes himself up. After coming down, he seeks blessings from grandma, after she comes out from the Pooja hall.

"God bless you, grandson. How is your work going in Singapore?"

"All good grandma. Due to the pandemic, they have shifted me to Coimbatore and asked me to work from home."

"What have you planned now, Aravinth?" Yamuna asked him.

"I don't know sister. Planning to continue my work and earn money. Because, I wanted to start a business on my own."

"You are settled right. Why to start a business da brother?" His younger twin brother Adhithya comes and mocks at him.

"More than working for other companies, I like to work on my own da Adhithya. That's why." He said. He is working as a technologist in the Infosys of Coimbatore district. He wishes to go for San Francisco from childhood. But, didn't worked out due to the circumstances.

"Aravinth. You come with me da. I have to speak a lot with you." Rajasekhar said to him. While going, Rajasekhar speaks about his new business contract with Adhithya and they proceeds to talk more.

While going, a few henchman hides and blocks their car. However, Aravinth beats them up using bravely and sends them off. Then, after attending the meeting he asks to Raghavendra: "Ji. Who are those guys? Are they that Aarti's henchman? Tell me uncle."

"Yes Aravinth. They were very angry that, I got their business contract by winning. That's why they attacked." Raghav said.

Furious, Aravinth takes his license gun and decides to shoot them.

"Aravinth. Stop da. Don't do anything in anger." Yamuna said to him.

"Sister. What are you saying? They tried to attack my Ji. Should I stop without doing anything?"

"No use of getting angered, Adhi. You have to be patient." Gangothri and the Grandma said him.

He calms down after Rajasekhar advised him, "For business, we would have lots of rivals like this Aravinth. We have to handle them with care and silence."

He then tells him, "Ji. We should have already killed them, before few years. But you spared them by giving a chance. I won't spare them anyhow, if they tries to do anything to you."

He leaves the place to meet someone, close to him.

Meanwhile, Yazhini comes back to Coimbatore and learns about Aravinth's return. She feels elated. Both these people used to fight in their childhood days. They are like cat and mouse.

"Rajasekhar. See how anger he is. He have the same behaviour like his father." His grandma said him.

"That's why I handle him with care, mother. My friend lost his life because of that Aarthi. His mother too died after delivery. I raised him up with care. Still more, he fails to control his anger."

"Dad. He is earning good. If we get him married. Since, he is also aging to 27 years. Let his life become brighter. Because he grew up without his parents."

Adhithya spits the water in fear. "Marriage ah? For him ah? Hoooo!!"

"Why da? Your brother shouldn't get married ah?"

"He have already saw a girl for that. Why should we fix him a marriage?" He said to himself.


"Nothing Yamuna sister."

Rajasekhar decides to think about this. Now, Aravinth meets his love interest Ishika, with whom he is in love since his college days. He have planned to marry her once his studies are finished and he is in a settled position. Adhi is quite cool, calm and thinks according to the situation.

Meanwhile, Sudheer spots Aravinth and Adhithya. He meets his sister Aarthi, informing her, "Sister. We have got a time to attack against that Rajasekhar. Since, his two adopted buddies have came there. They both are his close friend's son. Grown up in that house, after you killed him before years ago."

Aarthi comes there and tells him, "Sudheer. We should get them to us and using those guys, we have to kill that Rajasekhar."

"Yes sister." Sudheer said.

Aarthi is taking revenge against them. Since, her family once indulged in a corrupt activities. Henceforth, Rajasekhar exposed them and as a result of this, their property was seized by the government. Her entire family killed themselves. While, Aarthi alone escaped with her brother. In addition, her fiancee humiliated her, which made her alone. She grew up to take vengeance against the family.

Aarthi additionally plans to humiliate Rajasekhar during the

Meanwhile, Adhithya and Akhil gets ready to go for a place.

The Grandma asked them, "Where are you going guys?"

"Nearby place only grandma. For a refreshment. It's boring to stay inside the house."

"Go safe guys. Since, Covid-19 spreading is faster."

They agrees and while going, Adhithya asks to Aravinth about his love with Ishika. He asks him to inform this to Rajasekhar. He agrees to this. While going with the conversations, Sudheer stops the guys and introduces himself as Aarthi's younger brother.

