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Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Romance Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Others Romance Action Thriller

The endless love

The endless love

34 mins 289 34 mins 289

DISLCAIMER NOTE: Owing to the heavy violence and intensity of the story, it's meant only for matured and adults readers. Needs parental guidance for the Children. 

"Love should set another person in love with us free". One has to understand that all humans have the capacity to make errors. Humans are neither completely good nor completely bad. They are an integration of mixed qualities. One has to make people understand their bad habits and not expect them to know everything.

AT 9:30 PM, 12 MARCH 2018:


Around 12:00 AM(midnight) in 12 March 2020 near Singanallur Lake, amidst the dark clouds and severe rainfall in a abandoned tunnel, two people are fighting each other brutally. In the ensuing fight, one of the fighter, in black suits, blue pants, covering his face with black mask grabs a gun from that woman and shoots her two times in the chest. Afterwards of this, he takes his knife and stabs her brutally in the stomach.

The woman died on the spot, following multiples of injuries. To avoid traces of clues, the man cleans up the bloodstains and goes out from the place. As he is going out, he shouts out aloud, after reminding few events, that have followed up in his life. After sitting for a while, near the lake, he escapes from the place in his bike. While going in the bike, he suddenly experiences nerve problems in his brain and stops the bike.

He forgets some events that took place before few hours. After a long sound in the road, he manages to recall for the purpose, to which he have came here. Then, he tells to himself: "My name is Akhil. I am from SITRA of Coimbatore district. From my uncle Commander Rajendran's house. As I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, I have to recollect several things. If some needs 2 or 3 hours enough to recollect something, I need 10 or 12 hours to set myself right."


13 MARCH 2018, 7:30 AM-

In his uncle Rajendran's house at 7:30 AM, Akhil tells to his uncle: "Uncle. I am going to my college."

"Ok Akhil" said Rajendran.

Akhil takes his bike keys and inserts it. Then, he starts his bike, with Adhithya accompanying him and rides it towards his college's backsides. After going inside the campus, he parks it accidentally in the No Parking lot.

"Hey. You have to park in the allotted place man. Where are you parking your bike?" asked the security man.

"Oh. I am sorry sir" said Akhil and he parks it in the allotted place.

As he goes inside the college, he sees a TV news in which they are telling: "Today's breaking news. A women have been brutally killed to death. The said woman is told to be DSP Chitradevi. Police investigations is going." He smiles and proceeds to go inside his class, after reaching the Third year block of B.Com(Accounting and Finance).

There, one of his friend Sanjay Krishna asked him, "Why was you absent yesterday da?"

"I have went to Singanallur with my uncle da" said Akhil.

"There ah? In that place only, DSP Chitradevi got murdered it seems da" said Adhithya.

"If she have been caught by me means, I could have killed her brutally da" said Sanjay, by tightening his hands and chuckling his teeth.

"Who da? You ah? You can't even pull a bull, with your 95 kilos of body weight da" said Adhithya. Hearing this, Akhil laughs and sits in the first bench allotment.

"Hey Sanjay. Have you finished the practice workshop record?" asked Akhil.

"No da. I didn't even touch the record note" said Sanjay.

"What about you da? Have you completed?" asked Adhithya.

"One exercise alone is pending. Rest all, I have finished" said Akhil. Adhithya then tells him, "As you are the topper of this college, you would complete everything. For us, we are just above-average students."

Akhil tells Adhithya to shut his mouth, as teacher is coming around the place. They attends the class, along with other students. Inside the class, a girl wearing blue steel-rimmed spectacles, with blue eyes, bubbly face-cheeks watches him from the back bench. As she is watching him closer, one of her friends tells: "Hey Roshini. Listen the class."

"Ok Abhinaya. I will listen the class." She said by keeping her hands on the cheek and observes Akhil, instead.

11:45- BREAK TIME:

Around 11:45 during the break time, Akhil goes near to Roshini and tells her, "This is not the right way Roshini. From the first year I am telling you. Love is not my cup of tea. Stop admiring or following me."

"No way, Akhil. I truly love you. Henceforth, I won't leave you anytime and anywhere" said Roshini.

He almost tries to slap her in a fit of rage and anger. But, controls his anger and tells her, "Your path is different and my path is totally different. And you won't understand my situation. Please don't follow me like this. It's not like a cinema. Stalking is a severe crime." Akhil angrily leaves from the place, along with Adhithya.

As he is leaving from the place, a hurt Roshini almost feels like crying and sits in the table. She closes her face and cries silently. As she is crying, Sanjay comes and asked her, "What happened Roshini? Why are you crying?"

"I didn't cry, Sanjay" said Roshini, trying to manage the situation by smiling.

"I know what happened. Why should you actually, go behind this fellow? He didn't even respect your love, right?" asked Sanjay.

"Because, Love is endless Sanjay. He supported me by motivating and inspiring me, when I told him that, my mother died and I was raised up by a single father. When everyone mocked me, he supported me. That's why" said Roshini.

