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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Shikha Mishra



Shikha Mishra


The Destiny Call - "The Countdown Begins"

The Destiny Call - "The Countdown Begins"

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Now, listen carefully to what you need to do

When Meetali told her the plan, she said, 'Are you sure this is going to work out? What If I am not able to do it? I don't want to put anyone in trouble.

Meetali said, 'I believe in you, you'll be able to do it. And I am here to support you. So you don't have to worry about anything. Just remember me, and I'll be there for you.

Swati when opened her eyes again, she saw herself again in the park where her parents, Krishnaswamy and Naina were standing next to her.

She looked at Krishnaswamy and said,' I am ready to do this. From when do we need to start this?


Krishnaswamy was kind of expecting this kind of answer from Swati, after all, he very well knew Meetali had a great persuasion power and her intentions to do good for people always found the way.

He knew about the plan because Meetali told him about it earlier, but the big question was whether Swati was ready to do it and much to his surprise, she was ready to do it.

But Swati's parents, Naina were curious to know what was Swati expected to do?

Swati's parents said, Beta, Are you okay? What happened after you closed your eyes? Did you get a chance to meet Meetali? What did she tell you?

She said, Mom, Dad, Naina, I know you are worried about me, but you don't have to worry anything about me. I got an opportunity to meet my sister.

As she uttered these words out of her mouth, she was in tears!!

Everyone was looking at Swati, this was the first time, she had referred to Meetali as her sister.

She controlled her emotions and further continued, I know you all are curious to know about what my sister asked me to do.

Well, she wants me to step in her shoes, to finish off what she started.

She wants me to participate in the dance show.

Everyone was shocked to hear that except Krishnaswamy. He knew he had to set in to connect the dots.

He said, Swati, let me fill in here for them to understand why Meetali have requested this.

Well, to share with you all, as you all know Meetali and myself were coming from a dance show when we met with an accident and I lost her. She had won that dance show and had qualified to participate in the biggest dance show. This show was not like any other show since this show got organised only 1 in 3 years and the winner received a big cash prize of 25 lakhs. 

Meetali was very keen to win this contest because she wanted to donate the winning cash to the orphanage kids for their studies. This was a huge amount and this would at least ensure that the brilliant students in the orphanage get an opportunity to continue their studies and pursue their dreams.

She was strongly connected to the kids in the orphanage and wanted to do something big for them.

And I and Radhika fully supported her in this journey.

Well, her sudden departure not only had this plan changed but to make the situation worst my wife ( Radhika) went in a sort of shock that made her life come to a standstill. She is still waiting for her baby to come home and win the dance contest she had always aimed for.

As I told you all after the accident Radhika rushed to the hospital, there she saw Meetali lying and soon enough fainted. After she gained conscious she behaved as if nothing had happened. She went into a state of denial of Meetali's death. She kept saying that the next day is Meetali's big dance competition and how she would be waiting at home.

Doctors examined her and concluded it was difficult for them to explain her current state. She was admitted to the hospital for some time but showed no progress.

I got shattered at that time, my daughter was gone, my wife went in a denial state, I had almost given up when Meetali came to my rescue.

That night she approached me and told me that Radhika could be saved if we present Swati in front of her as Meetali and if she won the dance contest, seeing this there was a high chance she may get cured.

I know you all must be thinking I am giving a crazy talk here, but as they say, when you feel all the doors are closed, God creates a new one for us.

My meeting with Meetali gave me a new ray of hope, to bring my wife back to normal life.

The next day I spoke to doctors and asked them if this was possible. Much to my surprise doctors told me there is a slight chance of this recovery, but if we could get someone identical to Meetali and let Radhika witness her dance performance and winning the dance contest, this was possible.

I know this may not be sounding very promising for you all, but it looked as if destiny had some other plans for both the sisters.

It was Meetali who showed me that path till now and from here on everything is in Swati's hands now.

These sisters might have got separated after birth, but destiny had got them together once again and this time Swati has a chance to do something for her sister.