Adhithya get angered initially. Aravinth however, holds him and asks to control his anger.

Sudheer then tells them, "Guys. I know you would be angered. But, I have came with a bumper offer. Let's settle the score with Rajasekhar."

The guys looked at him in vexation.

"He should have been killed in that attack. But, your father came in an got killed. I give you five crores. You finish them off as a revenge." Sudheer said.

Adhithya gives a tight slap for Sudheer in his right corner of the face. While, Aravinth tells, "Give like that da. How dare you bastard? Hey. After my father died, he took care of us da. He fed us and educated us. We would stay loyal and never kill him da."

Sudheer is furious and leaves from the place. He informs this to Aarthi, who angrily slaps him and tells, "Sudheer. This is not the right way da. We can't attack them with strength. We have to attack by their weakness."

"Sister. I will take care of these guys. You proceed with your plan to spoil Rajasekhar's family reputation."

Sudheer's henchman follows Aravinth to know about his daily schedules and activities. Aravinth meets Ishika and they have a memorable time in the house. She tells him to marry her soon. Since, she is gonna to complete her final year in Animation designs.

Sudheer decides to murder her brutally as a vengeance for his humiliation and also to instill a severe pain in Adhithya's heart, which he can't afford to tolerate, when his beloved one died. This was his weakness.

Yazhini too have followed him unfortunately to know about his activities with her friends. She and her friends are shocked to see Aravinth, hugging Ishika and pinching her face.

"I think he loves her, Yazhini."

A furious and heartbroken Yazhini then informs this to her family and shows a few photos of this to Rajasekhar. Aravinth gets confronted. He informs about his love, which shocks Rajasekhar. He decides to get them married before three days of Yazhini's marriage.

Ishika and Aravinth gets engaged under the view of Rajasekhar.


Aravinth meets Ishika during her birthday. She tells him, "Aravinth. I too lost my parents in childhood days. I grew up in an orphanage. I very well know joint family's importance. I wanted to live in your uncle Rajasekhar's joint family da. Will you do it ah?"

"Sure. I will live with them only, Ishika. I won't leave you at any cause."

While speaking, Ishika and Aravinth decides to go for a drive in car and proceeds with the plan. Sudheer's henchman however stops and tries to attack Ishika-Aravinth.

However, Aravinth manages to fight off the henchman. While fighting, he sees Ishika running from one of the henchman and tries to save her. But, Sudheer hits him in the abdomen and tells, "I gave you a bumper offer to kill Rajasekhar slowly. But you duo humiliated me. No way left for me, Aravinth. We are because planning to humiliate Rajasekhar. For that, you shouldn't be there."

Sudheer hits him in the forehead and further proceeds to attack him in the leg and hand. He lays down helpless. Ishika is dragged by the henchman.

Sudheer proceeds to kill her also without any mercy. Aravinth however, begs him to spare her life. But a heartless Sudheer tells him, "You touched my ego by slapping me."

He proceeds to beat her in the head brutally. She cries out in pain and have tears from her eyes. Aravinth cries out aloud. While Sudheer leaves the place and asks his henchman to surrender saying them, "Hey. You surrender to the police, saying that to escape the issue, I hit her in the head."

Due to the severe injuries, he faints. A few people saw them the next day and recognized it to be Aravinth. He is taken to the hospital, along with Ishika.

Upon checking Ishika, doctors come and informs them, "We checked her brain sir. No response. Unfortunately, she is brain dead."

Yazhini, Adhithya and Rajasekhar's family are shattered and starts to cry out aloud.

"We should save Aravinth atleast sir. He is fine. But, in that attack, his heart have got a slight damage. We need heart transplant for him sir. Ishika's parents should come for signing the form."

"Doctor. I will sign for her. Since she is an orphan." Rajasekhar and Gangothri signs the agreement.

The heart surgery is planned for Aravinth. In the treatment, a reflection of Ishika comes and tells him, "Aravinth. Nothing will happen to you da. I have came to you. I used to tell you right. There is a purpose in my life. I like to hug you now. Fearing for our love, even distance have went far away from us. In you me and in me, you our world is same. Bye." She goes as a reflection.

Rajasekhar then cremates Ishika telling her, "Eventhough you are separated by Sudheer, your love lives forever ma." He goes away in tears, after burning her body.