The same time, Adhithya asked Akhil, "Hey Akhil. Why are you like this da? She is so pity da."

"Adhithya. You know that, I don't like girls. Are you speaking like this?"

"Why don't you like girls da? Are they that much cruel?" asked Adhithya.

While sitting in his uncle's house after finishing his college classes, Akhil reminds off the questions asked by Adhithya and sits ablaze, thinking the same. He is unable to sleep well and henceforth, recalls his childhood life, before few years back.


Akhil was born to a middle-class family, next to his elder brother Arjun. Akhil's mother Yamuna was money-minded and often quarrels and picks up fights with their father Krishnaswamy, who worked as an employee in the Infosys company of Bangalore. One day, after a heated argument, Yamuna left his house, back to her hometown Pollachi. While going there, an accident between a bus and lorry, kills her along with thirteen other passengers.

Blamed for the death, Krishnaswamy is outcast by Yamuna's family and he took the two children to Coimbatore, aided by Commander Rajendran, who supported them from the beginning. The incident where, his mother fights and argued with him, had a huge impact in Akhil's mind and he became a misogynist, right from the beginning.



AT 6:30 PM:

Few days later on 18 March 2018, Akhil sets out to clear out his next target. He is a local gangster George Mohan, who is the henchman of a local politician Selvanayagam and his younger brother Sudheer Krishna. Also, he works as a spy for International Drug Cartel Leader Mohammed Irfan Khan and his younger brother Abdul Kadhar.


As he is going through his bike towards Thadaagam towards the secluded place, Akhil suddenly blocks his car and stands by masking his face, with his knife. Threatened to be an old enemy, George asks his henchman to attack Akhil. However, Akhil uses his knife and knocks out the first henchman. He sits near his bike and ties up his shoes.

George then turns back at his second henchman and asks him to attack the guy, through his eye of expressions. Observing this clearly, Akhil stabs the henchman's chest instantly, after tying his shoes. Following this, the three other henchman forms as six and surrounds him.

At first, Akhil struggled to fight with them and gets attacked. But, remembers the chess game in the middle, which he have played with his uncle Rajendran, where he told him: "Akhil. While playing chess, you have to wait and give a chance for your opponent. From the starting position in chess, the fastest checkmate possible can happen in two moves. It's best known as the Fool's Mate. A player cannot force his opponent into Fool's Mate. White has to start the game with the two worst moves."

Akhil now understands that, George have made his second worst mistake. He names the first three by allotting them as: f3 and g6 respectively in his mind. While, he names the last three as g4 Qh4#. As Akhil is well-trained in Silambam, he hits the first three by hand-to-hand combat. And then, he finishes them by stabbing. Now the left one is the last three. He struggles, fights and kills them all.

The only one left here is King. But, according to Akhil's mind, it's the horse, which have been caught now. Akhil fights with George Reddy in a hand-to-hand combat and overpowers him. He stabs him for multiple times.

A dying George asked Akhil, "Why do you want to kill me man? Who are you?" Despite the outflow of blood from his mouth in the dying moments, George was so curious to know, why Akhil have killed him.

"You killed several people, spoiled the life of several people, just for the sake of money. Didn't have any reason for your act. Then, why should you know the reason before dying. Do not rest in peace, while you die! But, cool your head, at least when you die." Akhil sits near him and tells this, after going closer to his eyes.

George starts to struggle, fights for his life and finally succumbs to the multiple injuries, after five minutes. Now, Akhil hangs him down from the tree.

9:00 PM:

After thirty minutes, he gets a phone call from Rajendran, who asked him: "Where are you Akhil?"

 "Uncle. I am coming towards SITRA. Will reach your home by 10:00 PM" said Akhil. He reaches his house, on time and goes for sleep, after eating a very little food for his dinner. Rajendran notices some change in the activities of Akhil and additionally, observes change in his behaviour. He decides to investigate about the issue.


The next day in Thadaagam road around 5:30 AM, a car driver notices the dead George Reddy and immediately calls the police. The police team takes the dead body and at present and ACP Dinesh arrives to the spot.

"Ask the forensic team to come" said the area Inspector, to one of his associates.

"What man? Did you find anything? The same guy only killed ah?" asked ACP Dinesh.

"I think so sir" said the Inspector.

Dinesh calls his superior officer, SP Harichandran and tells him, "Hello sir. The notorious gangster George Mohan died along with his henchman."

"I know. Was there any evidence or traces of clues in the spot?" asked Harichandran.

"No traces of evidence sir. But, one difference was found in this murder sir!" said Dinesh.

"What's that difference?" asked Harichandran.

"In the first murder. That is, in the death of DCP Chitradevi, she have been stabbed brutally. But, she wasn't hanged and instead, got disposed nearby lake. I am going to investigate this in further sir" said Dinesh.

"Damn it. Stop it, you idiot. The same month, second murder. First murder itself, no clue left" said Harichandra.