Swati, I know you meet Meetali and she must have told you everything, but again I don't want to force you. Meetali just showed me the path to save Radhika, but it's you who is going to help me to reach there.

Swati said, Uncle, I am sorry I was rude to you in our earlier meetings. You have given a roof to my sister, the love and care that she deserved. Her intentions are so pure and thoughtful, even her biggest dream was for someone else. Even when she is not around anymore, she wants to do something to help save Radhika aunty.

I don't know if you know this about me, I am no dancer at all, have always stayed away from dance and I do remember the dance dream I had about you and Meetali.

This is going to be tough for me, but if this attempt can help to save Radhika aunty, I am ready to do that also.

So tell me about this contest, I remember you said, the Finale was supposed to be held the next day, so the contest must have got over till now.

Krishnaswamy said Swati you are no less than your sister when it comes to thinking about others. Well I know you are not a dancer, but you are twin sisters, dance is there in you, you just need to give it an outlet.

And don't worry about the dance, if you are ready to take Meetali's place, I am ready to teach you.

Well, the dance contest you mentioned I don't know what destiny wants because after I had the discussion with Meetali, I got a call from the organizers that the dance show got postponed and it shall be scheduled after 10 days from now, as we speak now.

"What 7 days? Swati said it loud. Uncle, I do know Meetali is a classical dancer and I being a non - dancer, how am I supposed to reach there?

He smiled and said, Swati, you don't worry about the dance I'll take care of it, but before that, we need to present you in front of Radhika so that we cross our first hurdle.

I can't thank you enough Swati, for what you have agreed for. Inspite of yourself being in pain, you are ready to go to the length just to save someone else's life.

Uncle, please don't say like that. I am not doing anything. Now I know, how important relationships were for Meetali, how she mended your relationship with your father, I am not saving just anyone's life, she was mother to my sister and well it's my honour to protect and fulfil her dream. 

Now, Meetali did share with me, I need to meet Radhika aunty first and then I need to focus on participating in the competition.

You know Uncle, she told me even if you participate in the dance show, it would be enough for her, as we get to save Radhika aunty, but I actually promised her that I would win this contest not only for her but for her dream of supporting kids education.

I want to fulfil this noble cause of her's and for that, I am not at your disposal.

Swati's parents, Naina were shocked to see this side of her's, she was ready to do something unimaginable.

Krishnaswamy was in tears and hugged Swati and said, "Thank you Beta once again. You are just like Meetali, no wonder you were twins. Now I had given thought to your visit too. Here is a diary that covers Meetali's details. Right now Radhika is under heavy medication, so she may not be able to differentiate more, but the details shall help you to prepare. And I'll be with you, so don't worry.

But more importantly, we need to prepare for the dance contest. we don't have much time, hence need to start ASAP. I have arranged some dance tapes that you can watch to understand her moves.

Since you need a lot of practice you need to stay at my place, so that I can teach you everything about Meetali and dance.

Also, to get you comfortable your parents and your best friend Naina, can also stay with us.

Does this sound ok Swati for you? he asked 

She nodded her head. Not only her parents but her best friend would be there for her. She was really fortunate to have such lovely people in her life.

Swati' parents said We are so proud of you beta. This is challenging for you, but we all are in this together, we are sure you'll excel. 

As the day came to an end, Swati tried catching some sleep, but the moment she closed her eye, all she could saw was Meetali and the dancing stage.

Though she had said Yes, this was challenging for her since she was about to discover what destiny had stored for her. Unable to catch sleep, she went through Meetali's book and dance video to know more about her.

On the other hand, Krishnaswamy was happy today since Swati finally agreed to help him, it was painful for him to see Radhika's health and Swati was the only hope to bring her wife back to normal.

However, Meetali was happy her sister was ready to support her in fulfilling her dream. Though she was not much in a position to do something, she promised to help Swati in all the best manner.

Radhika is her own state of mind was thinking and worrying about Meetali.

They were not aware that the next 7 days were going to be turning chapters in their lives

Swati meets Radhika in the Hospital - Day 1

To be continued....


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