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Aravindh B

Drama Inspirational


Aravindh B

Drama Inspirational



4 mins

The hall looks medium sized with around 50 seats capacity with pamphlets, lights, scented candles all over.

Dhanush identified the music in him when he was 8 years old. He used to sing in bathroom, he plays guitar and sings when he was with his friends, sometimes to attract girls.

Once when his grandmother was in death bed she asked him to sing a song "thendral vanthu theendum pothu", which reminds of her late husband.

He could see her struggling in medication and treatment. But she felt calm and peace when he plays and sings.

At her funeral he sings her favourite song as a tribute.

On the stage Dhanush is setting up each gears keyboard, drums, violin and a mic on his own.

His family was shocked and confused when he tells them he is gonna continue his life in music and especially music to heal people. Even his friends made fun of his choice.

He travelled a lot throughout India, learnt music in every culture and the spiritual side of music. He also did a certified course in music therapy.

After the set up, he to adjusts the tuning and volume of each instrument. Finishing everything he looks at the hall with empty seats.

He looks at his watch. Breathes out. He looks tensed when people starts coming in.

He walks behind the stage, walks towards a room.

After travelling back home, he starts to visit patients. Spoke with their families.

Some denied it. Some curses at him for using their loved one's for his experiment. After a long period of convincing some, he selects his people.

Even before Mary an old lady of 60 years old, started her treatment of breast cancer, there was tension between her husband, and her four adult children.

Her life was dark so was her thoughts. But on the other hand, the thing that was bright and beautiful in her life, was her love for birds.

Mary decided to write a song on the topic of birds to discuss the ideas of freedom and eternity.

Mukesh was of age 27, admitted by his wife and two small daughters. He felt trapped in his room and felt alive when he heard the drum music that he played with his friends in the woods.

Mukesh was hesitant at first of sarcoma that he had. Still then he started to participate in it.

Sasikumar worked as an carpenter installing windows when he was confused and lost his balance as the result of a stroke.

During his recovery, Sasi suffered another stroke, underwent spinal surgery and admitted in rehabilitation. He is counting his days.

He lost his hope, when his vocal cords was damaged and was unable to communicate. He found his voice in keys in piano. He starts to communicate through it.

The youngest of them is ashik. His parents and doctors lost hope on his treatment on brain tumour.

His only memory of his dad is the violin that he taught before he leaves to army.

When he starts to play violin again after his disease, he gets a feeling that his dad is with him to give him a hope.

Dhanush walks inside the room and walks with Mary, Muktesh, Sasikumar, ashik to the stage.

But they hesitates before going to the stage. Dhanush hugs them all with hope.

As they walks to the stage, the hall is filled with families of the people on stage.

At first everyone looks hesitant amd murmurs happening here and there.

There was a sudden silence when,

Sasikumar starts with his keys in the piano speaking his voice.

Mukesh plays drums to remember a memory of seeing his wife for the first time at forest.

Ashik plays his violin to speak with his dad,

As the music rises Mary starts her vocal with her lines to heal the broken relationships in her life, and also how they all felt. . .

"be like a bird,

Flying out of the cage to be free,

To sit in its own big tree,

Flies as it sings,

Earth beneath its wings,

Flies over mountains,

Flies over seas,

Living freedom to eternity,

Every bird, every tree, every song,

Every mountain, every sea,

Reminds us what is to be alive".

Music rises to its peak when each of them starts to connect with music and they became one into a single harmony.

When the last note when all the music end with just the vocal ending as

"being like a bird

Reminds us what is to be alive".

Everyone in the audience gives them a standing ovation with tears.

Four people on the stage runs towards Dhanush and hugs him.

He hugs them back looking at his parents and his girlfriend who left him in the audience crying at him.

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