"Sir, if you give time for one week…" said Dinesh, to which Harichandra replied saying, "Would you recover Third dead body ah?"

"Sir…" said Dinesh.

"On one side, the Government. And on the other side, Media. What should I have to answer them?" asked Harichandra.

Dinesh looks and Harichandra tells, "Take these case details and come to my office to meet me." Harichandra speaks with the Tamilnadu Home minister and brings a Special Investigation Officer named ACP Yash IPS, from Hyderabad.

Yash is quite smart and intelligent in handling the murder case. After analysing the two murders with the help of police officers, Yash forms a meeting along with the officers.


The same time, one of the rivals of Akhil in the college named Surya goes to meet him and tells, "I am going to participate in the today's Chess Competition. And you know who is the opponent against you? Myself."

He throws an open challenge to Akhil, which he accepts. The same time, ACP Yash asked the officers, "Is there any difference in this murder case?"

"Yes sir. The first one, who died was a cop. The second was a gangster under the head of Mohammed Irfan Khan" said a police constable.

"Super. Go and get me a cigarette" said ACP Yash, after which the constable goes.

"The first victim was stabbed and thrown near to the lake mam. While, the second victim, that is, criminal George Reddy was stabbed for multiple times, along with his henchman too, in the same pattern" said ACP Dinesh.

"Exactly. Are you able to sense anything?" asked ACP Yash.

"Sir. He have killed George Reddy, waited for his death and then hanged him" said Dinesh.

"The murdered spot is different and the place, where we got George's body is different. So, in both the murders, the killer have some motive. Though we didn't get any clues in this murder, I can judge something here…The murderer have been a well-trained Chessboard player. It's clearly seen in the crime scene" said ACP Yash.

The same time, Akhil wins the chess competition, being encouraged by Roshini. As he won, Adhithya and Roshini whistles and congratulates him. Then, Sanjay asked to Surya's friend Pandi, "Hey. 6*8 is what da?"

"In river, only water would go. Not, eight da" said Adhithya.

Akhil and Roshini uncontrollably laughed upon hearing this. While, Sanjay tells, "When he have born, he should have been given black milk and killed, da."

"Is this necessary for you da?" asked Pandi.

"In friendship, these are common da" said Adhithya. Afterwards, Surya comes to Akhil and tells him, "You know chess competition. But, you don't know how to fight da." He then decides to anger him, as a means of revenge.


Knowing that Roshini is his weakness, Surya decides to trouble her. She is coming in sari, in which she looks like a pretty queen and further, having a gorgeous look.

"Hey Roshini" said Pandi.

She turns back to him and Surya tells, "Come here…Hey come here, you stupid."

She goes near to them, with a sort of fear and troubled face and asked, "What do you want?"

"During the chess competition, you encouraged Akhil that much. Why?" asked Swaroop, Surya's other friend.

"I heard that, he didn't even noticed you and just considered you as his friend. Haa" asked Rithika, one of Surya's close friend.

She searches for words and replies, "He loves me or hates me. What bothered you?"

"See da. She is getting angered. If Akhil comes means, she would be much bolder to talk against us" said Swaroop.

"Because, their relationship is like such. Intimate relationship" said Rithika, to which everyone laughs. Humiliated and angered, Roshini almost felt like crying and tells, "Hey. Kindly mind your words."

"How dare you raise your hands!" said Rithika and she slaps her hard. The same time, Akhil comes along with Adhithya and his other close friends, Shyam, Sanjay and Deepika, who were telling him, "Buddy. We have to submit our Practice Workshop records, today."

"Okay da" said Adhithya and Sanjay. While going inside the college, Akhil sees Roshini crying, by closing her face. He sees Surya's friends and he himself, standing there. Akhil goes near to her and asked, "What happened Roshini? Why are you crying?"

She feels hesitant and later tells, what Surya and his gang done to her. He angrily goes along with Deepika, Sanjay, Shyam and Adhithya, where he confronts Surya. The gang stands feared to Akhil.

"How dare would you slap my friend Roshini! You idiot" said Deepika and she gives a tight slap for Rithika, left and right.

"Deepika" said Surya.

"Hey. If you shout means, you too would face the same consequence." Akhil said, by strangling his neck. Adhithya tells in addition, "What bothers you if he loves or hates that girl? Why you are intervening in this. Clash directly with us. If you once more do this, I would smash you severely."

"Come Roshini." Akhil said by holding her hands and while going, he turns back to Surya and tells, "Hey. Now I tell da. I love her sincerely. I would marry her only. Do whatever you wish da."

They all gets shocked. While, Akhil's friends feels happier, upon hearing this from him.

12:00 PM:

After finishing the college, Roshini goes along with Akhil. While going, both of their family informs them that, "They are going for an important work." Using this as an opportunity to spend some qualitative time with Akhil, she requests her father that, "She is going for her friend Poorani's house" which he agrees, despite refusing initially.