Aravinth's surgery is successfully finished and the doctors tells to Rajasekhar, "Sir. Operation is success. He have fractures in hand and leg. So he should be careful for four weeks."

"Doctor. We can see him?" Grandma and Adhithya asked him emotionally.

"No madam. He is in observation right now. You can see him tomorrow."

Grandma agrees heavy heartedly and the next day, a reminiscence of Ishika's attack reminds Aravinth and he suddenly wakes up from his bed.

"What's this? I have been in the hospital."

"Sister. For how many days I am in the hospital?" He asked to the sister, nearby.

"Three days sir."

Aravinth gets up from the bed and tries to go. Sister stops him and tells, "Sir. You shouldn't go right now. Please stay back."

However he refuses to obey her neither nor to converse. "Please leave me. Don't have time to talk with you. My name is Aravinth. Rajasekhar's relative. Please call them. No time to chatter."

Doctors give him a dose of injection and calmed him down. He peacefully sleeps. After three hours, he wakes up to see Akhil, Yazhini, Rajasekhar and his family.

"Uncle. Where is Ishika? Is she fine?"

"Grandma. Why all are silent?"

"Dei Adhithya. Tell da. What happened?"

"Aunty, Yazhini. What happened? Why all are silent? Let me go and see her. Something have happened to her."

Aravinth gets up and Rajasekhar tells him, "Adhithya. Calm down da. You shouldn't go now."

"Please da Aravinth. Now only you have recovered. Let's speak this later." Adhithya and Yazhini said.

However, he is adamant and Yazhini tells him, "She is dead Adhithya. While coming itself, she had been declared as brain dead."

Hearing this, Adhithya feels heartbroken and cries out aloud falling down.

"Aravinth. Calm down da. We aren't able to see you like this." Grandma said to him.

He remains upset for days and one day, he goes out in his wheelchair from the hospital room. Panicked Adhithya and Yazhini informs this to Rajasekhar.

Furious he asks them to search for him and shouts at them for being careless.

The guys see him wandering in the garden and goes near to him.

Yazhini and Akhil tells him, "Where all should we search for you da?"

"I am unable to see you like this da." Yazhini said.

"I have never cried for anything in my life da, Adhithya. But, when she left me, I am unable to heal this pain da. Life is harsh at sometimes, la."

They are guilty. Two days later, Grandma and Gangothri comes to meet him.

"We are unable to see you like this da. Only this girl have died right! I will search thousands of girls for you da." Gangothri and Grandma said.

"If we love any girls with our own wishes means, that's not love right grandma."

They becomes silent.


Aravinth returns home after getting discharged. He is taken care by Yazhini and Akhil. While taking rest, he reminds about Sudheer and gets disturbed. He remains restless and Rajasekhar sees him upset.

"Aravinth. What happened da?" Rajasekhar asked him.

"I am not able to sleep peacefully uncle. Whenever I close my eyes, Ishika's death in Sudheer's hands reminds me up." Adhithya said.

"Don't worry Aravinth. You take rest." Yazhini said, after coming there.

He remains upset for several days.


One month later, Aravinth gets cured completely. He meets Rajasekhar and tells him, "Uncle. I have planned to go back to Singapore."

"When are you going da?" Rajasekhar asked him.

"Two days later." He said him.

They agrees to his request. As Aravinth is leaving, a heartbroken and sad Yazhini sends him off, painfully. Since childhood days, she loved him and kept close to her heart. Writing love letters, drawing pictures of him, etc. Henceforth, she was furious and heartbroken, having seen him loving some other girl, choosing after her.

The same time, Aarthi and Sudheer gets arrested by the police. Because the evidence of murdering Ishika is in favor to them, thanks to Rajasekhar's efforts. They vows to finish off Rajasekhar's legacy and Aravinth in the prison.


Three months later, Aravinth returns back to India, from Singapore and meets Rajasekhar. He feels happier to know that, Yazhini is going to get engaged with Gautham. He is the son of Rajasekhar's long-estranged friend Anandha Kumar, who is his business partner.

During the wedding preparations, Aravinth notices Gautham upset and reluctant regarding the marriage. Then, Adhithya comes and asked him: "Brother. Seems like he is very upset with the marriage."

