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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Siva Aravindan

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Siva Aravindan

Drama Fantasy Thriller

The Feud Unfolded

The Feud Unfolded

5 mins 343 5 mins 343

Branch 2 – The story follows the genre of sci-fi and fantasy.

He kept tapping the door repeatedly at this late hour in the night. It was raining outside and Vincent never wanted to open the door. Vincent trudged over to the door and pointed to him at the sign on the board, hoping he could read. “Look I can’t speak to you at this hour”, he said with a sigh. The man with the mask shook his head in acceptance but he moved inside shoving Vincent to the side. The man’s tone was threatening and he held a pistol in hand that was purposefully let loose on his fingers as he kept rotating the pistol.


The room had various digital displays that had various dynamic graphs on them. The low power waves identify the code for the radiation authentication. It is something similar to the RFID scanners and readers. Uncle Vincent remained seated looking at everyone around him giving them an empty look. The place that was busy with activity looked so calm and silent. “Where is the sword?”, that was the million-dollar question that needed an answer.

There was the photo on the wall opposite looking at which Vincent shuddered and tears exploded and he went out of control. “Sheryl…Why are you stopping me…It is for your good am doing all this…”, he whispered in desperation. He heard some voices at a distance,”Perception can only be by that which is different from all of them”. The voices trailed away and others in the lab looked at Vincent feeling sorry for him at this juncture.

Was it wrong to bring back his race that got destroyed? Is it a crime to bring back his beloved daughter?


Charu as such never believed in prayers. With things that she had witnessed over the past few days her perceptions were completely changed. She knelt down before the altar and prayed to god asking him to help her out of all that was happening around her. Few images in her head got her attention.She hurriedly made her way back home from the church thanking the god for his immediate help.


The soul of Sheryl could feel the pain though they were like bubbles on the water so tangible. Not just the need to attain salvation without undergoing the struggles her soul now experienced, there is a greater cause and purpose to protect the mankind. She looked at those ripped forests, dead animals, broken sculptures, land that was in drought. She could imagine what it would be in near future. She was happy that atlast the wars were over and there would be some peace after her death. Though she understood her father’s love, she knew his technology can harness greater benefits to the mankind. His attempts to bring back the lost race would again start the war between the races. She remembered the last ever war that she witnessed,lives lost and the bloodshed. She shuddered avoiding those memories.

It was their years long difference in opinions and she decided to put it to an end, the idea to bring back Etlean race.


The man was silent as he sat in the couch by the east facing windows. His pistol was aimed at Vincent’s forehead. Vincent sat opposite hoping he would talk something. The silence got more strange and Vincent perspired despite the cold climate outside. The man had decided to kill Charu and not Vincent. He wanted to proceed Vincent’s experiment for his own purpose. He believed Charu had discovered quite a lot and it would lead him into trouble.


Charu got the digital book that was in the locker of her old cupboard. She inserted the chip that was specifically designed for it. The pages took time to load and in few minutes the text began to appear. The title was “The unkempt parody” and the abstract painting of the woman appeared and below the painting was the author’s name “Charu”. She know the page from where she needed to start reading. She flipped the pages virtually and reached the page from where she had to start.

The pages revealed that Sheryl was the daughter of Uncle Vincent and was the last of the Etlean race. Martha was Sheryl’s stepmother and she was stepsister for Ruth. Martha was against having Sheryl with them in the house. This made Vincent move out of the house with her. Vincent was then working on nuclear subjugation to bring back his Etlean race. It was during one of the experiments that Sheryl had volunteered herself as the subject and had died in the process. The guilt of killing his own daughter haunted Vincent and he took a vow to bring back both Sheryl and his race.

Charu wondered how her story was happening in reality. There was surprise in store for her as she read the other pages. She rushed down the stairs and started her car in a hurry. The car whizzed past leaving a trail of smoke behind. Charu’s father wondered what was wrong with her. She knew where to go as she typed the coordinates on the satnav system. The speaker started to tell her the directions.


Uncle Vincent started feeling a bit drowsy and he struggled to stay with his eyes open. He felt like he was being carried somewhere. The man smiled and whispered everything will come to an end soon.

Charu reached the place and shouted “Vincent”….There was no response except for the silence and the lantern lit near the window. The breeze had a pale yet a soothing effect. The raindrops from the leaves fell on her shoulders. The door was open and she looked around. She was sure that something was definitely wrong. 

She sat in the steps thinking about what to do next. Her emotions were mixed. There was nostalgia and a fear which was inexpressible. She tapped the code in the machine and she knew what would happen. In the glass window she could see the transformation of Charu into Sheryl. The woman on the cover of the book was in the reflection and she felt being swayed in air..

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