8:30 PM:

She goes to Rajendran's house with Akhil.

Around 8:30 PM, Akhil sits in his house, having finished his works, where she asked him, "Is that true words Akhil?"

"Yes. I indeed, told true words. I finally, realized the importance of endless eternal love. I love you Roshini" said Akhil, nearing to her.

She is unable to control her emotions and hugs him. She tells, "Love you, Akhil. I love you."

A few seconds later, Akhil almost goes near her lips to kiss her. But, Akhil backs off from this, having remembered the offensive words of Surya. However, Roshini herself goes near to him and kisses in his lips softer. He gives a glass of water, from the fridge, as she is thirsty.

As she is drinking the water through her mouth, he notices her eyes and is unable to take off his eyes from her. A thirst of lust for sex, provokes inside the mind of Akhil. He goes near to her and sits. Akhil asked her, "Why you chose me as your lover, dear?"

"Because I have never behaved closer with any boys, before Akhil. Additionally, you cared for me. That's why" said Roshini. He slowly takes his hands and touches her arm lightly. When talking with her, he leans in. Holding her gaze, he leans in a bit more and touches her cheek. He tells Roshini, "Roshini. You are beautiful. Inside and out."

He tries to go for his sleep. When almost going to bed for sleeping, he suddenly comes fast to her and kisses her softly, in the lips. He lingered and pulls her away, little. As she is seeing him with love and affection, with a smile, Akhil waits. She leans in after which, he kisses her again, with his lips lingering around. He takes the lead to the bed, while Roshini also follows him. In the bedroom, Akhil pulls her close and holds her by the waist. She comes closer. Noticing the body language and moves, he holds her in the arms, gently. Down her back, he trails his finger. Afterwards, he feels the fabric of her sari on his skin and run his fingers through her hair. After trailing his fingers through her jawline, he holds her chin up.

Then, he takes her by hand, lights a fire- in the room and in her. Taking his own time, he kissed her more passionately, with more love in his face. After a few mesmerizing moments, Akhil slowly removes her sari, like sculpting a statute. He himself, removes his clothes and sees how her body shifts right into his arms. Akhil continues, kissing her, lingering on his lips. Taking her hands, he entwines his finger. After stroking the nape of her neck gently, he kisses her neck.

He carries her by arms and lead her to the bedroom. After laying her down in the bed, he admires her beauty in that moment. Akhil realizes his mistakes of rejecting her love and realizes that this quote, "She is always grateful to him" is true. Roshini too feels that, "She is lucky to live with Akhil."Akhil and Roshini spends the whole night together by sleeping in each other's body.

3:30 AM:

Around 3:30 AM, Akhil wakes up from his bed and sees Roshini crying silently. He kisses her shoulders and asked, "Why are you crying Roshini?"

"We have done mistakes Akhil. I was in a haste" said Roshini.

"Dear. Why are you thinking like such? Are you doubting me?" asked Akhil, looking at her eyes. She looked at him.

Akhil tells her, "I truly loved you dear. Even if I die, I would marry you only. No one can separate us at any time and any circumstances. Our love is endless." She emotionally hugs him.



Akhil have finished his semester exams and topped the university, waiting for the results and placement offer from Infosys Multi-national corporations. At the same time, Akhil goes for Marudhamalai Murugan Temple along with Adhithya, Shyam, Deepika, Surya, Surya's friends(who have settled his differences) and Roshini.

They performs some rituals and prayers in the temple. At that time, MLA Selvanayagam and his younger brother Sudheer Krishna sees Akhil, alive. Sudheer Krishna and MLA Selvanayagam recalls some events that have happened in Mumbai and Pollachi. Stunned and utterly shocked, both of them goes outside the temple, with no words to say.

As Sudheer is telling, "Hello" to some unknown man in his phone, someone from backside stabs him in the stomach. When getting stabbed, Sudheer notices his brother Selvanayagam too being stabbed brutally. Turning backside to see, they are terrible to find out Akhil and Adhithya, standing besides with full of rage and anger. Surya and his friends are shocked to see this darker side of the guys and are shocked terribly.

As the two tries to escape, both Adhithya and Akhil takes a knife and goes near to the guys, who falls down due to the stabbing.

"Are you both still more alive?" asked Sudheer Krishna.

"Wicked tendencies and immoral acts have to be punished and the only thing the man can preserve is the Dharma. If I spare vulture people like you, then justice won't prevail da" said Adhithya and Akhil. Both of them stabs the guys for multiple times. Terribly shocked and frightened, Sanjay, Shyam, Deepika, Surya, Surya's friends and Roshini tries to run away from the place, only to catch the glimpses of Akhil and Adhithya. Since, the guys have seen them.

8:30 PM-

The guys have been caught in the middle of Marudhamalai hill roads, while escaping from the temple.

"Will you kill us? Kill us ah? Kill me. But, I worry that, you duo's original identity as a criminal would go unnoticed" said Deepika, asking to Adhithya.