"No da. May be due to the work stress" said Aravinth.

Days later, Gautham and Yazhini's marriage is fixed. At the same time, Aarthi and her brother Sudheer is waiting for a right chance to stop the marriage.

As Gautham is returning back to the marriage hall, his car gets hit by Aarthi's henchman and the latter died on the spot along with his parents.

In the marriage room, meanwhile Yazhini weeps over her fate to marry Gautham. She speaks to Aravinth's photo asking him: "Doesn't you love me da. I hoped that, you could change. But, you still think about Ishika."

Her mother hears about this and consoled Ishika with the help of Yamuna. The meantime, Rajasekhar is shocked and puzzled over the accident of Gautham and his death.

Fearing for his reputation and for the humiliation by the people, Rajasekhar goes to Aravinth and asked him: "Aravinth. I don't have any other way, except to ask you marry my daughter Ishika da."

Hearing this, Aravinth gets shocked. He firmly refuses to marry her telling: "Still more, Ishika is there in my mind uncle. How could I marry your daughter? It won't be good uncle." And the same time, Yazhini cried for her fate.

Since, Yazhini's grandma too begged him and due to the circumstances, Aravinth reluctantly marries her. Because, Adhithya and Aravinth have been taken care and raised up by Rajasekhar, after the demise of their father.

During the first night, Aravinth tells Yazhini: "I know that, you too reluctantly married me. I too reluctantly married you. Still more, I love Ishika only Yazhini. I wanted to achieve something big, which Ishika wished. I need some time for myself to understand my position."

Yazhini's heart stops a second as Aravinth told like this. She thinks in her mind: "Didn't you love me da Aravinth? Doesn't I suit you? So you married me, just for the sake of my father's words ah?" Tears flowed from her eyes continuously. Controlling her emotions, she tells him: "Aravinth. Our thoughts, our lives are narrow, arid, hollow, empty. Emotionally we are starved. Religiously and intellectually we are repetitive, dull. We are not happy people. We are not vital and joyous at home, in business and at work place, due to various circumstances. Anyways. I would wait for you, hoping that your mind would change."

Aravinth hears this and proceeds to sleep down in the floor. While, Yazhini sleeps in the bed, crying the whole night. She feels heartbroken with such a shocking words from Aravinth. The next day, Aravinth as usual gets ready to go for Rajasekhar's company, in order to finish off some pending works, regarding a contract. In the company, Adhithya asked him: "Brother. Yesterday night, what happened? Ah! Ah! Ah!"

"Can you please shut your mouth? I doesn't want to answer for the roadside dogs" said Aravinth.

He usually goes and checks into the company issues and clears off the important files. Adhithya is furious to know from Yazhini that, "Aravinth is not happier with the married life and is just planning to seek divorce soon."

Without informing this to Rajasekhar, they decides to change his mindset. With the help of Hasini, Adhithya plots a plan to bring a change in Aravinth's mind. As Aravinth comes from the company during night time, Yazhini serves him the delicious and favorite food, Poori with Channa Masala.

A happier Aravinth eats the food saying, "Very tasty and excellent pa...Superb hand for you." Yazhini thanks him. He reveals to Rajasekhar saying, "Uncle. We have won the contract of Japan from Sudheer. Sooner, we would top our company."

He feels happier. While, Grandma asked him: "Are you both living happier da?"

"What's this question grandma? We are always happier." Yazhini said. While, Aravinth sits with his reluctant facial expressions fearing that, she could reveal the truth. However, he feels relieved.

The next day, as Aravinth goes as usual for the business meeting. Rajasekhar gets his first heart attack and is admitted in the hospitals. In the hospital, Rajasekhar expresses his wish to see him, "living happy with his daughter Yazhini and their cute children, whom he wishes to take care." Aravinth feels remorseful and regrets for what he is doing so far.

Meeting Adhithya, he tells: "I thought life is over as a loved one have left me. But, there is another chance for us to rejoice our life da. And that's Yazhini. I realize it now only da."

"Aravinth. When we seek to escape from the self, the means of escape are very important, and then they also become painful problems to us. Unless we investigate and understand the hindrances that prevent creative living, which is freedom from self, we shall not understand our problems." Adhithya said.

