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Riya Richard

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Riya Richard

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational



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“Bow, bow..” my Linda licked my face,

“Go, I need to sleep” I covered myself with bed sheet, still my doggy didn’t give up, it kept on barking and nudging me, I couldn’t tolerate,

“Okay buddy” I woke up, she was very happy to see me,

“Want to play huh?”

“Bow, bow” she was so happy. I got down from my bed and refreshed,

“Well, first day of lockdown begins” I thought, and went to the hall and found my Parents watching News regarding the dangerous Covid – 19, The government had launched lockdown for a month, I took my coffee mug and sat on the couch and listened the news. On hearing the impacts of Covid – 19, I was terrified,

“Dad, can corona, be controlled?”

“Well, it depends on everyone efforts”

“Right now, we need to be cautious and follow the rules formulated by the government” my mom suggested,

“Yeah” I replied in low voice.

As the lockdown was launched, my college was closed. I was doing undergraduate degree in Chemistry. All the institutions, shops, malls, everything were closed.

“When will everything be back to normal?” I wondered.

I was happy to get leave, as during college I got only Sundays as leave, now I have a month, I decided to spend it happily. I spent my time playing with my doggy Linda, I threw the ball, and she ran quickly and brought it back to me,

“Good girl!” I patted her head,

“Bow, bow” she delighted.

I spent my early morning hour playing with her on the rooftop. As the clock stuck twelve, it was the time to feed our bunnies, before the lockdown my dad used to feed them, as I’m staying home I accompanied him. We had grown Alfalfa, Hedge Lucerne, and other greens in our backyard, the rabbits love to eat. We fed them concentrate feed, also pellets in the mornings, we bought the required feed before the lockdown; in the evening we fed them with fresh greens. The little ones were the cutest, I tickled between their ears, they were so happy. It was pleasant to spend time with them.

Then I went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch, I learned cooking from my mother, and she was a homemaker. After completing my works, I took bath and watched new released movies on my phone, the lunch time arrived. I cooked Vegetable biriyani,

“Wow, it tastes good” my dad appreciated me

“Amazing, dear” my mom was very delighted,

We had a good lunch, my parents decided to take a nap, i took my phone and called to my friend Abi.

“Hi, Abi how was your day?”

“Really fun” she replied happily

“What did you do?”

“I watched movies,”

“That’s all”

“Nope, gonna watch serials too”

“So, you’re spending your time online”

“Yes, What about you?”

I told her, how I spent and she suggested me to watch Mahabharat serial that was telecasted on star plus,

“Ok, I will”

Abi loved to watch epic serials, I watched it too in online, and it was really interesting. I didn’t know how the time moved to evening; I was completely immersed in Mahabharat. I kept down my phone and prepared tea for the evening.

“Reduce the sugar level” my dad commented on my tea,

“I will, dad” I assured him

Mom made onion pakkodas for evening snacks, we enjoyed the pleasant evening. As the time moved on, I spent my time watching serial and movies, I hadn’t watched them before as my college work was heavy. My dad instructed me not to spend too much time on phone,

“Dear, don’t get addicted”

“I won’t dad, it’s a promise” I assured him,

I controlled myself not to get addicted, and I successfully managed it. Later at night, after the dinner, the moon shined brightly in the dark sky, I stood in the balcony viewing a most beautiful scene, drinking milk, the cool breeze drifted me to sleep, first day of lockdown went well, “What about tomorrow?” I slept with a curious mind.

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