"I believed you two da. But, terribly cheated us like this" said Sanjay and Shyam. While, Roshini remains silent and didn't even utter any single words.

Deepika then goes near to Adhithya and tells, "I thought you to be comedian and fun-loving guy. Still more, I can't believe it was you. How come you two be brutal like this da?" She says these with tears, flowing from her eyes.

"Stop it. Just stop it. Who cheated you da? Who I asked you? You know whom are we killing? The most notorious people, who are sucking our country to graveyard. To be short, they are all bloodsucking criminals. You all know me as an misogynist. Does you all know me as a doting younger brother? Do you know about my family?" asked Akhil.

"You thought me as fun-loving and happy guy only. But, does you know about our pains and sufferings?" asked Adhithya.


After Akhil's mother died and following the difference with Yamuna's family, Akhil's father Krishnaswamy and his elder brother Arjun didn't come for Coimbatore instantly. They waited for sometimes and stayed in Bangalore for some days. At that time, terrorists attacks arises out. In the ensuing blasts, Adhithya's entire family are brutally killed. Only he escaped from the blasts, barely.

Krishnaswamy adopted him as the part of his family. The bomb blasts gave a huge impact in the minds of Arjun. He was left flawed and depressed. His whole world and path changed from then, at the age of 16 years. News reporters told Muhammad Irfan Khan and Abdul Kadhar to be responsible for the attacks. To avoid the trauma, Krishnaswamy relocates to Coimbatore and changes his children's school.

Until then, he was money-minded. When going from Bangalore to relocate their house at Coimbatore, Arjun sees the memorial kept for the victims. The incident hardly affected him a lot. Despite following Krishnaswamy's objections, Arjun refused and stubbornly joined IPS.

In a fit of rage and anger, Krishnaswamy outcastes his son. Akhil understood the value of his father's love and affection. He supports his father's decision. However, at that age of 16 years itself, Adhithya tells Krishnaswamy: "Dad. He is our elder brother Arjun. Where will he go, if you disown him?"

"Don't speak beyond the limit, Adhi" said Akhil, warning him. Adhithya remains silent.


Six years later, Akhil and Adhithya tops the 12th examinations, district level. The chief guest for that function is ACP Arjun IPS. However, Akhil declines his honorary award angrily and leaves away from the stage. Adhithya however, respects him and gets the honorary award. Akhil's father scolds him for doing like such and tells, "Problem is between me and Arjun only da. Not between you and Arjun. He is your elder brother da. Don't hurt him. Go and ask sorry."

Akhil reluctantly agrees and goes to his house, along with Adhithya in Ganapathy Head Quarters. There, he feels emotional upon seeing his brother and apologizes to him. They reconciles back. Things go well, after Krishnaswamy also realizes his faults and he reconciles with his estranged son.

With the insistence of Krishnaswamy, Arjun got married to a girl of his father's choice and soon got a baby girl named Aishwarya. While, Adhithya and Arjun were studying in MGT College of Arts and Science, staying with Rajendran. Because, Krishnaswamy wished to reconcile with Yamuna's family, settling their differences. They all reunited happily and were leading a happy life.

Few days later, Arjun arrested a college student for using drugs in the class. Upon catching him and interrogating, he came to know that: "The guy was trapped with free drugs. Afterwards, was forced to sell drugs to the other students, being addicted and started to do the same, insisted by the mafia gang."

"Who gave you these drugs da?" asked Arjun. As he refused to say, Arjun uses his weak point and eventually, he leaks George's henchman name Farook Ismail.

Upon interrogating him through brutal tortures for a week, Farook tells, "Allah! I will tell the truth sir."

"Sir. Not George Mohan sir. He is just a middleman in this business. But, behind him, an International Drug Cartel mafia leader Mohammed Irfan Khan and his younger brother Abdul Kadar have been involved in this. Above all of them, there are 100 drug kingpins involved in this in our country sir. All operated from Mumbai. Cocaine are produced in kilos in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and South America sir. From there, through Indonesian and Nigerian mafia leaders, we export the drugs. Since, drug enforcement agencies were raiding against the drug mafia in USA, UK and Canada. Potassium Permanganate was there in bulk. It was plus for us sir. To earn crores, we targeted school groups, college students and woman for the supply. After he gets addicted only, we can able to find out that, he is addicted. Except these people, no one have seen those 100 Drug kingpin face to face anywhere and any place sir."

"Was there any political support for you?" asked Arjun to which, the guy blinks and tells, "Really I doesn't know about that sir."

Arjun's associate Inspector Sundar records his conversation and the duo goes to meet DCP Chitradevi IPS for getting arrest warrant against George, to which she agrees to and tells him, "Arjun. Don't be hasty. We have got enough evidence against them. But, if we immediately arrest them, they would become alert. Hence, we have to wait and attack against them."