Aravinth balances the business and his uncle's good health. To keep him happier, he tries to do his best with the help of Adhithya, Yamuna and Hasini. During the course, Adhithya and Hasini falls in love with each other and their relationship grows stronger.

Yazhini however misunderstood Aravinth's care and affection to her. She feels that, "He is doing all these for the sake of her father's happiness" and behaves harsh to him personally, which makes him feel heartbroken.

During the course of time, Aravinth comes across the gifts, love letters and inept affections, that Yazhini have conserved these many days and feels emotional about it. Tears flows through his eyes and he is unable to concentrate on his business activities. He returns back, which Adhithya suspects and raised questions to him.

Aravinth tells, "I have been loved deeply by a girl inside the house itself da Adhi. But, I didn't realize that and instead searched outside. What a pity guy, I am!"

Later on, Aravinth meets Yazhini and says that, "He have truly reformed and is loving her so deeply from his heart."

Feeling emotional and remorseful, Yazhini runs and hugs Aravinth in the room and asked him, "I love you da Aravinth." Both of them shares some great moments. The family feels elated upon this.

"When shall we have our first night and a cute baby Yaazu dear?"

"Yaazu ah?"

"My cute wife should be called with a nickname right?"

Yazhini and Aravinth have some romantic fights and the whole night, they spends some qualitative time and grew intimate. Days later, Aarthi and Sudheer also gets released from the prison and plots to bring down Rajasekhar's family.

In between the times, Yazhini becomes pregnant with Aravinth's child. Adhithya and Hasini's love comes to light and their marriage is fixed. During a festival time, Aarthi tries to kill Rajasekhar. But, her plan backfires and she gets killed by the Goddess's plans. Sudheer swears for vengeance.

However, their happy days are outnumbered after Sudheer kidnaps Yazhini and her grandma in a temple. He challenges Aravinth to save them both, if he can. Grandma gets stabbed when, Aravinth was saving her. She is taken to the hospitals by Rajasekhar and is under treatment.

While, Yazhini have been buried deep in a box. After much challenges, Aravinth saves her by taking the box and rescuing her. In turn, Sudheer hits him in the head and says, "You the Singapore bastard. Are you trying to save your wife? I won't leave your family da. I am going to settle my socre to you. This beating is given for protecting Rajasekhar. This beating is for guarding him and insulting me. This beating is given to you for loving Ishika. This is for killing my sister Aarthi da."

"No Sudheer." Yazhini begged him.

"This is for trying to save Yazhini. Get totally da." As Sudheer is to hit him in the skull, Yazhini closes her eyes. However, Aravinth steadily gets up and starts to beat up Sudheer.

"Let's see each other today da. Are you getting up?" asked Sudheer and he removed his shirts...

"I am not Singaporian da. I am also a Tamilian and Indian only." Aravinth removes his shirt and engages in a duel with Sudheer, where he emerges victory.

While beating him, he takes a stick and tells, "I thought you would reform in the prison. But, dancing with evil plans ah?"

"This beating is given for killing my father da. This beating is for targeting and vowing to kill my uncle." While beating, Aravinth reminds of Ishika's death and starts to shed tears. Then, he gets up and continues to beat up Sudheer telling, "This beating is given, as you were the cause for my love Ishika's brutal death. This is for now trying to kill my unborn baby and Yazhini. Get totally da."

Sudheer begs Aravinth to spare his life, but he refuses and tells: "If I spare you even now, education is meaningless for me. For the welfare of good people, evils like you must die. Then only, this world would sustain. I mostly studied in Singapore only. But, I know the style of our Tamilians."

Sudheer is buried inside the same box, where Yazhini was buried. Before closing, Aravinth tells: "Sudheer. I should have done this, when you killed Ishika. But, now I am doing this as, you kidnapped my Yazhini." He closes the box and fills it with sands.


One year later, now Aravinth is leading a successful legacy for Rajasekhar's business empire, occupying the position of his father's duties along with Adhithya. They are now prominent businessman. Yazhini have delivered a girl child whom they named as, "Ishika." Adhithya is soon to get a child, as Hasini is 8 months pregnant.

Rajasekhar is taking care of Aravinth's child as a grandfather along with Yamuna, Grandma and his wife.

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