However, she went to meet George Mohan and tells him about this, seeing Mohammed Irfan Khan and Abdul in a phone call. Promised with huge sum of money, she gives the evidence to them and Mohammed Irfan Khan tells George, "Hey George. Kill that Arjun's family. But, none should know that, he was killed. It should be like an accident. Everyone should fear against us from this."

"Okay sir" said George Mohan.

8:30 PM, 12 OCTOBER 2015:

When everyone were getting ready to go for sleeping, Aishwarya was crying out aloud and Akhil-Adhithya tells him: "Brother. I will take her for a walk and bring her back."

"At this time ah da?" asked Krishnaswamy.

"No worries dad. We would take her safer" said Adhithya. They agreed reluctantly.

"What happened dear? See this uncle. See, see" said Akhil.

"She is looking exactly like our brother, right da?" asked Adhithya.

"Yes da" said the duo and they were walking in the road. Upon returning to the house, Akhil finds out blood stains everywhere in and around the house. He sees a bleeding Arjun and goes near to him along with Adhithya(who keeps the child safer inside the bedroom) asking him: "Brother. What happened? Who did you like this?"

"Akhil. I got betrayed da. I killed our family, our father and you by betraying and joining the police force. Now, I am repenting for my mistakes da" said Akhil.

"Nothing will happen to you, brother. We are there with you" said Adhithya, crying.

"Akhil. This is your brother's last wish, before dying da" said Arjun. Akhil tells, "Tell me brother."

"My wife was brutally shot da. Even they didn't even leave our other family members da. They have killed our father gorily and left a lots of bloodsheds behind da. Don't leave them da. I wasn't able to fulfil my duties as an officer. But, you two fulfil my last wish as an ordinary citizen by getting justice for our family's death and for the welfare of this society da. Promise me?" asked Arjun.

"Promise brother. We won't spare those, who killed our family brutally" said Adhithya.

"Akhil. There are four people involved in this. I know you are skilled in chess game. One is: Bishop, Second is: Horse, Third is: Elephant, Fourth is: King. Don't leave them da." Arjun dies, while saying this. Noticing that, the house would explode within one minute, Akhil and Adhithya took Arjun's child and escaped the blasts.

Meeting Rajendran and revealing him the events that occurred, they ensures the safety of Aishwarya in the house of Rajendran's daughter. They comes to know from interrogating that: Sudheer Krishna, his brother MLA Selvanayagam, DCP Chitradevi are involved in this attack, for monetary settlements. Additionally, Akhil realized that, "They are behind money to earn wealth."


Hearing this dark past, Akhil's friends have tears flowing down from their eyes and by this time, Adhithya reveals, "We waited around three years to prepare ourselves for this battle. Rajendran uncle trained us physically as well as mentally. We strengthened ourselves in Silambam, to strengthen us. However, Akhil suffered ADHD, and often got distracted. Seeking a right time, Akhil took down Chitradevi near Singanallur. Following that, we targeted George and finished him off brutally. Knowing that MLA is coming to Marudhamalai temple, with our uncle Rajendran's help(he is their close friend and party supporter), we killed him now."

"Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat-and, by so doing, you shall never incur sin. The Gita permits no distinction between one's relation and others" said Akhil.

"I can understand your cause of vengeance. I can understand your pain. But, avenging will not end your pain. Think once and leave this path" said Deepika.

"Tolerating injustice is a great sin, according to Bhagavad Gita Deepika. Let them bring back, justice to light" said Roshini.


Five days later, Abdul Kadhar arrives to Coimbatore and does parallel investigation with George's gang. The same time, Yash also investigates about the case along with Dinesh and forms a meeting with his officers.

"There is some inter-connection with this murders and some ordinary man" said Yash.

"How you say like such sir?" asked the same police constable.

"Get me a cigarette" said Yash. He goes from the place.

"His name is George Mohan. The middleman, broker and primary henchman of Irfan Khan's drug mafia. He is involved in selling drugs to doing so many illegal activities. Two is MLA Selvanayagam and his younger brother Sudheer Krishna. Both are highly influential and supported their illegal activities. But, why should the killer murder Chitradevi?" asked Yash.

"Sir. Before three years, Chitradevi and ACP Arjun investigated about these drug kingpin" said Dinesh.

"What? Is he alive? May I meet him?" asked Yash.

"No sir. He is dead, long back ago. They have been killed in a fire accident" said the Constable, who have came with the cigarette packets.

"Go and get me another cigar packet" said Yash, after lighting and smoking a cigarette.

"How did he got killed?" asked Yash.

"He was killed actually, by George and the MLA's henchman sir. However, they framed it as an accident, to escape arrests. His entire family died in the ensuing fire sir" said Dinesh.

"No. It's impossible. Someone would have barely escaped this attack. The escaped guy is responsible for this attack. I want the family details of Arjun, right now" said Yash.

Upon going through the family details of Arjun, Yash comes across Aishwarya, Adhithya and Akhil's photos. He asked Dinesh, "What about these three? Did you find out these three?"

"Sir. Almost, the house was burnt completely. We found out only the traces of Arjun sir, his wife, his father and the rest as a burnt corpse" said Dinesh.

Yash suspects them to be alive and conducts a search for them along with the officers. Meantime, Abdul and Irfan meets Rajendran, knowing that, he have been aiding MLA Selvanayagam for some days. After forcing him by threatening his wife and Roshini(who have came there to talk about Akhil's marriage with her), Rajendran unveils Adhithya and Akhil's identity, telling them to be alive, in order to save them.

However, he didn't reveal the name of Aishwarya. All the three along with Deepika(who called Roshini in the mid way) through phone and their respective families, are kidnapped by the two. They reaches Lakshadweep around 10:00 PM, safeguarding themselves in the shipyard, knowing that they can't be safer in Coimbatore.

Abdul calls Akhil and Adhithya using Roshini's phone and threatens the duo to come there alone. However, as they are going, Yash surrounds them in the dark spot of Palakkad roads amidst the severe wind blows and tells, "Don't move. Stop there."

The two are held in gun point. After a few hours, Dinesh asked Akhil: "Where have you been asked to come by Irfan Khan?"

"To Lakshadweep Islands sir" said Akhil.


Yash allows them to go and pursue Irfan. But, he also follows them secretly and manages to reach the islands. Through a ship, they reaches the shipyard of Irfan, upon noticing the lights in that shipyard. When they goes inside, Irfan's men beats up Akhil and Adhithya severely.

When they were about to murder Deepika, Roshini and Rajendran along with his wife, Akhil and Adhithya wakes up along with their small knife. They warms up through exercises. When a henchman approaches them by running with their sword, Adhithya retaliates and stabs him for multiple times. The same time, Yash and Dinesh comes through shipyard to the shipyard of Irfan Khan. Seeing the violent fights, Dinesh asked Yash, "Sir. Shall we go inside the shipyard?"

"Wait Dinesh. Let's watch this scene like watching a movie. Why to go immediately? Are we going to save that Taliban's?" asked Yash. They all watched, in silence. When Irfan Malik approached the guys to attack, Akhil retaliates by splitting a blade, which he have already kept in his mouth. With his eyes maimed with bloods, Akhil stabs him for multiple times. Then, Adhithya gets in a hand-to-hand combat with Abdul Kadhar and overpowers him.

Reminding about 2008 Bangalore Serial blasts and Arjun's death along with his entire family for a while, Adhithya takes his knife and stabs him for multiples of times, all over his body. In the dying moments of Abdul, Akhil tells him: "In humans. There are two people. One is good and the other is evil. As per the world's philosophy, good wins over the evil."

"Correct only, Akhil. Good vs. evil. Though our act is not forgivable, our emotions have a justice. I and my brother suffered a heart breaking trauma, when people insulted and threw us out, after we became orphans. If humans have supported us, we won't have chosen this path to survive in this world" said Abdul, struggling to speak due to the multiples of stabbings. He eventually dies while speaking with the two guys.

Then, Yash clears up the scene of crime by implanting a plastic explosive in the shipyard. He safely takes Adhithya, Akhil, Roshini, Deepika and Rajendran with him, supported by the police officers.

Yash tells, "You told, Good wins over evil. But as per the world's philosophy, Two important qualities a theory of justice should account for are impartiality/objectivity and sensitivity to consequences. Bhagavad Gita said about Justice. Hmm."

"Yes sir" said Adhithya and Akhil. They goes along with Deepika, Roshini and Rajendran from the islands through the car, which was given by Yash. While Yash calls DGP Harichandra and tells him, "Sir. I have found, who murdered the so far people."

"Who was it?" asked Harichandra.

"Mohammed Irfan Khan and his younger brother Abdul Kadhar. The notorious International Drug cartel leaders" said Yash.

"We can't arrest them, Yash. Because, they are safer in Lakshadweep" said Harichandra, implying that he should leave the case.

"We not only can arrest them sir. But, we couldn't even see them anymore. Since, they have died in a fire accident, that ensued in the shipyard sir" said Yash and Dinesh. Harichandra feels happier.

"Why should we waste our time, by arresting them? Will petrol or diesel cost would decrease?" asked Yash, to Dinesh.

"Yes sir. Arresting them is of no use."


Five hours later, Adhithya and Akhil wakes up from Rajendra's house and happily learns that, "The two have topped in their semester exams and got selected for placement offers."

After getting his blessings through his words, "Lord Shiva's blessings would always be there with you two," the guys goes to meet Roshini and Deepika, as the girls have called them.

Akhil becomes emotional upon meeting Roshini and he tells her, "Love conquers all, Roshini. It's endless. There is pain, there is revenge and there is sex. I have hurt you through multiples of ways. I am really sorry dear."

While they are talking, clouds turn to dark and rains starts to downpour in the roads. Roshini emotionally hugs him and Akhil tells, "Don't go far away from me Roshini. I can't bear that."

"I won't leave you Akhil. Because, our love is endless. Till our death, let's enjoy this journey of love" said Roshini and she shares a kiss with Akhil. While Deepika asked Adhithya, "When shall we kiss like this?"

"This natural scenario is best, Deepika. So, I will kiss you now itself." He said. She thought it to be a joke. However, to her shock, he have kissed her in the lips.

"I am sorry Deepika. Out of love only, I kissed you" said Adhithya.

However, she gives a light slap in his face and tells, "Hug me da. Because, I love you." After thinking a while, he hugs her. Seeing this, Akhil tells him: "You love to have fun. But, it's unbearable to see this even in your love story da!"

Roshini and Deepika laughs upon hearing this.


There is love…There is sex…There is pain…There is revenge

1.) Good souls have been preaching for ages, "love is key to all doors". Even Krishna has adhered to this belief in Bhagavad Gita; he quotes, "The only way you can conquer me is through Love and there I am gladly conquered". We make enemies from emotions like hate, anger, vengeance, and such feelings. We can win people to our sides by spreading love and losing such emotion. The need to be loved is omnipresent in every sentiment being and to gain their trust we need to love them.

2.) In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna says, "Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with Love, compassion, humility, and devotion". Greed, ego, lust, and envy are a negative emotion, it leads to arousal of dismay from people. However, if we focus on greed while performing an act, we will devoid ourselves from the original purpose of our work and hamper whole work. Ego makes one feel superior and it closes the mind to brilliant strategies or ideas of coworkers and restricts social bond. While compassion brings you close to people, helps you listen to others soul. Lust and envy arouse strong emotions leading to loss of senses. Instead, a person should carry humility and be humble to coworkers, friends, and family, for inner peace and good. Devotion is required in any activity because one needs to be devoted wholeheartedly to succeed. Aforementioned, positive qualities only blossom when learns to love.

3.) There are three Gunas Sattvik, Rajasvik and Tamasik, among them Sattvik is considered the most preferable. An action is said to have Sattvic value only if it is void of love or hate and expectation. Krishna chose the following words to describe Sattvik action, "An action which is ordained, which is free from attachment, which is done without love or hatred by one who is not desirous of any reward—that action is declared to be Sattvik."

4.) We know love is key to the union, it is force uniting the world itself. Krishna states love is the highest emotion one can possess. He states, love transcends everything in the universe and to reach him, one needs to love. Love is such a powerful emotion which helps make a truce with enemy, forgive others, and keeps away from negative. Krishna stated, "But of all, I could name, verily love is the highest. Love & devotion that make one forgetful of everything else, Love that unites the lover with me".

5.) The key to inner peace is self-awareness, it starts to arise in a person after he compassionately loves himself and everyone around him. The purest form of love has a quality of liberation, it helps one liberate from materialistic and emotional needs. Krishna desired to make people around himself conscious, he called upon people to love him with the aim of turning them self-aware, and void of emotional as well as materialistic need. Various epics and teachings also claim roots to unhappiness stem from worldly emotional and materialistic. In epic Mahabharata, Krishna with his divine love said, "What ineffable joy does one find through Love of me, the blissful Atman. Once that joy is realized, all earthly pleasures fade into nothingness."

6.) Giving is a quality, we all need to possess, and the act of giving enables us to have a broader prospect towards life. It allows us to see beyond our lives, wishes, difficulties and increases a need to help others. Through giving, we give love and receive love from others. However, one should give without expecting a return and to display superiority. Krishna conveys the same in Bhagavad Gita through this line, "I regard as great even the smallest gift offered by my devotees in pure love, but even great offerings presented by non-devotees do not please me".

7.) It is quoted, "Love should set another person in love with us free". Love isn't a contractual relationship of compromise, one should not involve in giving and take relationship because it is destined to fail. True love is free from expectation, anger, and any other emotion, it involves an only act of giving, void of any expectation or null feeling. Krishna taught us the same in Mahabharata, he quoted, "He who has no attachments can really love others, for his love is pure and divine."

8.) Our thinking capability is second to very fewer beings which exist on Earth today. Our human intellect allows us to think and love beyond the capacity of other sentient beings. Our consciousness helps us judge right and wrong and love unconditionally, forgive, carry empathy, and so forth; our evolutionary development allows us to love and become enlightened like none. Thus, Krishna spoke these words in Mahabharata, "Blessed is a human birth, even the dwellers in heaven desire this birth, for true knowledge and pure love may be attained only by a human being". We know love is key to the union, it is force uniting the world itself. Krishna states love is the highest emotion one can possess. He states, love transcends everything in the universe and to reach him, one needs to love. Love is such a powerful emotion which helps make a truce with enemy, forgive others, and keeps away from negative. Krishna stated, "But of all, I could name, verily love is the highest. Love & devotion that make one forgetful of everything else, Love that unites the lover with me".

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